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Basé à New York, Jacobin est un des médias de référence de la gauche américaine, et sans doute le plus inventif. A la fois site internet, revue et carrefour intellectuel, Jacobin offre une perspective « socialiste », au sens américain, sur la politique et l'économie, les questions sociales, culturelles ou le changement climatique. Mediapart publie une sélection régulière des articles de Jacobin, en anglais ou en français. Le site de Jacobin: https://www.jacobinmag.com/
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  • Psychoanalysis Should Be Available to Everyone

    Often associated with the middle class, psychoanalysis is a means of reflecting on human suffering that should be accessible to all, writes Jess Cotton in a review of two recently published books that explore the subject.
  • The French elections and the future of French politics

    Présidentielle 2022 : et maintenant ? © Mediapart
    Mediapart, Jacobin and the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation are joining forces to analyze the results of the first round of the presidential election. With Mediapart journalists Fabien Escalona and Ellen Salvi, freelance journalist and contributor to Jacobin, Harrison Stetler, and historian Mathilde Larrère. What can we learn from the initial results, what can we expect in the second round, and what does it all mean for the French Left and society at large?
  • Tyler Stovall was a groundbreaking historian of modern France

    Forged in the best traditions of American radicalism, historian Tyler Stovall, who died in December, remained loyal to the struggle for a better world throughout an illustrious academic career.
  • Emmanuel Macron's bodyguard is let off the hook

    French president Emmanuel Macron’s bodyguard Alexandre Benalla has been handed a suspended sentence for violently beating protesters while posing as a cop, representing a slap on the wrist in a country where elite impunity reigns, writes Harrison Stetler in US online review Jacobin.
  • French workers in the age of neoliberalism

    In post-industrial eastern France, the neoliberal era has been a long class war waged from above. In his book 'Of Fangs and Talons', reviewed here by Conrad Landin, award-winning novelist Nicolas Mathieu portrays how the destruction of working-class communities has fed cynicism and despair.