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No, Joe Biden, we don’t want your transnational fascism!

Nicholas Molodyko
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Vice President Joe Biden Recipient of the 2015 Athenagoras Human Rights Award © GOA/Dimitrios Panagos

 I am a registered Democrat, a lifelong Democrat, in fact. But my party died a while ago. I am with the DNC that stood for the “ask not what your country can do for you,” the Civil Rights Movement and the true liberal all-American values that made this country great. All these years I’ve kept a flame, even when it went down to a flicker, that the real party would return. My hope died on November 8, 2016. I had been a committed liberal in the truest sense, of John F. Kennedy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I even worked with many former officials of the Clinton administration and I can tell you honestly that they are not all bad. But the bad ones are unbelievably awful. Today, I am considered a conservative.

Have other Democrats noticed that the party changed on them, too? Granted, the process was slow and insidious, but the people at the top no longer reflect the people at the bottom, like me. Just look at names that are associated with the Democrat Party today – Bill Kristol, David Frum, and even dead John McCain. These are not good people. These Neoconservatives are leading the Dems into the ground, the people that brought us the “war in Iraq” and every endless war since then – the War Lobby, the rent-seekers, the globalist elite. I have spent a considerable amount of time unpacking those last two words, globalism and elite. Some recent news is perfectly timed to reveal my opinion about what globalism and the elite mean in economic terms as they relate to their biggest threat, President Donald Trump, and specifically the crisis in Ukraine. Because every smart person knows that the truth generally lies in the fringes and we simply cannot count on a corporate media that spent three years spreading a dangerous conspiracy theory – the Russia Hoax.

The Greek Church has officially recognized the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox “church” – the Nazi state church that Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko and Joe Biden created. The bottom line is that former Vice President Joe Biden, a Neoconservative himself, from the start years ago, set out to move a section of the Orthodox Christian Church to the Catholic Church. He failed bigly and now his mistake is our ticket to uncovering his covert actions. The “church” he created in Ukraine has the support of an insignificant part of the Ukrainian population and is not recognized by the worldwide Orthodox community except now for the Greek Church which probably received a nice payoff from Neoconservative U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who visited Greece very recently.

Neoconservatism's biggest achievement was the creation of a network of economic interests and ideological machinery capable of offering long-term strategies to the GOP. Neocons succeeded in replacing authentic conservatives led by Pat Buchanan with Christian fundamentalists – the exploitation of religiosity for political gains. If you look at Ukraine, this is where they tried the same thing but failed and the cracks in their outcomes expose their covert aggression within the Orthodox Church. The Neocons tried to install their ideology —and their pricey services— and at the same time plunder authentic (conservative) Orthodox Christianity and exploit it for monetary and economic gain. Some call this transnational fascism. “Whoever seeks to set one religion against another seeks to destroy all religion,” said Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Biden manufactured the hatred that became the looting, desecration and seizing of churches, violence against Orthodox in Ukraine, and the eviction of clergy and their families. Biden personally worked with the Phanar in Constantinople and a Free Mason type group called the Archons to persecute Christians. Instead of peace, love and understanding, fake “clergy” propagated a new crusade against the Orthodox and directly instigated and justified race-motivated prosecutions and even killings, acting exactly like radical jihadist preachers of the militant pseudo-Islamic sects.

We will continue to call it globalism, but think about in fascist economic terms. My opinion is that the Neocons like Biden and Pompeo serve as brokers for transnational fascist networks. Because of the most recent presidential election, we can pinpoint the Nazis in Ukraine. Poroshenko only won re-election in Lviv, the small Catholic region in Ukraine that was born of British intelligence services during WWII, supported today by legacy Nazis in the British Commonwealth of Canada and by transnational fascist brokers. These covert operators create and utilize nationalist far right movements to remove the socialist opposition, but then the neo-Nazis are dismissed. This happened in Croatia, where Nazis were used against socialists to dismantle Yugoslavia and fight Serbs, but after their victory, they were forgotten. Likewise, the Nazis in Ukraine did their job of seizing power and starting low-intensity warfare with Russia and afterwards their power was transferred to George Soros-supported “liberals.” But the western intelligence services fostered plan to finally separate Russia and its sister Ukraine went bust. Ambitions and greed undermined the plans of the ungodly. The whole idea of breaking the Ukrainian “church” away from the Moscow Church collapsed. The CIA’s religion unit probably didn’t count on the Ukrainians double crossing them. The “intelligence community” did not consider that religious sovereignty was powerful enough to put the kibosh on their covert Machiavellian metaphysical political strategy. Somehow they missed the part that even though the Bolsheviks slaughtered 25 million Christians, that Orthodox Christianity in Russia not only survived but has flourished since the fall of communism.

