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  • The Bemba trial: ersatz justice?

  • A disappointing bystander

    The recent arrest of Calixte Mbarushimana in Paris has largely been seen by the international community as a great advancement for justice in Eastern DRC and international justice at large. The case however highlights France’s ambivalence towards its responsibilities in the prosecution of war criminals.
  • The final version of the UN mapping report on Congo

    The final version of the UN mapping report on DRC is finally public and it appears very little changes have been made to the draft. It is the form rather than the substance that has been altered, as the "genocide" word has not even been taken out. Instead it has just been dressed with more "allegedly" and "it is up to a court to decide".
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    The Bemba trial at the International Criminal Court: ersatz justice?

    The scales of the atrocities committed in central Africa over the last two decades is unmatched by any other conflict since World War Two, if only in the number of deaths. The Democratic Republic of Congo in particular has seen millions of people being massacred, raped, maimed, dying of diseases in insalubrious refugees camps and losing everything that made them human beings. Congo is an ongoing genocide. The reasons to the never-ending violence, devastating in a country already striped to the bones, are numerous. From the conveniently illegal mineral trade to the political factions trying to get their share of power, there is not one solution to end it. But there is one demand that unite all Congolese people: Justice.