The Neocon Hoax

George Bush, CIA director 1975-76 © CIA George Bush, CIA director 1975-76 © CIA
Welcome to my new “column.” As the title of this first one suggests it is going to be political, but most importantly international and maybe a bit word-on-the-street, if you know what I mean. However, I assure you that there won’t be lies and I am protecting myself in three ways in that respect. First, it is my “opinion,” so that means I can’t be sued. It is what the big cats at the New York Times do to protect themselves from going to prison for their hateful “political analysis.” Second, I am writing on a French news site, the best, really. And third, I am staking in the ground now —so I own it— that if I ever attract enough attention from the wrong, I mean right, people, I will be smeared and defamed and called everything from a “plagiarist,” to a “Kremlin agent,” to a “conspiracy theorist” to an “anti-Semitic.” Third, these posts are not meant for unapproved republishing — they are my own. Articles written for formal publication will contain proper citation of sources, embedded within this blog.

For the next year at least, until the 2020 U.S. presidential election, this column is going to be devoted to the Ukrainian end of the “Russia Hoax,” or the systematic attempt to both prevent Donald Trump from becoming president of the United States and then the coup d’état attempts to oust him from office. You see, Ukraine is the locus of our belief for that hoax, which I will refer to as the “Ukraine Hoax” —right now we are living through the unraveling of that deception. What I mean is, we were psychologically manipulated well before Donald Trump became president and that manufactured public opinion started with the strategically fabricated events in Ukraine.

But, wait. It is actually much, much worse than that. Really terrible. This chicanery began decades ago starting at least with and including the “war on Iraq.” That fiasco, which haunts America to this day, as most people know, was the work of the Neoconservative persuasion. We can trace every war (and every war path) before it and every war since it to that cabal of Neocon war mongers. That is the essence of this new column. I’m going to be addressing the “Neocon Hoax.” This is definitely fashion forward thinking, but if you’ve followed my account @molodyko on Twitter for the last six years during the war in Donbas, you know I certainly have the street cred.

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