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Basé à New York, Jacobin est un des médias de référence de la gauche américaine, et sans doute le plus inventif. A la fois site internet, revue et carrefour intellectuel, Jacobin offre une perspective « socialiste », au sens américain, sur la politique et l'économie, les questions sociales, culturelles ou le changement climatique. Mediapart publie une sélection régulière des articles de Jacobin, en anglais ou en français. Le site de Jacobin:
  • Egalitarian economics vs right-wing cultural nostalgia

    Last night’s UK elections results point to a deep problem in world politics today: the gravitational pull of privileging cultural over economic combat — an outcome that consistently divides the Left and hands victory to the Right. By Seth Ackerman, Jacobin's executive editor.
  • Michael Moore Was Right

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    Mocked and derided for his impassioned defense of poor and working people, Michael Moore is finally being vindicated. He hasn’t changed his tune. The political culture’s just catching up with him, writes Meagan Day.
  • Five years later, do Black Lives Matter?

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    Five years since its inception, a look at what the Black Lives Matter movement accomplished and the important work it left unfinished. By Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor.
  • They’re not just mad at AOC — they’re scared of her

    Nancy Pelosi’s war of words with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn't about clashing personalities. It's about Democratic elites trying to undercut AOC's bold, left agenda, Miles Kampf-Lassin writes.
  • The European Left in Disarray

    As voters elect a new European Parliament, the Left is split between multiple "unity projects", and none of them have a clear idea how to transform the EU, writes Loren Balhorn.
  • We Just Remembered How to Strike

    2018 might have been the year that convinced US workers that the strike holds the power needed to move today’s corporate giants and austerity-obsessed governments.
  • A Socialist Wave in Chicago

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    Chicago socialists cleaned house in municipal elections, winning as many as six socialist city council members. The city's left has a historic opportunity to push back years of gentrification, police brutality, and austerity.
  • The Mueller Report Won’t Bring Down Trump

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    After months of frenzied speculation and breathless commentary, Robert Mueller has turned in his report. But the political landscape some said it would upend is basically unchanged, Corey Robin writes.
  • What Chicago Taught Bernie Sanders

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    Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has gathered his supporters in Chicago on March 3d — a city where he organized as a socialist, struggled for civil rights, and « began to understand the futility of liberalism ».