Web Developer, Essayist, Citizen Journalist, Founder of Alternative Independent Media & Real Estate Listing Platform, Aspiring Writer & Filmmaker

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MBA Graduate with concentration in Finance but don't see her degree as of value, realising the false teachings and indoctrination especially in the subjects of Finance and Economics. Interested in politics, finance, economics, history, computer programming and all web things. In the process of writing several books and several movie scripts. Founder of Free Real Estate Listing Platform at 'Rocketvilla Europe' ( and 'Rocketvilla Indonesia' ( Founder of Alternative Independent Media "Indonesia Merdeka" ( which recently got hacked because of its fearless truthful coverage of news.
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  • HEC Paris Business School: A Systemic Education Fraud

    What lies behind the curtain of one of the most prestigious B-schools in Europe. From school rankings fraud, sexual harassment, racism, sexism to institution for indoctrination and corporate propaganda arm. Fraud will always get caught. It is just a matter of time before someone finds out.
  • The Inevitable Farewell

    The racism, discrimination, prejudice and inequality experienced as foreigner with a family living in France. Also discussing the quality of education and current politics economics issues in France.
  • HEC Paris, Breeder of Idiots "Eleveur des cons" - A Satire

    A satire on HEC Paris. Inspired by 'Les Guignols de L'info', a French political satire puppet show titled: "Eleveur de cons". Link: