I breathe freely

Because elitism is the real virus

“I breathe freely” poster Kyiv, Ukraine, 2013 “I breathe freely” poster Kyiv, Ukraine, 2013
I breathe freely with the knowledge that I now better understand how America has been governed and why, as awful as he is portrayed by the media, U.S. President Donal Trump is the right president at this time. We’re operating in a fascist economic system. But the president is not an economic fascist. 

The coronavirus provides us with a pause sanitaire to take it all in. The fascism of today is a freebase of corporatism, monetarism, Neoconservative voodoo economics, and imperialism via our military-intelligence. We American consumers are covertly and arbitrarily manipulated by it.

Just like Edward Bernay’s famous cigarette campaign that got a nation hooked on a death wish, our mass media —through movies, internet, books, magazines, newspapers, radio, recordings, TV— maintains an even wider-spread death wish, the biggest threat to U.S. national security. But instead of running to the store to get a pack of cigs and smoke ourselves to death, we Americans can tune into CNN 24/7 and infect our bodies directly and quite willingly with a deadly psychosis, filling our minds with noxious hypnotics. Who needs nicotine when we’ve got Jake Tapper? 

I breathe freely with the knowledge that the world has persisted through far worse respiratory viruses than coronavirus. This pandemic isn’t an assault on our health. The response to it is an attack on our liberties —particularly religious liberty— via technological surveillance.

I breathe freely with the knowledge that the world has persisted through this invisible enemy before. Unless you are spiritually bankrupt, you don’t have any anything to fear. Because of the situation in Ukraine, I had strong doubts about U.S. President Trump’s  commitment to religious liberty, but I am seeing that they were ill placed. And I hope I will keep seeing that.  I breathe freely with faith.

An issue here is psychological political warfare. If we’re tolerant of faiths, races, beliefs, and evidence-based policy decisions, and equally intolerant of psychological political warfare, we can promote world peace while quelling discord. And return America to us Americans. Academics misled millions of Americans into believing politicians’ unwarranted fears that terrorism justified a global war. They’re at it again with this coronavirus scam. It’s a flu virus being totally misrepresented, just as the phony threat of Islamic terrorism was.

The issue is and has always been of a deeper morality. The least moral “opinion makers” have taken priority in America. A fierce war is underway against those barbarians. The truth lies in the Covid deaths. Because the immoral nuts are trying to employ an economic value on life. This is what the Nazis and the Bolsheviks did—elitism. The Neocons are no different. Sorry, folks. But relying on a polished Harvard grad with a microphone is simply NOT an evidence-based policy decision.

The blah blah loop of COVID-19 shouldn’t distract us from the essential. The world’s economic and financial system and our way of life imposed by that coercive force and its incessant bludgeoning haven’t been tenable or reliable for a long time. Elites know this all too well. Their “system” only works through ignorance and it is a paradox at a time when there have never been so many academics in the world. That knowledge is counterfeit. Social networks are responsible for exposing the frauds, charlatans, con artists and chancers of professional society. The internet has terrified them. As essential snippets of truth sprang up here and there, they had to invent more lies with the mass media. Without that media a character as distressing as Joe Biden would never have returned to the political scene of their global “empire.” 

But in the time of the post-virus, nothing will be as before. Without knowing it, the elites have just caused a landslide that will cover them with shame. They’ve isolated themselves. We will be immune and left with our own reality. This ends their dreams of more years of power and whatever big plans they had. And this is what terrifies these pseudo elites with whom we were once afflicted. We will now all breathe freely. Because elitism was the real virus.

I predict that in the post-virus era the elite’s “official” PowerPoint information and prestige news sources —New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC— and schools —Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins— will not only be out of fashion, they’re going to be avoided like the plague. We will breathe freely in this climate because we will understand the conditions. ‪We will have isolated the bitterness, wrath, anger, and malice.

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