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The Scapegoat

Religious fanaticism is ignorance.

Nicholas Molodyko
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The Scapegoat, 1854-1956. © William Holman Hunt

Culture Club

It is time to pick up a thread from a year ago about the Frankfurt School and the contributions that it made to the critical application of religion. But this is going to get really messy, downright incestuous, and sometimes hard to follow.

The Frankfurt School was not the original name of the school, nor was it a school per se. Rather, this intellectual institution and school of thought began in 1923 as the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt and was affiliated with Goethe University. During the early 1920s, the Institute for Social Research was affiliated with the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow. Remember that last part.

The Frankfurt School ultimately became a meeting ground for communists, fascists, Zionists, and anti-Christian zealots.

With the rise of Nazism in 1933, the Institute went into exile, first in Switzerland, and then in 1934 to New York. During WWII, the Institute set up offices at Columbia University, where it proceeded to engage in empirical research on “prejudice” and “anti-Semitism.”

The Frankfurt School was the bees nest of cultural studies of WWII, or what they called the “culture industry” or the study of the mass production of a mass culture, but I want to focus purely on religion.

The Frankfurt School on Religion is what has been called an atheistic Jewish Messianism, which was very unique and particular to assimilated central European Jews, especially those of Germany, where the Jews, paradoxically, had achieved the greatest assimilation.

The School gave birth to “critical theory” and religion being used to critique society, which is the age old practice of iconoclasm where “only in a secularized world that theology, and religion, can be seen in their truth.” The intellectual equivalent of trying trying to put a square peg in a round hole. The German way, in my opinion.

The way German intellectuals think is nothing if not predictable. Religion was thereby indoctrinated into the service of the production of culture. It started first with Martin Luther and the Protestants, in fact.

Thus, in critical theory we find not just a deliberate attempt to use religion in psychological operations but to employ Hegel’s dialectic to make atheism the basis for its brand of Protestant Christianity. It’s a perverted version of Christianity from its core.

As the son of an Orthodox priest, I knew that brand of Protestantism was chicanery from an early age, I just did, and later I was able to see it was just another cover for imperial ambitions. Today, as the son of a priest, I am shocked, gobsmacked, that the Orthodox Church would get involved with the evangelical Protestants. The Orthodox Church in America now even has a Department of Evangelization. Orthodoxy is getting squeezed by all sides.

The Russian Orthodox Church, politically disempowered during the Soviet times, became a state arm after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, gaining political prominence in the late 2000s when the newly invigorated Orthodoxy was deployed to highly politicize the “traditional” family.

I wrote a policy document about it, in fact, for a Ukrainian NGO. The strategy is straight up “Russian interference.” And I have personally (from birth, really) and professionally (in the last couple of decades) been stuck in the middle of all of this.

I feel like it is my duty as an American to point this out. After all, “Russian influence” is such a big topic today. In short, Franklin Graham colluded with Russia. It is the legacy of the real Russian interference going on in America today. This was all done under the auspices of the CIA and the so-called “intelligence community.” Creepy, as in covert. Creepy, as in ignorant.

It started in the course of the 20th century, when contact between the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and Western Christianity including the Orthodox Church in America, its concepts and values, took place on two levels. The first happened with the emigration of Russian theologians to the West in the century’s first decades. Once again, the CIA was managing this project, using U.S. government institutions like Radio Free Europe and Voice of America.

The second was the U.S. government’s covert operations of Western theology into the “canonical territory” of the ROC through ecumenical contacts and translation of theological works into Russian from the 1990s. Thus, Orthodox theologians were most likely unaware they were mixed up in Zionist geopolitics.

It appears that the influence worked both ways and in the end the relationship while fraternal was and still is fraught by Zionist geopolitical aims (of both Russia and America) rather than by basic Orthodox Christian principles, like only God is the judge in the court of human sins, and hatred has no place in the Church. The project cultivated bigotry and judgement in America.

It would be hard to find two brands of Christianity less a like. Franklin Graham sees a real strategic alliance forming between the Russian Orthodox Church and American Evangelicals to combat common “enemies” such as “jihadist terrorism.” This goes against Orthodox Church canons.

Earlier I wrote: “Christian imperialism exists in the West today in the person of the Pope. In the East, it was and remains a temptation.” I stand by this statement; however, it does not tell the full story, particularly, in relation to what is going on today in with the Orthodox Church in America.

Orthodox Christianity is neither liberal nor conservative. The Orthodox Church is not a political organization. Say it three times.