Joe Biden and the transnational fascists arranged that Ukraine’s finances were overseen by the IMF, its army by NATO and, its foreign policy by the U.S. State Department. The “church” was going to be the final set piece. Real independence was a fictitious goal, beyond Ukraine’s reach. What has been happening in Ukraine for decades is emblematic of the self-dealing and self-seeking that has exhausted voting publics and inspired transnational fascists across the world. Now, Trump's relation to Ukraine threatens the viability of the operations it helped create. For decades, the economies that emerged from the wreckage of the Soviet Empire have been playgrounds for transnational fascist elite to deploy their tricks of the trade, their skills at campaign management and public relations, in lucrative gigs. We get very caught up in the Hollywood idea of the Nazis and lose sight that they were first and foremost fascists. In order to see the forest for the trees, strip away the public relations end of it and look at the economics. Plus, Hitler embraced and promoted certain ordinary ideas fully within the mainstream of “Western” political culture (not unlike globalists today), but carried them to an extreme, bizarre conclusion. Nazism was not a right wing phenomenon, it was a liberal one. Therefore, I think globalism is what transnational fascism looks like. When the Orthodox Christian Church is involved, it is more than just about monetary and economic gain. Recall, Russia defeated the Nazis. Russia was fighting fascism. And guess what? It still is today. The myth is that WWII ended with the defeat of fascism, but what really happened is that fascism got a grip on some of those fighting it in America, and has been becoming increasingly pervasive and powerful since then.

Just as the mainstream political idea of a “special relationship” between Britain and America can be seen as important on both sides of the Atlantic, transnational corporations and oligarchs are demonstrating how this is also the case with global fascism. It is politics as a religion. Many British fascists who supported Fascist Italy’s policies and projects such as Corporatism and universal fascism were also devout Catholics who’d advocated reconciliation between the Italian State and the Church prior to the late-1920s. Fascism is an economic system and it looks a lot like today’s Neoconservative economics.

During the 20th century and only until fairly recently the term “globalist” like the term “Neoconservative” was called as an anti-Semitic slur, a political smear tactic used to shut down a conversation about the group’s power. But it began as a reference to fascism. With the U.S. deeply mired in World War II, “globalism” and “globalist” could be applied to Adolf Hitler’s rapacious expansionism combated by the Allied effort. Ernst Jäckh, a staunchly anti-Nazi academic who taught at Columbia University after fleeing Germany in the 1930s, published a book on the battle against “Hitlerism” titled The War for Man’s Soul. Jäckh used “globalism” to describe Hitler’s world-conquering ambitions.

In Trump’s campaign to become president he clearly named globalism the enemy akin to the Nazis. The “nation-state,” not the international order, Trump declared in April 2016, was “the true foundation for happiness and harmony.” By denouncing the “false song of globalism,” Trump threw down the gauntlet. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, was the “globalist" — a politician, he argued, in thrall to interests beyond the nation's borders and eager to let the alien hordes within them. Consider globalism as an underlying basic network. Those who called for Britain's exit from the European Union that same year also identified the network of globalism as a threat to the UK — the loss of sovereignty, a loss of borders, and a loss of the ability to regulate. The collusion of international finance with DC insiders, the anti-national agendas of multinational corporations and conglomerates, and the indifference of elites to the concerns of ordinary Americans is not a “conspiracy theory,” it is real. Trump's campaign platform was a denunciation of that cabal of international bankers, a rejection of cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism, and a direct attack the media.

Social media network analysis has revealed the transnational brokers establishing global fascist networks —transnational fascist intellectuals, travelling writers and journalists, militarists and officers, artists, diplomats and politicians, youth leaders, and religious figures. Now that they can no longer call London their home base, the networks of these fascist global players are even more exposed. I am speaking of the “New World Order” crowd, of course. These elites vigorously support open borders and illegal immigrants, vehemently oppose rational trade policy reform (they want us to remain in WTO and TPP), flatly oppose substantive tax and regulatory reduction and are horrified by Trump’s “mind-our-own-business” foreign policy. If you look at the branding of these “elite” and the idea of an elite life that they represent as their own, it is as if it is a forgery of the Chelsea neighborhood of London, SW1 from days gone by. The mythic Sloane Rangers (British Preppies) from the 1980s are in their minds the authentic template for the inauthentic transnational fascist elite. The Neocons pattern their posturing as a cut out of some pedestrian idea of what posh and sophisticated is supposed to be, presenting themselves as colonialist authorities —completely fake and made up. A corporate image consultant’s creation. They are frauds attempting to appear as WASP blue bloods. Image is everything in public relations and marketing. In reference to “the war in Iraq” famous journalist Seymour Hersh asked, "How could eight or nine Neoconservatives come and take charge of this government?" Neoconservatives overran the bureaucracy, they overran U.S. Congress, they overran the media, and they overran the military. Because they marched in like they owned the joint and they went after our legal and judicial systems. “An Englishman's self-assurance is founded on his being a citizen of the best organized state in the world and on the fact that, as an Englishman, he always knows what to do, and that whatever he does as an Englishman is unquestionably correct,” said Leo Tolstoy.

