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2017 Associazione Neapolis, Rome, Journalism and Social Media course 2016 Il Fatto Quotidiano, Rome, investigative Journalism school 2013 Fondazione Lisli e Lelio Basso, Rome, Journalism school 2011 ISPI Milan, Microcredit course 2001 Ateneo Impresa spa, Rome, Marketing and Communication course 1997 - 2001 University of Rome La Sapienza, Degree in Economics. 1986 Lyceum Nomentano, Rome. Diploma Liceo Scientifico
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  • 1980: heroin smuggling threat for USAF transportation system

    Europe, Africa, Middle East Europe, Africa, Middle East
    On 21 July 1980 Department of The Air Force released a study on vulnerabilities of the USAF Transportation System in relation to the Heroin Smuggling Threat. Internal investigative activities verify that during the wide spreading of the report no case of international traffic has been detected in Europe, nor in the countries bordering the United States.
  • Paris: the trial of an alleged British drug kingpin

    Robert Dawes Robert Dawes
    Robert Dawes, English drug kingpin, was arrested in Spain in November 2015. Two years after the 1.3 tons of cocaine he's alleged trafficking were discovered inside two dozen unregistered suitcases on a French flight landed in Paris from Caracas
  • "El Chapo" trial in New York

    El Chapo's lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, described his client just as one of the leaders of the Sinaloa cartel. He also added that most of his power came from corruption among mexican politicians and government officials. US Attorney Assistant Adam Fels warned him to pertain on facts.
  • The US meth crisis

    After opioid one US are facing another epidemic: methamphetamine abuse. Meth predominance over other drugs is due to the ease with which this drug is made, considering that production process can also be done at home. Crystal meth is estimated the most addictive substance available in the drug market, but also the most dangerous.
  • Mysterious Mena

    Barry Seal Barry Seal
    The career of the big cocaine smuggler Adler Barriman Seal started in the late '70's with small quantities of marijuana, arriving to cooperate in the early 80's with the Medellin Cartel. After being arrested and sentenced to 10 years of prison he began to cooperate with DEA as an informant.