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We must organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink

Nicholas Molodyko
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On October 30, 2014, Anne Applebaum moderated a discussion about “Russian disinformation” with Geoffrey Pyatt, U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Oleksander Scherba, Ambassador at Large at the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Michael Weiss and Peter Pomerantsev © Legatum

The morning after Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency, I was emotionally distraught and that is putting it mildly. Remember, I had been a lifelong Democrat. The previous evening had unfolded like a crime scene and there was still blood on the carpet when I awoke on November 9, 2016 and yellow and black striped barricade tape around the television set with printed words warning that the situation was hazardous. I suppose my entire political world had come crashing down in the middle of the night. There was so much confusion. How could this have happened? The papers, the polls and the pundits all said that Hillary Clinton was going to win handsomely. Was it all just an illusion? How could every single person among so many supposedly smart people be so terribly wrong? In fact, what was wrong with these people themselves? Were they insane? Were they all liars? How was any of this possible? Even in my distress, deep, deep down, I knew the answer but it was something I was still unable to face at that moment —the entire thing had been a hoax, right down to the “identity politics,” the swindle of a century. Since that morning I am now able to discern that the intellectuals behind the whole damn thing were chancers, opportunists and charlatans. Come on, check it out with me; because, you, too, also know deep, deep down in your heart it is true. It is no longer a secret. While we, all of us, are still going through the stages of grief, we’ve come to the understanding that what we searched for our whole lives, an authentic place in politics for our opinions to matter about our beloved country America and its place in the world, turns out to be an illusion, a farce. When we really, really open our eyes, it is patently obvious.

Our work has only just begun, ragazzi. All of us needs to take a series of deep breaths and start a conspicuous inspection of the fiction that those malefactors in the intellectual set, let’s call them “intelligentsia” because it has real meaning in this instance, passed on to us. Maybe the whole country needs to recalibrate? As the famous Civil Rights author and activist James Baldwin said: “I can’t believe what you said because I see what you do.” And we’ve a problem again today in that respect. The DC political elite’s words do not match their actions, which over the course of decades now evidence fascism. Moreover, these elite do everything covertly like spies, steering America’s foreign policy in an espionage-like fashion. We can now witness in real time that their words have not been matching actions since the dramatic night that Donald Trump took office and deconstruct the crime scene. Let’s start with the history of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) —its coups, assassinations, “extraordinary rendition” kidnappings, use of torture, “black sites,” drone executions, dirty wars and sponsorship of dictatorial regimes. This not only underscores the bloody and reactionary role of those American elite, but most especially that ruling bourgeoisie’s mortal fear of the proletariat internationally. Because the CIA devised schemes to create or utilize existing social organizations, phony pass-through entities, universities, various media, artist groups, foundations and charities to service its propaganda wars —attempting to place a “progressive” and even “humanitarian” veneer upon their covert actions and expanding grip. The godfather of Neoconservatism, Irving Kristol, himself was among the intellectuals who were funded and promoted by the CIA and a part of its singular most damaging influence operations, the Congress of Cultural Freedom, imposing on subsequent generations of intellectuals the idea of excluding any sustained discussion of authoritarianism, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy —better known as fascism— from discussion. The CIA’s cultural campaigns created the prototype for today’s politically active intellectuals, academics, and even actors, yes, Hollywood. In essence, the CIA became an enterprise to manufacture useful idiots for fascism. Thus, the issue is not that today’s intelligentsia may or may not take a “progressive” position on this or that issue, but that they have persisted in propagating the pervasive idea that authentic democratic social and political expressions hold no merit. This is akin to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “fashionable censorship,” but to its utmost extreme. The enduring political victory of the CIA was to convince intellectuals that authentic political engagement is incompatible with serious scholarship. Of course, knowing this, we most certainly cannot dismiss the CIA’s immense influence on today’s political elite in our nation’s capital. With that in mind, let’s take an even closer and ultimately more uncomfortable look at the Anglo-American intelligentsia.

