State Of Emergency Declared As NYC Coronavirus Cases Increase

Gov. Cuomo has declared a State of Emergency in New York in response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. New York State currently has 76 confirmed cases of coronavirus. The governors of California, Washington, Florida, Kentucky, and Maryland have already declared a states of emergency as cases of Covid-19 have popped up in their states.



  Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus in order to have “a more expedited purchasing and testing protocol,” according to a press conference held this afternoon.

  The effect such declarations have varies by state, but in general it allows state governments to access emergency funds in order to speed up responses to crises.

  “I have officially done a declaration of emergency which gives us certain powers. We’re going to be doing purchasing and hiring more staff, especially to help local health departments that are very stressed," Cuomo said.

   The governor added: "We have a more expedited purchasing and testing protocol and we’re going to be doing that.

   By declaring a state of emergency, the state will now have access to $30 million in emergency funds, which will be used for further testing and to purchase protective equipment for healthcare professionals.

  The governor’s announcement came as concerns about the outbreak grew in New York City, which has 12 confirmed cases, up from six that were disclosed as of Friday. The epicenter in New York State continues to be just north of the city, in Westchester County, where there are 70 cases in total.

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