Polish Partition

Partitions partition people’s minds from their hearts.

Beyoncé's Silhouette in the "Partition" music video Beyoncé's Silhouette in the "Partition" music video

A great writer ditches logic and reason and walks blindly into the darkness, finds his way around without his sight, but with his other senses, and then leaves instructions of how to go the course —knowledge— for those who follow him.

Sometimes it is unbelievably dark and the floors are very sticky. Breaking out of established patterns of what is marketed to us as intelligent discourse or what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn referred to as a kind of “fashionable censorship” takes a leap of faith. 

Thus, writing is not at all easy and all the senses are required, especially if you are writing about what is happening in the world today in contrast to what is reported in the international media. 

It may once have seemed far-fetched to talk about a global secret society —a global status quo— in connection with presidential elections in sovereign nations around the world. That all changed with Ukraine, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Belarus, and now America. And what was once a theory is now an actual conspiracy. Because with the right eyes and the right ears we see and hear that the media serves as a partition, a filter between the truth of fair such elections and the unfair interference that make a coup d’état possible.

In politics, a partition is the timeless strategy of empires to not only divide and concur but to colonize and rule. Partition, segregation and Jim Crow type laws began with the Jews. Laws make such cruelty possible. As such, Jewish quarters existed in the Hellenistic pre-Christian Mediterranean world and throughout Christian Europe during the Middle Ages.

The Jews in Poland were partitioned, broadly, and the Russians, the Austrians and the Germans were involved. A peaceful religion was turned into a political tool. Jews in Poland were segregated. “Jim Crow” cars for “non-Aryans” made their first appearance in the Polish Republic when the Liga Morska Kolonialna, an organization campaigning for colonial possessions for Poland, arranged an excursion to the new port of Gdynia in 1934.

Jews in Poland were then divided in almost a schizophrenic manner. The Polish Zionist Vladimir Jabotinsky and his buddies in their political movement implemented a staggering number of permutations that did divisive harm to Judaism, overall. At the same time, the permutations enabled Polish Zionism to appeal to a broader base of supporters than any other Jewish political movement. This created an elite leadership that was vastly out of touch with the majority of Jewish people.

Religious Judaism was always about uniting Jews. Political Zionism became about dividing or disuniting everybody in all religions. During the Interwar period (1919–1939), between World War I and World War, Poland was a time bomb waiting to explode. The psychosis of that place in that period would have been tremendous. And would have screwed up a lot of people’s heads. Poland is the key to the secret history.

Boy, it is no wonder the region (including, of course, Western Ukraine—what a nightmare) is so screwed up today. Between the Germans, the Russians, the Jews, the Ukrainians, the Lithuanians, the Austrians, the Hungarians, and the Poles themselves, that kind of political animosity just does not disappear. And we haven’t even touched upon the Catholic Church in this article. 

In fact, the Yiddish language which became in Poland —to where German Jews immigrated in ever-growing numbers since the 15th century— is a solid testimony to their isolation or partition from the local Polish and Ukrainian population. The same dialectic testifies to both assimilation and isolation. Meaning, a privilege or a lack of privilege serves as a switch. A very powerful one. Behold the German Jew.

The global media have employed this model of assimilation, isolation and domination. But it is nothing new. It’s been gaining ground for decades. The New York Times was a separate quarter from the start, not to mention news reels at movie houses during the war. And journalism, itself, has been a British military-intelligence strategy since 1917

Day in and day out it now, the corporate news media, social media platforms and even Hollywood demonstrate a subtler, social dimension to segregation, the segregation of information. At the same time, the mass media’s strategy is a sure fire way to ensure oppression, instability, criminality, corruption, violence and war. It is thoroughly exhausting.

Night and day the media carry out the segregation policies of the the Jim Crow South of America, but with technology. The statutes or systematic code of codifying is manifested in actual code, computer code. The overly ambitious aim is Jim Crow for the 21st century. While it won’t be achieved, we absolutely must be aware that it exists. It is not dystopian folklore, it is aggressive government policy. A technological partition cuts the mystique: when referring to a computer hard drive, a disk partition or partition is a section of the hard drive that is separated from other segments —partitions enable users to divide a physical disk into “logical” sections.

Remember, segregation and slavery served the elite, as related public policies serve today’s transnational corporations. Slavery was our nation’s original sin. It took the bloodiest war in American history and three constitutional amendments to finally end slavery. Once slavery was finally ended, the slave traders simply infiltrated our legal system.

We are living with the legacy of Jim Crow today. This is manifested by a close inspection of U.S. Congressional legislation in recent years related to Ukraine and is no less than a continuation of the Civil War and the fight over slavery. A divide within U.S. government deliberately provoked by a subversive British Puritan lobby.

How is this all possible? In a word, prejudice. When you listen to the media today, if you must listen, listen without prejudice, then you will hear that it is foreign subversion. Listen to understand instead of listening to reply. Listen to what is not said. Listen for the underlying issues. Identity what is omitted. Listen without the prejudice of thinking the media is looking out for the best interests of Americans.

Like I said, it nothing new, but Americans are finally starting to listen with the right set of ears, so much so that America is never going back to what had been considered “normal” in that regard for a few decades. Once the uncomfortable transition away from a global status quo finishes, everybody will agree that it all was for the best to be done with it. Since 2016, America’s international reputation has been transformed. Our senses have heightened.