By the 1920s it had become fashionable in many quarters in America to speak of "the intelligentsia." Like the Neoconservatives themselves the notion is meant to attract those from every political camp who are at once both radical and mindless. I’m pretty sure that when the Frankfurt School’s Willi Münzenberg said, “We must organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink,” he had our Anglo-American intelligentsia in mind. But the intelligence part is in such short supply these days that Willi went out to buy a pack of cigarettes and a Diet Coke and never came back. Willi was so disgusted with the intelligentsia’s malign incompetence that I am sure he would agree that we should bring back the pejorative term, “rootless cosmopolitan.” It describes well the intelligentsia in America and their fellow travelers, the “human rights”-flaunting foreign policy globalists and other pseudo-intellectual useful idiots, too. Even better let’s do use another pejorative term, “obrazovanshchina,” that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn coined meaning only the appearance of education and culture, simply speaking pseudo-intellectualism. Willi Münzenberg also helps us to understand how politicians operate, their covert actions, and how they shape and mold public opinion —from George W. Bush to the origin of Neoconservatism that shaped his policies, right back to its modern founder, Irving Kristol — through what we today would call “perception management.” In the 1930s, the Tavistock Institute in Britain established a close relationship with the Frankfurt School in Germany. The Tavistock Institute was founded in London in 1921 and eventually became the psychological warfare arm of the British military and intelligence services. In 1946, the Anglo-American establishment decided to upgrade Tavistock even further. Like Tavistock, the Frankfurt School was formed in the immediate aftermath of World War I. The school became a meeting ground for communists, fascists, Zionists, and anti-Christian zealots. That was an important sentence so please read it again. The school was cosponsored directly by British intelligence. Bolshevism and Nazism, and Zionism are all products of British intelligence and the fight against fascism begins with the fight against Bolshevism. That was another important sentence. Willi Münzenberg was not even on the Tavistock Institute’s faculty but he was one of their celebrities and responsible for sanitizing through public relations the Bolsheviks image after they brutally murdered the Romanovs in 1917 and he definitely shaped the ideas and methods put into practice by the prince of propaganda Edward Bernays, one of the founding members of Tavistock. Does this represent the origins of today’s fascist propaganda? Recall, Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels studied and applied the mind control tactics of U.S. public relations and advertising guru Edward Bernays. I’d say we are onto something, wouldn’t you?

Now that you’ve read thus far, it should be no surprise to you on some level that today’s intelligentsia use propaganda in a manner not unlike the Nazis but also go a bit further. I’m not speaking of Herman and Chomsky’s model, but rather distinguished Ukrainian scholar Volodymyr Horbulin’s description of Soviet-style free information flow which ensures sustainable and incremental development of the societies is used for destructive ends. Instead of just repeating lies over and over which makes for old-fashioned Nazi propaganda, they involve government think tanks to the repeat lies, then contradict them, set new lies in place of older ones, quote public figures saying fatuities, and add in slang, sarcasm, jokes and colloquialisms to make it hip and cool for those who are impressed by those things —Buzzfeed and The Daily Beast immediately come to mind, not to mention the New York Times and the Washington Post. In layman’s terms we would call it shit stew. And boy does it stink! This is still Nazi-type propaganda but broadened and diversified, aiming to cause even more chaos and confusion. Simply said, the frauds in the media posing as journalists are threatening U.S. national security. I called this out years ago, but I thought Russians were behind it because the operations were Soviet in nature. It turns out they were not “Russians,” but modern day Bolsheviks in America. To my credit this is an easy trap to fall into. Significantly, the entire “Russia Hoax” was predicated on it. Let’s look at a passage from “Misconceptions about Russia are a threat to America,” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in 1980. I am not going to paraphrase him:

“Russia is to the Soviet Union as a man is to the disease afflicting him. We do not, after all, confuse a man with his illness; we do not refer to him by the name of that illness or curse him for it.”

“The word ