500 Words on Settler Colonialism

Zionism was a political enterprise of the British Crown. British imperialism laid the groundwork and set the precedent for Israeli settler colonialism long before the official establishment of the Israeli state in 1948.

The image was snapped at a protest against Israel's blockade of Gaza on October 22, 2018. © Mustafa Hassona/Anadolu The image was snapped at a protest against Israel's blockade of Gaza on October 22, 2018. © Mustafa Hassona/Anadolu
British forces, acting in the name of the alleged Zionist cause, early on created the conditions of apartheid and ethnic cleansing that continues today, even as the U.S. has become the major supporter of Israel. But the British Zionist enterprise and its racism remains the driving force.

While anti-Zionists and even people with modest criticisms of Israel are often accused of being antisemitic, the reality is that the British Empire’s initial interest in sponsoring and overseeing Zionist appropriation of Palestine was far from altruistic, often outright antisemitic.

While imperialists often equate anti-Zionism with antisemitism, many of Zionism’s earliest and most dogged supporters, including Lord Balfour, were in fact antisemitic. However, they saw Zionist colonization as a foothold to assert the British Empire’s interests in the Middle East.

Using the most notoriously violent forces, which had been deployed to terrorize the people of Ireland, the British Empire subjected Palestinians to a similarly ruthless campaign of terror and dispossession, in a process the Zionists themselves initially described as settler colonialism.

How the Zionist regime and settler colonialism will be brought to an end is an important question to discuss. The clearest and most practical vision to date seems to be that, as in South Africa, the Zionist state will have no choice but to capitulate.

In the mean time, we need to talk about Marxism, the key to the underhanded racket. Because racism is a symptom and a tool of settler colonialism and of Marxism. Marxism is equal to Nazism on the most basic of levels —according to both freaky ideologies people are biologically unequal.

In fact, Marx’s theoretical framework can be seen as extremely relevant to a comprehensive understanding of settler colonialism and indigenous subjugation. Using Marx as a starting point is crucial in order to glean the materialist conception of capitalism and colonializm. There is no such thing in historical materialism as a fixed orthodoxy.

It turns out that in a cultural mode, classical Marxism became the postmodernism garbage taught in universities. Thus, Marxism morphed into identity politics. Basically, they’ve been covertly peddling for the decades the extremely brutal imperialism of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness colonization of 19th century Congo.

Israel became a nation in 1948. Before then, it did not exist. It was completely invented by the Zionist enterprise of the British Empire. Though billed as “Jewish,” the elite that run Israel are by and large militant atheists, purely political Jews. Would you call an atheist who had been Christian “Christian”?

In 1916-17, the UK and the U.S. together committed to create the state of Israel through the Balfour Declaration in London and Wilson’s 14 points in Washington. This was long before Hitler and the genocide of religious Jews happened.

If it had not been for Ukraine I would have never ever figured this out. The same international financiers tried to do this with “Ukrainian.” In fact, Ukrainian is a brotherhood of Orthodox Christians, not a political enterprise.

In the war against religion, Israel is the lever. However, things are changing for the better pretty consistently but at a snail’s pace in the country. 

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