The point here is that no religion is protected from charlatans when a religion is treated as a political culture, such as “Conservative Christianity.” It is a make-believe thing. And any attempt to honestly categorize “conservative” religious belief and the political right falls apart with blacks. Religiously committed blacks, especially Protestants, are the most politically liberal of any major group in American society.

The media created this imagined community of Christians by targeting a specific audience, generalizing and with the use of images. The media can perpetuate stereotypes through certain images and vernacular. By showing certain images, the audience will choose which image they relate to the most, furthering the relationship to that imagined community. The so-called “Christian Right” in America is well-documented as a political project of the Neoconservatives and the “intelligence community.”

Neocons have first and foremost exploited religion. They started off as Marxists with the Dems consulting Carter. Then, they moved to the GOP in the 1980s with Reagan co-opting Evangelicals and Mormons, religion and American diplomacy became really toxic because it is a war on spirituality.‬ We are at liberty to discuss spirituality as it relates to democracy in America.

The Christian Right is a sort of creepy culture club. Creepy, as in covert. Creepy, as in ignorant.

The Last Scapegoat

Sometimes, not often, somebody says something profound like: “Culture is the root of politics, and religion is the root of culture.” The words are timeless and capture human behavior. Because progress, innovation and all of those other modern things may occur, but human behavior does not change. 

In short, culture is then a basic tool of division and oppression, and religion is well, the sacrificial lamb. Culture, far from being democratically created by the countless interactions of the population as a whole, is overwhelmingly shaped and manipulated by the ruling class in ways favorable to its continued rule and people seeing that rule as legitimate, authentic, and inevitable.

This exploitative social structure, rooted in its own institutions, leads to a culture that distorts reality, thwarting people’s ability to develop their full potential. This appears normal and makes it extremely difficult for people to see their situation as it really is. We become victims of our own victimization, a self-inflicted oppression. Some call this arrested development.

Understanding how oppression affects us, how oppression can escalate with other factors to lead to mass atrocities such as genocide, and what responsibilities we have to prevent the occurrence of oppression and genocide, enables us to think and act like intelligent people. Because genocide is the end game for those who have the money to achieve it.

The Scapegoat, 1854-1856. © William Holman Hunt

One of the most macabre and original paintings of the 19th century, Pre-Raphaelite William Holman Hunt's "The Scapegoat" was examined by leading art historian Albert Boime for the first time in depth in relation to Anglo-Judaic culture. The subject, drawn from biblical and Talmudic sources, was intended as a symbolic bridge between the Jewish sacrificial goat driven into the wilderness on the Day of Atonement and the sacrificial example of Jesus Christ. By invoking Judaism as a religion frozen in a time warp, Hunt's powerful image further operated as one more prop of the West's stereotypical narration of the East and imperialist worldview.

Hunt started painting on the shore of the Dead Sea, and continued it in his studio in London. The work exists in two versions, a small version in brighter colors with a dark-haired goat and a rainbow and a larger version in more muted tones with a light-haired goat. Both were created over the same period, with the smaller Manchester version being described as "preliminary" to the larger version.

Inspired by the Book of Leviticus, the artist saw the goat as an archetype for Jesus Christ, the "suffering servant of God," who carried our sins with his cross as an act of redemptive suffering. Thus, the Lamb of God is the Last Scapegoat.  

The scapegoat is a timeless military-intelligence strategy. “The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions,” said Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Scapegoats rarely have the opportunity to resist the scapegoating process, as their voices are usually silenced. Highlighting the "otherness" of a scapegoat by pointing out all the ways he is different from the rest of society allows for the principle of division to function—the more different the scapegoat becomes, the larger his division from society grows. The famous Palestinian intellect Edward Said articulated this in reference to the British Empire’s Zionist enterprise.

The legacy of empire lingers. While Britain is no longer the global player it pretends to be, nor is the country introspective enough to truly look after its own citizens, the disparity between rich and poor increases and the political class scapegoat the most vulnerable. This crosses the Atlantic.

Sins of the Father 

To better understand the phenomenon of the scapegoat, instead of buying the propaganda that history repeats itself, consider that history may just continue on in the most Biblical sense. Thus, history only “repeats” if you do not understand the concept of the sins of the father, that is, if you approach life with no belief in God.

Having no belief in God is like being an adult parent, who was raped by their father, who believes they are incapable of breaking the cycle of abuse within their own family. A new generation of incest thrives as a result of such ignorance. The trauma is frozen in place and extends over time.  This a dramatic example, and it is meant to be precisely that.

Eastern Orthodoxy accepts the doctrine that ancestral or original sin is hereditary. The sins of the father. Therefore, for example, if you want to know what conflicts a family battles, look at their ancestors. History does not repeat, it just continues until the trauma is resolved. Everybody gets this wrong, even some Eastern Orthodox priests.

