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  • The French baguette

    In November 2002, UNESCO grants the French baguette a 'unique cultural heritage' status. Yet the traditional baguette is being displaced by a baguette produced on industrial principles. That's not good for one's health and it's nothing to boast about.
  • Germany: the end of illusions

    Here follows a translation of Bertrand Renouvin's exposure of the hollowness of the so-called Franco-German couple. Germany has always pursued its national interests, a claim that Renouvin has perennially highlighted in multiple editorials. An unacknowledged fragility behind the much vaunted 'German model' has put German interests, indeed those of the European Union in general, in jeopardy.
  • Israel and World Jewry

    More carnage in Gaza, with the usual mis-reporting and indifference in the West. Grotesque defense of the massacres by Israel. The criminal state of Israel depends for its impunity and immunity on establishment Jewish institutions internationally. Israel, and such supportive institutions, implicate Jewry in general in Israel's crimes. How can this perfidy persist?
  • Uri Davis' Apartheid Israel

    In the wake of yet another outrage perpetrated on the imprisoned Gazan population, and the Israel-firsters in the National Assembly finding anti-Semitism under every rock, it is salutary to be reminded of Uri Davis' contribution to understanding the nature of the beast. What follows is a 6,000 word abridgement of Uri Davis’ Apartheid Israel (2003).
  • The Crime of Julian Assange

    Julian Assange is being slowly murdered by the forces of the US and British states, His crime has been to expose their crimes. His treatment reinforces the lessons of what he has already exposed. But aren't the US and Great Britain the good guys, a moral that we as Westerners have inculcated in our schooling? Cognitive dissonance writ large. Assange is being crucified for our sins.