Fascism comes wrapped in a constitutional law degree. Our nation’s legal system has been exploited by international elite and because of that now has two features that make corruption especially difficult to prosecute to conviction and in turn is exacerbated by that international factor intensifying America’s corruption-problem. The first factor is blind partisanship. In a court of law, whenever an issue is politically charged, unanimous verdicts are virtually impossible to attain. Thus, the elite are granted by their party every benefit of every possible doubt, protecting them from being convicted. I think people are familiar with the second factor. The legal system has been corrupted by privilege. America’s elite possess the financial wherewithal to hire enough morally bankrupt lawyers who understand the loopholes in our laws in order to keep clients from being convicted. Here’s the juicy part. After the Cold War ended in 1991, the Anglo-American elite increasingly and especially acquired global immunity for its violations of international laws, such as by increasingly invading nations that had never invaded nor even threatened to invade the West.

It always comes back to the so-called “war in Iraq.” The American people were duped into it by a sleazy cabal of Neoconservative criminals who sabotaged the country’s integrity, by making it clear to the entire world, that America was now pure evil. That America would even go so far as to order UN weapons-inspectors out of a country in order to bomb it – a heartless and despicable termination of the applicability to the U.S., of any international laws, placing it out of the UN’s reach. This is the black heart of Neoconservative policy. With the UN out of the picture, there’s no international body to restrain the elite bullies so they reign with impunity. We need to revisit our 32nd president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR’s intentions for the UN were correct and he was also correct about international law. While “the war in Iraq” was the Neocon’s K2, 9/11 was their Mount Everest. Prior to September 11, international law might have had a prayer. But to this day, “terrorism” itself remains undefined. In other words: the UN currently has almost no power. That’s where we are now.

The elite who support the globalism have been leading America down the wrong path since FDR died. But. And a huge and magnificent but, Trump’s “America First” policy holds the power to restore both our government and our international credibility to FDR’s. I’ve seen this in Ukraine since 2013 and President Donald Trump opened my eyes to it in America in 2018 with the Russia Hoax. Once again, we need to revisit FDR and specifically his thoughts on the U.S. Constitution. The transnational elite pine for permanent war which requires: underlying convincing belief that the war is worthwhile, interest groups needed to stand to gain money or power, and crises needed to provoke reliable and ongoing responses. This direct conflict is reflected in U.S. policy and covert implementation in Ukraine. Trump has not only been at war with the British elite, he’s been battling their evil cousins the transnational fascists. When it is finally released in movie theatres and Netflix, this will be the biggest grossing Hollywood blockbuster movie in the history of the world.

We are witnessing the application of tried and true propaganda techniques espoused by Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels who studied and applied the mind control tactics of U.S. public relations and advertising guru Edward Bernays. VP Biden made bogus claims about corruption in Ukraine, hijacked a protest movement, staged a bloody coup, and then brought actual corruption, war and poverty to Ukraine while the IMF bled the country dry. The elites profited and a bloody Ukraine was thrown in a ditch. Neocons in the Dem party brought to Ukraine: manufactured war, corruption and plundering, poverty, the persecution of Christians, and the revitalization of Nazism in Europe. The Nazi “Big Lie” is hinged on operating within one streamlined, overarching piece of fiction. “Iraq war” was a Big Lie. The Ukraine crisis is a lie, bigger than even the “Iraq war.” All of it, right down to the “Russian disinformation” and the Brit-backed think tanks behind that and the corporate media’s propaganda. We see with the Ukraine Hoax and the Russia Hoax that the Big Lie can even function in a global climate of mass information flow and supranational concern, for a few years, at least. Today this practice is professionally called “perception management” and it is how the Neocons who’ve hijacked the Democratic Party for one. They had fled to the GOP for decades and have returned to the Democrat Party with a vengeance. Neoconservatives are the “enemy within” the U.S. government: anti-American, treasonous, traitorous vermin. You only have to reveal who is behind the Big Lies of the last 25 years to see it. What should scare people is that a core part of Nazi grand theory is the dethronement of reason and the celebration of emotion. Mobilization of emotion lay at the heart of everything the Nazis did. Remember that when you see Joe Scarborough or Rachel Maddow have a fake meltdown on camera. People who’re emotional, but not spiritual are the masses of mankind. But through fear and pain of soul we see humanity’s underbelly, people who’re incomparably worse and even terrible. When we see human beasts, human predators, human monsters, that’s when spirituality kicks in.

We ignore fascism as a category of analysis to explain and understand America in transnational terms, as part of global politics. Look at American political extremism and a compare it to Bolshevism. Because the struggle against fascism begins with the struggle against Bolshevism. Simply put, fascism is covert aggression. While terrorism falsely presents itself the most widespread danger to U.S. citizens and property, the kind of subversion and insurgency seen in transnational fascism most fundamentally threaten U.S. national security and interests. Terrorist acts alone rarely if ever lead to power, whereas subversion and insurgency can serve pretty well as effective forms of covert aggression to foreign bodies. Once again, the Bolshevik Revolution comes to mind — the mother of all color revolutions. But the awful fact here is that the Bolsheviks are responsible for the genocide of 25 million Christians. This is what President Trump is confronting today, an update of the Nazi regime, only the murders are covert, the fascism hidden, the plundering of democracy insidious, the torture more subtle, but the theft of public institutions blatant and some call this the “deep state.” Take a close look at the operational and policy aspects of our law enforcement and justice systems these days and refer back to the U.S. Constitution, in light of the use of subversion and insurgency, to cope with this covert aggression. Because sinister lawfare is a thing.

I am telling you, the Ukraine Hoax —the whole thing is a Big Lie— is a cautionary tale of what has been also planned for America itself. President Trump is now dismantling that Big Lie and the U.S. response to alleged Russian aggression. Because Donbas truly was a breakaway region and Crimea’s secession from Ukraine was a legal act of self-determination. Our wrong perception came from corporate media who passed on bad British “intelligence” via our elite American intelligence services. And the good news for us is that the Neocon service operators are malignly incompetent and will never succeed any further, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it and them. The levels of malign incompetence among the Neoconservatives are shocking. If they had been overt rather than covert, they would have gotten results closer to their desires. The “Never Trump” Neocons are perverse in their stupidity. They even teach that malign incompetency at elite schools like Harvard. They call it “covert action.” According to them, it is a “foreign policy tool used by policymakers to advance national interests.” Funny, if Russia did that the heads of those insufferable tits at that overpriced school would explode. Look for signs and symptoms in what we consider to be the elite in America. The Varsity Blues scandal is one such symptom of transnational fascism in America’s top schools and the places were those elite go on to occupy the American workplace.

As I understand it, most Ukrainian-Americans who are Catholic or Uniate (a brand of Catholicism) are also Democrats. As the Ukraine Hoax unravels consider this partisanship. It is an important one. On that note, I’ll leave you with a hot political tip. Keep an eye on the Ukrainian neo-Nazis like the DNC’s Chalupa (Irene, Andrea and Alexandra) family. This socially constructed group has been British and CIA assets since the end of WWII. Also, as I have said earlier, take a very close look at the Atlantic Council, the McCain Foundation and Biden’s right hand man in Ukraine, Michael Carpenter at the Penn Biden Center. Lastly, shine some light on Hillary Clinton. The leading contributors to the Clinton Foundation since Hillary left the State Department are Ukraine, England, and the Saudis, in that order. Elite Hillary Clinton sits at the bottom of Ukraine Hoax along with ole Joe Biden.

Take a fresh look at schools like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford. It is an established fact that the CIA is an elite organization – it recruits from these top schools. The CIA and the financial elite have always had shared goals, interests, and backgrounds. Those in the upper echelons at Langley have often attended the same universities, belonged to the same fraternities, and attended the same clubs and parties as the Wall Street elite. Their graduates threaten our national sovereignty, specifically through our elite intelligence services. Globalism which requires elites in the media (e.g. New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC), corporatism, covert action and abuse of power, by any other name would be called “transnational fascism.”  When distilled down globalism appears as that economic system —fascism— and is a freebase of Neoconservative voodoo economics, military imperialism via NATO and the military-intelligence and media industrial complex (MIMIC), and covert manipulation of the major religions. And we could easily call out globalist elites as fascists.

Ce blog est personnel, la rédaction n’est pas à l’origine de ses contenus.

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