General Ben is a basic idiot

Idiot Ben Hodges (right) with idiot Edward Lucas (left) Idiot Ben Hodges (right) with idiot Edward Lucas (left)
Before we get too cozy, there’s a really sick element to all of this. Better to introduce it now and get it out of the way so we can pace ourselves and address it holistically in the future. As you may have garnered already, Neocons not only hold power but heavily abuse it because of one thing: covert action. It would be impossible to ever take anything they propose at face value because there’s always a tremendous amount of deception involved. Recall, they have no morals. And add to that, as they’ve exhibited in their policies if you really analyze them honestly, that they are unmitigatedly arrogant, shamelessly corrupt, illegally secret and perversely cruel. The last one is the hardest to contend with because it’s just so awful. Think of Guantanamo Bay detention center and work your way to what I am going to introduce you to next, because it is unthinkable to us in the general public.

Let’s start in a simple manner. When you don’t believe in God or have some sort of moral compass that guides your ability to relate to other human beings, people who believe in compassion present an obstacle to your desire to not only make boat loads of cash money but to rule the world. This is where the “New World Order” freak show comes from. You know how they say money is the root of all evil? Well, it is certainly true in the economic sense because great evil requires a great amount of funding to make it happen. In the economic sense, evil just doesn’t happen on its own accord, it needs a wealthy backer. If you are familiar with the big religions you know they all can be boiled down to the one thing — they teach the Golden Rule. The Neoconservatives despise the notion that people ought to treat each other well because then they can’t wage endless wars and profit handsomely from them. That’s another salient fact about the Neocons, they dig war. War, war, war. They love everything about it. Permanent war, perpetual war, genocide, ethnic cleansing, torture, incarceration, you name it. We’ll look at her another time, but I will plant a seed. Check out the life of Joan of Arc. She holds the key to the Neoconservative movement today. And, oh, she’s a saint, by the way, in the Catholic Church. The Neocons despise any form of true religion. Not the watered down stuff like the political version of Evangelical Christianity that they helped to create, but the real deal, non-political Abrahamic religions like Torah Judaism, Quran Islam and Orthodox Christianity. These inherently peaceful religions have been preserved from ancient times to teach real faith, love, truth and hope — the things that make war impossible.

This brings us to the unpleasant part. President Trump has not been shy about his desire to scrap NATO. For me personally, before the war in Ukraine and the devastation that NATO caused in that country, I would have found this idea preposterous. Now, the sooner NATO is dissolved, the better. Some people would go as far as to say that NATO is evil and I would not stop them. Remember Atlantic Council? Well, Atlantic Council has served as the unofficial spokes unit for NATO and the “U.S. military-intelligence and media industrial complex” (MIMIC). While Atlantic Council calls itself a “think tank,” that is just a pretty name for war lobby. Atlantic Council is in the business of promoting war and unofficially drives NATO policy — the policies are the synonymous. Remember, the true religions prevent the New World Order, that is the crux here. With that in mind, you should know, if you don’t already, that Orthodox Christianity is the truest form of Christianity. It just is. Don’t argue with me, just accept it. Here comes the worse part.

After the devastation that NATO caused in Serbia in the 1990s people started to notice a pattern with NATO operations after the second World War, specifically that the Alliance was bombing Christians. For a person like me, I don’t normally think in such terms so that before the recent crisis in Ukraine, I myself brushed it off as a conspiracy theory. Well, guys, it is not. And not only that, NATO’s General Ben Hodges admitted to it this year in public. It didn’t make the news because the media is part of MIMIC but it happened. NATO’s Operation Storm wasn’t a war. It was a genocide of Orthodox Christians. A tragedy of Biblical proportions. Basically, Ben said that the Orthodox Christian Church represents NATO’s geopolitical “competition,” stretching from the Balkans to Russia, and from the Black Sea basin into the Caucasus, with a significant historical presence throughout the Middle East, particularly Israel and Syria. Idiot Ben confirmed our worst suspicions.


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