Les "ploucs" se rallient à Obama

"On pêche, on chasse, on boit de la bière et on soutient Barack Obama" clament les autoproclamés rednecks... A ce terme péjoratif, qui peut être traduit par plouc ou cul terreux -le terme anglais fait littéralement référence au cou rougi par le soleil des travailleurs de plein air- on ajoute souvent ceux de racisme, de conservatisme ignare, d'étroitesse d'esprit, voire d'ethnocentrisme forcené.

Et pourtant, les rednecks américains, une partie d'entre eux en tout cas -mais sont-ce vraiment des rednecks ou de simples citoyens subversifs?-, ont décidé de soutenir Obama.

Voici un florilège de leurs téomoignages sur le site : http://rednecks4obama.com/ (excusez-moi, je n'ai pas le temps de traduire)


"I am lower middle class. I would be shooting myself in the foot if I supported McCain. He doesn't know us. He will NOT help us. Obama will. Trickle down economics does not work. Give the tax breaks to the people who need it, not the ones who have benefited from our country enough already. I drink beer, I watch football, and I use a PUSH mower to mow my lawn. I know what is good for me and that is a change I believe in."


"I've had some of the finest redneck educatin you can git. Shannon County, Missouri. But that don't make me stupid. I'm voting Obama.
Maybe its cause I was a college boy in that center of elitist liberalism, Rolla, Mo. But to be fair to Republican voters, I don't reckon everybody gets a fine Missouri upbringin. Still, if John McCain and Sarah Palin would like to meet some REAL mavericks, they should head to the Ozarks"


"I cannot vote but if i could the reasons would be
i believe in his message. he is a unifying force.
and if mccain dies while he in office, the president will be palin - a truly terrifying thought"


"Because I am sick and tired of the repugs telling us that we,the little people, are too stupid to understand the issues. I am tired of getting a pat on the head and told to go home and examine my family values. I am a fun loving, fishing, beer drinking red-neck from Idaho who thinks that Barack Obama will be just the president we need to fix the crap that is going on in DC. He hasn't been around for 30 yrs in DC so he doesn't owe favors to everyone under the sun. He hasn't gotten millons in benefits from the lobbyists. I think he will be the "Maverick" that takes care of us and fixes the mess we are in"


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