You can't kill the spirit

Paris, 7th January 2015.The day they tried to kill freedom.They don't know this song:“You can’t kill the spirit*She is like a mountainOld and strongShe goes on and on”...

Paris, 7th January 2015.

The day they tried to kill freedom.

They don't know this song:

“You can’t kill the spirit*

She is like a mountain

Old and strong

She goes on and on”...

Words from long ago 

Come to mind on this day.

We might add:

The spirit has no colour

Or rather, she is all colours

The spirit has no religion

Or rather, she belongs to them all

She, or he, is the spirit of freedom

Present in all our souls

Since the dawn of humanity

You can’t kill the spirit

We are all the spirit

Nous sommes tous français

Nous sommes Charlie Hebdo

(*see original song on

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