With no uncertain doubt, a global status quo exists in the media. But Americans no longer care whether the media supports them or not. The media does not reflect our American reality. We’ve lived through four years of, well, hell. Nothing that has happened over the past four years is a secret—the media’s ceaseless arrogance, ignorance, and cruelty.

Once again, this is nothing new. It has been going on for decades. Building up over time. The difference now is that we have confirmation of it. For four years, the media have openly defied our most important American values. Screw them.

Everyone has adjusted to a world in which media influence is declining at a certain pace. To some degree, the relative decline is dictated by the public availability of the objective facts that the media refuses to report. Thus, the media hastened their own demise.

Normal used to be what the media presented as normal. Now, we know normal is what is omitted (or covered up) by the media. Recall, segregation was at one time “normal” in the South. The Democrats appear to be trying to reinstate that Jim Crow segregation infrastructure in America. Joe Biden is one of the main architects of our racist system of mass incarceration, the arbitrary system that has put millions of black men in prison. Biden conceived of the for-profit prison industry that has become “the new Jim Crow” —the U.S. has the highest rate of mass incarceration in the world.

Old Joe Biden is also the architect of the student loan pyramid scheme as well via the Bankruptcy Bill on behalf of Delaware Credit Corporations. And the state of Delaware has served as a tax haven for secret global corporations. The “Ukrainian” oligarchs like Igor Kolomoisky found a home in Delaware. In Biden’s state of Delaware anybody can register a corporation. Anybody. 

On the street, we don’t call former Vice President Joe Biden “Jim Crow Joe” for nothing. “Jim Crow” originated from the name of a black character from early- and mid- 19th century American theater. Crows are black birds, and “Crow” was the surname of a stock fictional black character, who was almost always played onstage by a white man, wearing blackface makeup. Due to the prevalence of this character, "Jim Crow" became a derogatory term for people of African descent. From the late 1800s, the name came to signify the social and legal segregation of black Americans from white —a synonym for racial segregation, particularly in the South.

The Jim Crow laws were created by white southerners to enforce racial segregation across the South from the 1870s to the 1960s. Under the system, “whites only” and “colored” signs proliferated across the South at water fountains, restrooms, bus waiting areas, theaters, pools, and schools. Laws made this segregation possible. In 1896, the Supreme Court declared Jim Crow segregation legal in the Plessy v. Ferguson decision. The Court ruled that “separate but equal” accommodations African Americans were permitted under the U.S. Constitution.

There was also a subtler, social dimension which required that blacks demonstrate subservience and inferiority to whites at all times. A black man who succeeded in business might find his shop burned to the ground by white lunatics. A black woman who failed to step off of the sidewalk to make way for a white man might be fired by her employer the following day. A black man who had a relationship with a white woman might be hanged in the middle of town.

A dark chapter in American history looms large today and largely in the technology that delivers our popular culture. Jim Crow is more relavant today than ever. The media demonstrates Jim Crow day in and day out. There is a seedy quality to it.

“Partition” is a sexy song from Beyoncé’s self-titled fifth studio album. There are sexy lyrics: “Driver, roll up the partition fast.” And an even sexier video for “Partition” was shot in the Crazy Horse cabaret club in Paris, France,  at 12 avenue George V, two steps away from the Eiffel Tower.

The video starts with various shots of a mansion setting which suggests that the residents of the house are wealthy. Through a French narrator, the music video addresses the notion of segregation, outside of race.

What was marketed to the public was that Beyoncé, a devote Christian, apparently wanted to perform a sexual show in the Crazy Horse strip club in Paris for her husband, Jay Z. And this was the inspiration for the video of “Partition.” 

It’s intoxicating and that is its full value. It’s psychological manipulation, a head trip.

This is a place where real knowledge can only be gleaned with compassion and understanding. This is a human experience that translates broadly, and specifically among repressed Jews, gays, and blacks —“the Other” in a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) global status quo. Arguments based on alleged facts and reason by a cabal of WASPs are simply that, and nothing more. In fact, that kind of intellectual grift contributes to the building of today’s partition of information and the cruel legislation that becomes racist laws like Jim Crow.

The globalists have always been trying to create division where there is none, with a staggering number of permutations which cause overall divisive harm, cutting through the fabric of a sovereign nation.

The conflict is sovereignty versus globalism. That is all. This is nothing new. History does not repeat, it just continues the struggle, like sins of the father.

You see, the basic causes leading to the three successive partitions (1772, 1793, 1795) that eliminated Poland from the map were the social decay and the internal disunity of Poland.

Partitions partition people’s minds from their hearts. Zionism is a psychosis of deep, deep self-loathing — the loss of spirituality. The mind partitioned from the heart is a dreadful thing. 

The Zionists lost touch with reality long ago. It is beyond time to use the language of psychiatry to explain these people, not politics nor ethnicity, and especially not religion.

My lack of an academic title and degree from Yale or some other Zionist school would have stifled any writing capacity and desire for intellectual honesty. I wear that as a cap of honor. Over the years I have tried to remove from myself any partitions that separate heart from mind.

My mother’s family hailed from Galicia which was part of Poland from the 14th century, part of the Habsburg monarchy in the 19th, and part of the Second Polish Republic in the 1920s and 1930s, which then fell under Soviet rule in 1939, and then under Nazi control in 1941. Jews were the largest population in Galicia before the war. A deeply spiritual Hasidism was most influential in Galicia and in the region but was fiercely resisted in Lithuania for more intellectual pursuits. 

Galician Jews were seen as more religiously observant than their other Eastern European peers.

That is my writing pedigree in this instance.

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