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The evidence has stacked up, ragazzi. We are now justified in understanding that “Neoconservative” is a dissimulative term used by the media to conceal its real meaning —fascist— which is understandable, when it is recalled that corporations own and control the media. Because in the aftermath of WWI, with the Bolsheviks in charge in Russia, U.S. corporations under Averell Harriman, George Herbert Walker, Prescott Bush, Major William Draper, the Dulles Brothers and others merged with their German counterparts and helped to finance Hitler. I’ll say it until I am blue in the face: fascism can only exist with corporations and the media. These Nazis are sneaky like crack whores with a really good publicist. Every U.S. presidential administration they morph to some kind of new form. I am writing about the #NeoconHoax. Nobody else is. Read my stuff. Thanks. -Nicholas
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