The Atlantic Council is a den of vipers

“Snakes on a Plane.” A 2006 American action thriller film starring Samuel L. Jackson. © New Line Cinema “Snakes on a Plane.” A 2006 American action thriller film starring Samuel L. Jackson. © New Line Cinema

In hindsight, I can say now that before Donald Trump took office, I didn’t really know how things operated in Washington DC. I have learned leaps and bounds since he became the 45th President of the United States. I mean, I understood how government was supposed to work, like we learn in school, but I did not know the gory details. Now that I know what I know, I see that every day is Halloween in our nation’s capital. I did know something was wrong, very wrong. Other Americans I believe shared this with me.

As I warned you in the first column, our uneasiness with how things really blow in the Beltway, how policies are made and such can be traced to the Neoconservative movement. For decades, they were self-protected. Then, they engineered the “weapons of mass destruction” baloney, the so-called “war in Iraq” in 2003 and they were inched out of the closet. But for a long time it was verboten to speak of them —similar to the Israel Lobby— and anybody who went too far would be wrongly accused of being “anti-Semitic.” You know the drill. Another benefit of Donald Trump’s presidency is that we now understand this wicked political tactic. The Jews are always thrown under the bus by the WASPS, always — it is a thing, going all the way back to Oliver Cromwell.

I am not going to go into detail about the Neocons because there’s really not too much to say beyond the salient fact that they are a deliberately constructed social group, almost like a secret society, that has only one unifying principle: to make money and do it anyway they desire, because when you are morally bankrupt the world is your oyster of possibilities. Neoconservatives identify themselves as whomever is paying them to do so. In layman’s terms, we would call them con artists.

OK, let’s turn our attention to how the Neocons fit into the looming scandal of the day: Crowdstrike. And boy, oh, boy is it a big one. Recall, Trump mentions Crowdstrike in the famous July 2019 telephone call to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenkskyy. This scandal has the power, if unleashed correctly, to blow a crater as big as the Pentagon in downtown DC. Because Crowdstrike is directly connected to the mothership of the Neocon persuasion, the Atlantic Council. Dimitri Alperovitch, the guy who heads Crowdstrike calls home his unit at the Council, the “Digital Research Lab.” The name of projects and titles people are given are always ridiculous in the Neocon world and as ambiguous as the movement itself. Remember, they’re crooks. All you really need to know at the moment is that Atlantic Council is a den of vipers.

Remember how Russia went bust in the 1990s? This was foreign interference. You know who interfered? The Clintons. You know how they did it? Via oligarchs. We’ll come back to this. This is the same mechanism that is being used today to cause all of the trouble in the U.S. that we are living through. The list is a long one, but here are a few of the oligarchs who have been interfering in American politics: George Soros, Mikhael Khodorkovsky, and Igor Kolomoisky. But, and this is a huge but, they’ve been working with the Neocons in America to do so. Yes. Just like the Clintons did with the oligarchs in Russia —Bill Browder comes to mind. The role of oligarchs cannot be dismissed both abroad and at home. The Atlantic Council serves as a landing pad for them in America.

Please do take a really close look at Atlantic Council. I’ll help you in my upcoming columns.

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