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  • Talking About Depression

    Par Roslyn Henry
    Being free to talk about mental health. I’ve hummed and hawed about making this post but finally I made the decision to write it.
  • I, Daniel Blake

    Par Roslyn Henry
    © Entertainment One UK
    Wow! What a powerful film 'I Daniel Blake' is. Sitting in the cinema and climbing into Daniel’s world for 100 minutes is painful. Somehow Ken Loach is able to transport you into the shoes of principal characters Daniel and Katie and as a result, with each passing scene your anger and empathy rise to great heights. It’s exhausting!
  • To Be or To Have?

    Par Roslyn Henry
    Just when you think you are getting to grips with the language something as basic as the difference between 'to be' and 'to have' knocks you off your perch.