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While climate change seems to be intangible, nowhere and everywhere at the same time, it is entangled with everything and everyone. Against this backdrop, the Berliner Gazette’s 20th anniversary initiative MORE WORLD stimulates a critical dialogue. The goal is to better understand and grasp climate change through entanglements – and to ultimately explore possibilities to tackle climate change from within its cross-border entanglements, especially with migration and digitalization. How do we have to rethink cooperative practices if capacities for collective action potentially arise from a planetary web of interdependencies? What cooperative practices can catalyze the interplay between communal, state and global approaches to adapt to climate change? To explore this, Berlin based critic Krystian Woznicki conducts a series of interviews.
  • Becoming Collectively Aware of Climate Change

    An interview with new media researcher Sabine Niederer about online debates on climate change
  • Preparing for millions to move and resettle

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    An interview with the scientist Sujatha Byravan about the challenges for planetary cooperation in the face of climate change-induced mass migration.
  • Developing a Sense of Taking Part

    An interview with the Fiji-based poet and philosopher Sudesh Mishra about indigenous cosmologies as sources of inspiration vis-à-vis environmental havoc.
  • Modulating Afrofuturist Climates

    Interview with tobias c. van Veen about the possibility of exo-planetary politics and Afrofuturism in the context of current conversations about climate change.
  • Cooperating on the Frontlines of Climate Change

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    An interview with human geographer Anja Kanngieser about her research on the populations and environments of Pacific islands such as Nauru that will be wiped out by sea-level rise resulting from climate change.
  • Welcoming the Ends of the World

    An Interview with philosopher Déborah Danowski about the problem that “there are too few people with too much world, and too many people with way too little”.
  • Universalizing the Discourse on Climate Change

    Many responses to climate change go hand in hand with revitalizing the idea that "the West is the universal norm". How can we (in "the West") become attuned to other conversations on global warming and other forms of communal rationality that can guide us out of the climate crisis? In this MORE WORLD interview, the South Sudanese-American policy consultant Abiol Lual Deng is looking for answers.
  • Detecting Tacit Knowledge

    An interview with Kat Austen about artistic research on ice, climate change and migration at the North Pole
  • Unshrinking the World

    An interview with sociologist and writer Avery F. Gordon about her book “The Hawthorn Archive: Letters from the Utopian Margins”
  • Becoming Attuned to Silence

    The 'ever less' logics of austerity and right-wing populism are shrinking access to the world – be it at the level of existential resources, social connections or discoursive space. The MORE WORLD initiative intends to counter this trend. In this interview the postcolonial scholar Kerry Bystrom argues against 'world shrinkage' by turning to the silenced realities of the South Atlantic.