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  • French thyroid patients face Kafkaesque pill shortage after drug scandal

    If you have a thyroid problem, better not to live in France. Last year angry patients hauled the French health authorities over the coals after enduring months of sickness from a new version of their sole treatment. So the government promised a choice of drugs. Yet three months later, those drugs are very hard to find. Not fun if your health depends on taking the right pill every day.
  • Lévothyrox: une pénurie kafkaïenne des nouveaux médicaments

    Malgré les promesses du gouvernement, le cauchemar continue pour les malades de la thyroïde. De nouveaux traitements devraient être disponibles pour ceux qui souffraient des effets secondaires liés à la nouvelle formule du Lévothyrox, seul médicament jusqu'alors autorisé. Mais début 2018, ces traitements se font rares. Pas drôle si votre santé dépend de la prise quotidienne du bon comprimé.
  • Brexit: Why I accept it but do not respect it

    After Britain voted for Brexit European political leaders have been saying that they regret but respect the decision. I don't. That is, I accept the democratic verdict of the British people, of whom I am part, but I don't find anything to respect in there. Particularly as people like me were excluded from voting.
  • Britain's alarming propensity to disenfranchise citizens

    Nowadays we believe that democracy is one person, one vote. But does nationality or place of residence confer the right to vote? Britain has got those criteria all mixed up in its referendum on membership of the European Union. Up to two million Britons living abroad are disenfranchised, but some non-Brits living in the UK are able to vote. It doesn't make sense.
  • Refugees: learning from the past

    This blog is both a cry of outrage and a plea: this is not the first time Europe has seen a tide of refugees, so let’s take the lessons from our recent past and stop greeting the terrible tragedy of today’s refugees with political and bureaucratic injustice.