What is going on today in Orthodoxy is an extension of the West's stereotypical or orientalist narration of the East and imperialist worldview. People who call themselves intellectuals simply do not have an honest approach to knowledge. It represents no less than the rape of a religion. Strong words, yes.

The only time Christ uses strong words in the Bible it is in reference to pedophilia. Incest, and subsequently child rape, represents a familial frozen trauma. Children protect adults, many for their entire lives. Family members are complicit in preserving the illusion of the family rather than addressing its psychological, emotional and physical well-being.
Meanwhile, child rape is a significant public health issue. One in three girls, and one in five boys are sexually abused before they turn 18, overwhelming this happens within the family. The epidemic is known among medical professionals, a notoriously underreported crime.

Zionist parents rape their children as little kids to dominate them and distort their minds for their adult lives.

Given the prevalence of incest, and that the family is the basic unit upon which society rests, imagine what would happen if every kid currently being abused, and every adult who was abused, came out of the woodwork, insisted on recognition, a basic understanding of the problem.

Imagine if we had a massive public atonement. The very fabric of American society would be immensely enriched. Everyone would be affected, personally and professionally, as family members, friends, colleagues, and public officials suddenly liberated themselves with the truth.

If we let go, and release ourselves from that pain of suffering, the atonement or the recognition of the sins of the father would be historic. Because incest is the single biggest commonality between drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, teenage and adult prostitution, criminal activity, and eating disorders. Abused kids grow up and become abuser adults.

To put this into perspective for Americans. Russia is one of the few countries that has not criminalized incest. In fact, in Russia, “consensual” incest is fully legal by law; however, people who are related as siblings, half-siblings, a stepparent, and a stepchild may not marry.

Every year, tens of thousands of Russians suffer every possible kind of familial abuse —battery, rape, or even attempted murder. The Russian Orthodox Church says, “if reasonable and carried out with love, corporal punishment is an essential right given to parents by God.”

According to government statistics that undoubtedly under-report the situation, a massive 40% of all violent crimes are committed within the family. This correlates to 36,000 women being beaten every day and 26,000 children being assaulted by their parents every year.

Religions can be easily “weaponized.” And women, in particular, become the scapegoat. Women victims of sex crimes are perhaps the most maligned of all crime victims. And Franklin Graham got the U.S. mixed up in this weaponization. Remember that.

Subversive Christianity 

Inasmuch as I possess an Orthodox worldview, my virtue, and culture is the demon I cling to, unlike a majority of Christians, I aim to understand the full context when a highly spiritual person speaks.

In the absence of security, I made my way into the night.

For example, recently an ascetic in Ukraine, His Eminence Metropolitan Luke of Zaporozhye said: “A defective and malicious copy of world Orthodoxy is now being built before our eyes” and he was speaking of Zionist geopolitics, but never once used the words. He did, however, reference George Soros.

Everybody needs to say a prayer of thanks for Metropolitan Luke of Zaporozhye in Ukraine.

I have been writing about this for years, not in a spiritual way, in one informed by foreign relations. However, I was baptized Orthodox and I am able to make the spiritual connection, in the face of the Zionist geopolitical machinations, as frightening as it all is. And it runs deep in the Orthodox Church. Ask Joe Biden and the “Archons.” I wrote about his personal contributions to the mess.

Joe Biden is an Archon. They are like the Freemasons of Orthodox Christianity. He is not Orthodox. The Archons are behind Bartholomew and the new schismatic church in Ukraine, a purely political covert project..

Since the primary vehicle of covert influence is disguise, one of the places influence operations are most likely to be found is within the churches. What better way to conceal one's heresy, than to be priest or other highly visible form of Christian within our broader culture?

Once an imposter is in, he is golden. The general consensus in the U.S. is that if it is religious, it must be good. Criticism of religion is discouraged and even stifled. It remains socially unacceptable to point out the main flaws in how Christianity has been rolled in America.

While intelligent criticism of Christianity rarely sees the light of day, the slandering and scapegoating of atheists is so acceptable that polls have shown that most Americans would not consider voting for an atheist for President. The levels of delusion are incestuous.
This kind of Christian religious indoctrination has taught “believers” that what makes you a good person is what you believe, not what you do. The parts of the Bible they deign to acknowledge as relevant to today's world are in direct relation to the politics of the status quo. Sadly, the Orthodox Church is not exempt here.

This corrupted idea of morality not only produces a congregation more shocked at tolerance of other beliefs and the peace that that could bring than it is concerned about the victims of its wicked polices, but a sort of protection racket for the “Christian” political enterprise.

This is religious fanaticism—ignorance. It is found in Judaism and Islam, too. It is religion as a tool for fear, hatred, and ultimately war. The three Abrahamic religions are peaceful doctrines and this kind of political influence is at odds with them. It is inherently Zionist in nature. Zionism is subversive. Zionism is counterfeit. Zionism is heresy.

When you boil it down, there are two types of influence. One that promotes peace, love, harmony and everything else necessary for a democratic society. The other that instigates war, chaos, confusion, division, segregation and oppression. Zionist influence is always the latter.

In America, the cleanest way to refer to Zionism is the War Lobby. I do not call out Zionist propaganda and influence (which is always covert) because it is a threat. I call it out because it is subversive, and because it is about war. Big difference.

The peaceful Abrahamic religions, each of them, Orthodox Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, and Orthodox Islam, is each being used as a scapegoat, by political lobbyists who want to wage war. 

Biblical Incest

In Genesis 19:31–33, Lot’s daughters are apparently concerned about their solitude and the possibility of preserving humanity, so they decide to get their father drunk and have intercourse with him with the goal of getting pregnant. There is a lot (pun intended) going on with that insane family, but let’s break it down to some modern language. In sexual assault, the victim is always blamed.

Sexual assault primary in the family refers to a spectrum of assault-rape, attempted rape, incest, child rape rape, and forced sexual contact within family relations or within a social network associated with the family, like sex cults and such. All are against the law, and therefore acts of rape, but are often referred to in happy-go-lucky sounding terms like pedophilia and molestation.

The only time Christ uses strong words in the Bible it is in reference to pedophilia. Ironically, today, Israel is the Promised Land for pedophiles.

Tens of thousands of pedophiles operate in Israel every year, leading to about 100,000 victims annually, according to an Israeli pedophile monitoring association says the Matzof Association, an organization that actively keeps track of reports on pedophiles in various media.

We’ve come to the Sodom and Gomorrah portion of the essay. Again. Jewish American pedophiles hide from justice in Israel. The religious dynamic is blinding in its intensity. Sex with children is practically legal in Israel, meanwhile, priests in the Catholic Church are prosecuted for it.

Israel is like a parent who believes they are incapable of breaking the cycle of abuse within their own family. A new generation of incest. The trauma is frozen in place and extends over time. A trauma is repeated in the self-victimization of the victim. Zionism appears to be set on a foundation of rape culture.

Israel is not the product of Jewish culture, but of the will of the English Puritans. Zionists today are the legacy of colonial Puritans. The Puritans originally left England not because they were being persecuted (a complete myth) but because they were intolerant of the religious tolerance in England. They crossed the Atlantic and formed a global network of prosperity and intolerance —Atlanticism.

Massachusetts Bay Puritan understanding of marriage was governed by strict laws and customs. They did not consider marriage a religious sacrament, but a civil matter, regulated by the state. The officiant at a wedding was a magistrate, not a minister, a practice that continued until 1686. 

Under Puritan law, marriage had to be sexually consummated to be considered valid. If a man was impotent, the marriage was annulled. While they had no problem monitoring people’s sex lives in such a fashion, the Puritans also banned the celebration of Christmas.

Remember, the worst imaginable things like segregation, slavery, war and genocide were only possible because of laws and lawyers.

The Christian God was not the god that the Puritans worshiped. They had a lawyerly relationship with Leviticus and were an early proponent of the degradation of America's legal system. The Puritans believed they were doing God's work.

Like their cousins, the Quakers, the Mormons, and the Zionists today, incest and child rape was protected by law in a subversive manner. Once again, the Puritans believed they were doing God's work.

Today, the barbaric Puritans can be found at The Atlantic CouncilThe Atlantic magazine. And, of, course, NATO. And the state of Delaware where anybody in the world can register a corporation. Only the elite (Puritans) and organized crime (Jewish mafia) can be attracted to authoritarian power, everybody else has to be won by propaganda.

God is Love

True or Orthodox Christianity (all of the Orthodox Abrahamic religions for that matter) is not subversive.

A religion and the “culture” of a religion are two entirely different things. Just like “temple” and “church,” each have two distinctly separate, entirely different meanings. The literal, political or the physical (building) versus the spiritual and allegoric (what’s in your heart).

Simply said, God is love.

In the cultural misapplication of Christianity, the big ticket item here is “presentism.” One must not fall into presentism when interpreting the Bible or any other ancient sacred text. A timeless parable is not bound by the conventions of a single time period. Doing so perverts the text to the profane, it no longer sacred.

