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The Light of the World

On the great truth of the Trump era.

Nicholas Molodyko
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Illustration 1
The Light of the World, 1851-1853. © William Holman Hunt

The Biblical

For modern man, the term “apocalypse” has a sinister meaning. In antiquity, it meant to remove the covering from something hidden, to reveal that which was concealed. It was like removing the sheet from a new painting or opening the curtain on a stage.

Over time, the concept began to be used to indicate the genre of those Jewish writings that appeared two centuries before Christ and continued into the first century after Christ. Such literature arose from a sense of the impossibility of getting the life of Israel back on track without the special intervention of God.

Thus, it became defunct once Jesus arrived and should have been ditched. Today, it still exists as a massive grift or The Frankfurt School on Religion and what has been called an atheistic Jewish Messianism, which was very unique and particular to assimilated central European Jews, especially those of Germany, where the Jews, paradoxically, had achieved the greatest assimilation. 

The Frankfurt School gave birth to “critical theory” and religion being used to critique society, which is the age old practice of iconoclasm where “only in a secularized world that theology, and religion, can be seen in their truth.” The intellectual equivalent of trying trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

The world today is witnessing the terminal breakup of the Frankfurt School and the great materialist belief systems of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that so powerfully shaped the secular modern mind. No metaphor better encapsulates that breakup of the visionary theories and credos of nature, man, and society advanced by Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud than apocalypse.

Western civilization’s version of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Better said, Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud are the “four asses of Apocalypse.”

Each of the four materialist “faiths” manufactured by modernity's famous quartet of intellectual contained fraud in the end. Today we call this political faith “liberal democracy.” At least three of the four admitted to being atheists, and the fourth (Darwin) was at least an agnostic by the time he died.

In the early 21st century, our civilization looks back upon the tragic legacy of materialism: a worldview that declared God to be a human invention. God-like productions emerged to fill the secular void with the World Wars that produced them: communism, Nazism, Zionism, the “isms.”

The apocalypse, great awakening or enlightenment we are facing today wasn’t written in the stars. The dark night sky was man-made. Knowledge in the West was kept at a premium. They call it the “Ivory Tower,” not the “Ebony Tower,” for a reason. But now that the intellectual grifters have been found out, we’ve an apocalyptic sense of knowledge.

The shell of so-called intellectual thought has been removed, that which was covering the hidden essence of humanity, revealing to us that which was concealed. Truth. Nobody is going to tell you the truth. You have got to figure it out for yourself.

Communism and Nazism have many common elements. One is that they both claim to be in possession of the ultimate truth. Since the ultimate truth is beyond the reach of humankind, these ideologies have to resort to oppression in order to impose their vision on society.

Bolshevism and Nazism were each a vastly simplified religion masquerading as science.

When I say “intellectual grifter,” I could easily mean a Bolshevik or Nazi operator, but what I mean is the age old confidence trick, attempting to deceive people after first gaining their trust. In this case, specifically pundits exploiting the general public using their advanced degrees and affiliation with prestigious educational and religious networks as a passport to claim expertise in return for institutional, corporate and peer acceptance.

It’s like we are up against the petty bourgeois radicals in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Demons who demand acknowledgment, police language, censor ideas they dislike, and invoke hateful canards to bully people into accepting their views. And they’ve brought that to the churches.
The Biblical is only a smokescreen that hides the real power. This is the only real gift of the Trump era, to date, the simple but the elegant notion that the Biblical hides the political. The great truth of the Trump era.

The Political

There can be little doubt that we now live in a political environment where contradictions, inconsistencies and hypocrisy abound; they seem to be the order of the day and have become intolerable for many Americans.

Since there had not been significant political turmoil in the U.S. after the 1960s, nothing had prepared most Americans for such conflict in the last handful of years. This is now serving as a catalyst for positive change, an apocalypse of sorts.

When Britons voted for Brexit, the U.S. began, with Donald Trump, to turn away from British Puritan foreign policy to Jacksonian policy. Puritan America and Jacksonian America are the two halves of America. And much of the toxicity in American religious practices stems from that. Religious fanaticism—ignorance—runs deep in America’s history.

Puritanism is no more part of a distinctively U.S. national story any more than is capitalism; it is the product of the interaction of the two that persists and impacts us Americans. I’ve a personal adverse reaction because it goes against my creative nature and free spirit.

Puritan convictions are dependent upon on a two‐dimensional sense of reality, distrustful of the imagination and best represented by the printed word, which is felt to lay hold on things.

There have been so many big secrets and so much tremendous lying along the entire alleged spectrum of American politics for so many centuries, that when you find out the truth, it explains everything including the secrets and the lies. America was built on a political swamp. Donald Trump got that part right.

The starting point is not the truth. The starting point is all of the lies.

America is neither a democracy nor a republic. For years, when I heard Republicans claim that the U.S. is a republic, not a democracy, I dismissed them for playing deceptive word games to delegitimate their political opposition. They were partially right. America began as a republic but went the way of French democracy, at least in part.

The great French intellectual Thierry Meyssan called it, not me.

The U.S. Constitution recognizes the sovereignty of the federated states, not of the people. Its main author Alexander Hamilton wrote it was to establish a regime comparable to the British monarchy without an aristocracy, certainly not a democracy.

Everyone clings to the idea of a U.S. that is a paragon of democracy. This constitution only lasted two centuries thanks to the compromise of the First Ten Amendments (Bill of Rights). But in this age of the globalization of information, everyone can see that the dice are loaded.

This system is tolerant to a point, but oligarchic in its true form. In the U.S., almost all laws are drafted by pressure groups organized regardless of the elected members of U.S. Congress and the White House. The political is only a smokescreen that hides the real power, the power of money.

We want to think of the U.S. as a democracy and that the presidential election is up to the voters. This is wrong. The Constitution does not provide for the election of the federal president in the second degree by the people, but by an electoral college appointed by governors.

Over time, governors have ended up holding elections in their states before choosing the members of the Electoral College. Some have agreed to include it in their local constitutions, but not all.

In the end, the federal Supreme Court is uninterested, as it was when George W. Bush against Al Gore was appointed 20 years ago. It explicitly stated that the potential election rigging that had taken place in Florida was not within its jurisdiction.

The “haves” (the 1%) understand the above, the “have-nots” do not. The haves kept the have-nots in the dark and the nation divided. But as we are enlightened, we become contagious beacons of full unity and oneness. The light of the world. Follow the light of the world and you will never again walk in the darkness that calls itself liberal democracy.

The enlightenment we are experiencing today wasn’t written in the stars. The darkness of the sheltering sky was completely fabricated by men who had the tremendous amount of money necessary to do so.

Ce blog est personnel, la rédaction n’est pas à l’origine de ses contenus.

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