500 Words on Omertà

Paris is the scene for the subversive battle between sovereignty and imperialism. Everybody’s lips are sealed. Omertà is the capitalist way, the blood oath of corporations and especially the media. The illegal secrecy that fuels elite conspiracy, the world over —the CIA omertà, the mafioso code of silence and honor, and the Cold War code, admit nothing, deny everything.

«Voilà maintenant près de vingt ans, l’ «omerta» dont Samuel Paty a été l’effroyable victime commençait à s’imposer» © FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP «Voilà maintenant près de vingt ans, l’ «omerta» dont Samuel Paty a été l’effroyable victime commençait à s’imposer» © FREDERICK FLORIN/AFP
Je Suis Samuel

Yesterday's memorial in Paris for Samuel Paty, the teacher murdered Friday on the street in the north-west of the capital of the majority Catholic country was apparently well attended by politicians, intellectuals, the judiciary and members of France’s education authority. Some of those present at the Place de la Republique held placards with the written words, “Je Suis Samuel.”

The assassination of the history and civics teacher in a Paris suburb evokes memories of the wave of violence in 2015 that began after caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed were published by the satirical magazine Charlie HebdoYou may recall the blockbuster international media campaign called  “Je Suis Charlie.” I certainly do.

Today, we’re supposed to believe that all of this for the last five years is about free speech in France? Focusing on the limits to free speech when a teacher has been allegedly decapitated is like focusing on a woman's skirt when she has been raped. One does not cause the other. According to Le Parisien, the attacker was an 18-year-old man of Chechen origin, who was carrying a knife. He was not a student nor seemed to have any relatives in Samuel Paty’s class. An 18 yr old with just a knife decapitated a fit 47 year old? Really? France’s anti-terror prosecutor earlier called the incident a stabbing, but both the Reuters and AP news agencies said police sources told them the victim was decapitated. Really?

Simply put, the problem is mafia-type targeted assassinations to instigate conflict between the religions, not speech. Moreover, this is another violation of spiritual consent due to a criminal code of conduct. And the word that I associate with all of this is “Omertà” and here’s why.

The oath is known as Omertà. It is a code of silence and secrecy that forbids members from betraying their “brothers” to authorities or rival gangs. The penalty for disobeying the oath is death.


I think what everybody forgets is the CIA omertà, the mafioso code of silence and honor. Particularly in regards to George HW Bush, who was the only president who ever ran the agency, and truly believed in its Cold War code: admit nothing, deny everything. The so-called “intelligence community” are professional liars.

The assassination of Samuel Paty looks like it is associated with the infamous “Gladio” strategy that NATO and the CIA installed in Europe during the Cold War to allegedly fight communism. Essentially it was a clandestine program that groomed local terrorists. The Italian case is well-documented and we are living through the Ukrainian one with the rise of neo-Nazis in the Western region adjacent to Poland.

The CIA, in particular, is an elitist club, like the old Yale secret society Skull and Bones, with a billion-dollar budget—assassination plots, secret wars, antidemocratic coups, mind-control experiments. Some of the exclusive societies at elite colleges meet to debate issues of the day, while others focus on fine dining or hell-raising. One thing they all have in common: secrecy. 

What has been going on in France comes from neighboring Italy ans the CIA and NATO’s “stay behind” subversive manufactured domestic terrorist scheme that they publicly called “Operation Gladio.”

Don’t blame Islam

Islamic terrorism, the Islamic State and ISIS were all created by Western intelligence services and so were the Nazis in Ukraine. Thus, Omertà is about the misuse of a religion of compassion. And it raises the fundamental issue of violating the sovereignty of other countries, and overriding their laws. Omertà is about a code of conduct versus spiritual consent.

There seems to be an Omerta code operating in the churches, too. Certainly the Roman Catholic Church, with its pedophilia ring. Spirituality has been a casualty and places of worship have become crime centres, with priests almost functioning as intelligence agents.

Apparently, if you worship at the altar of capitalism, corporatism, the Roman Catholic Church (and even the Eastern Orthodox Church) and the CIA, illegal secrecy is not only de rigueur, it is sanctified. The penalty for disobeying the oath is death, a lighting bolt.

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