Applied to Biblical texts, presentism is a fallacious perspective that distorts historical realities by removing them from their context. In sports, it is called “Monday morning quarterbacking.” Presentism would only work if the Bible had been entirely man made. 

It is the mark of English School of international relations combines theory and history, morality and power, agency and structure, and can be boiled down in humble terms as one of time. The use of presentism. For Zionism is an enterprise of the British empire. The Puritans were originally British.

By cherry picking from both the Torah and Bible, the Puritanism of evangelical Protestantism is a perverted form of Christianity based on the “Old Testament” (Hebrew Torah) and sympathy for Judaism, and was, in fact, “crypto-Judaism,” and the core of the faith of a fanatical minority who founded America. Best kept theological secret of the millennium. In fact, the Torah gets more play than the actual Bible which is the real testament to Christianity.

Thus, not only is the religious dogma distorted, the literal and the figurative are treated sometimes in the same manner. For example, while “temple” and “church,” each have two distinctly separate, entirely different meanings, like a physical building versus the full unity of spirituality or what’s in your heart, Puritan law only recognizes the former. 

You are probably unaware, and that is OK, that U.S. President Trump has encouraged these conversations as part of “draining the swamp” and turning the British Zionist enterprise upside down. For example, Trump has been pushing back against the rising tide of Marxist critical theory to quietly contain the Zionist cultural revolution in America. In order to contain today’s cultural threats, the oppression must be eliminated.

Donald Trump also installed a program to address the exploitation of religion — the U.S. envoy for International Religious Freedom Samuel Brownback manages a list of countries of particular concern for violation of religious freedom. One can only hope that Brownback is trying to correct the subversive work of the CIA. Furthermore, the U.S. ought to be at the top of that list and Samuel Brownback ought to be addressing the lack of religious freedom in America before traipsing around the world and fingering countries the U.S. government wants to control.

Who needs Russia and China when the so-called “intelligence community” in the U.S. government does all of the “interference” in America?

I warned that this was going to get messy. I bet you feel dirty. You probably want to take a shower now. I understand. It is a lot to take in. The power of culture seems nearly endless. After such strong words, there’s not much more I can say now.

You may feel at times overwhelmed by the weight of this. But use your heart to consciously override the political structures, like “Christian Right,” foisted upon us by people with the money and power necessary to do so.

A fanatic is a fanatic, not a Christian. Recall, the Frankfurt School ultimately became a meeting ground for fanatics—communists, fascists, Zionists, and anti-Christian zealots. The Frankfurt School taught ignorance.

Religious fanaticism is ignorance. Sure, there are saintly “fools for Christ.” But I am fairly certain that serving as a fool for politicians in Christ’s name will not get one sainthood.

The human mind cannot think in such terms — unless we empty our hearts to do so — unless we seek knowledge through compassion and understanding.

What prevents us from doing that? C.S. Lewis would say pride is the issue. When an entire class of people with good Christian views completely lose the plot and turn to bigotry as a primary policy, I think of this quote: “A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.”

The last scapegoat appears to be Orthodox Christianity. Both the Russians and the Americans wanted to disparage it in favor of Zionist power and money, and incest, child rape, and domestic assault, bigotry and judgement of others — basically paganism. As Jesus said, when you point one finger, three fingers are pointing back to you.

Letting Zionism play out was a shameful episode in American history. It all came down to timing — the sympathy of the world when they learned about the Holocaust and Truman’s need for the Jewish vote. It did happen and the horrific crimes against humanity came with it.

It is time to let your mind listen to your heart. It is time to integrate the full blown wisdom of our individual experiences, and consciously choose to elevate our entire country, undivided. This appears to be happening in France.

Zionist parents rape their children as little kids to dominate them and distort their minds for their adult lives. France is currently coming to terms with this.

Another child incest scandal is shaking French intelligentsia. A book by Camille Kouchner called La familia grand has given victims a voice.

France finally made incest a crime in 2010 — reinstating it into the country's penal code more than 200 years after French Revolutionaries (Zionists) threw it out as a “religious taboo.“

Brigitte Macron has backed a campaign for even tougher laws against incest after the fall of a member of the Paris establishment triggered an outpouring of recognition from victims of child sexual abuse.

In closing, this essay that I have written today strangely and mysteriously coincides with today’s scripture reading: Luke 21:37-22:8 (Gospel), in the Christian Bible, not the Hebrew Torah.

NB: This was written on December 11, 2020, but updated on January 19, 2021, for French publication.

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