Gabriel’s Razor

As we find our seat within awakened spirituality, we can see clearly. We find ourselves in the possession of truth, when we reveal who we are, awakening to ourselves.

Writing about spirituality as it relates to democracy is somehow verboten in the West. However, spirituality is part and parcel of the principle of nation states and the very concept of democracy. You cannot know what you are prevented from knowing, let alone discussing. Thus, I think we ought to be talking about why exactly the “deep state” and “fake news” exist. But the conversation must not be highbrow. If principles can’t be explained to an elementary school child, then adults will never understand them let alone take them on as their own. Americans deserve to be carefully informed so they can participate in public conversations, if they choose to do so.

Let’s find a responsible level of detail for our conversation. Let’s call this “Gabriel’s Razor.” ‪In philosophy, a “razor” is a principle or rule of thumb that allows one to explain a complex situation in a less complex way.‬ In all three Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is an important archangel, first described in the Hebrew Bible. He brought tidings of great joy. 

  • ‪There are two worlds. The material world in the Marxist sense and the spiritual world under God.‬ The Marxist material world is atheist, political, subjective, constructed by men who seek greed and power through war. The Godly spiritual world is lived in by the pious who seek only peace and love. It is where objective truth resides.‬
  • The majority of us have varying degrees of connection with both worlds.‬ People who have a solid moral compass are probably more likely to have a guide to the spiritual world, but that can be very deceiving.
  • ‪The dishonest mixing of the two is where organized religion comes in. Charlatans in the political material world exploit the spiritual world in the name of a religion —Christianity, Judea and Islam.‬
  • But, in fact, spirituality and politics have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.‬ On the other hand, spirituality and democracy have everything to do with each other.
  • This is where the conspiracy thrives.

Conspiracy by members of ruling elites is intrinsic to Marxism. Thus, we must make public distinction between acts of the state that are public and open to direct investigation, and acts of the state that are concealed, secret, and indeed conspiratorial

NB: Gabriel’s Razor first appeared in At Liberty.

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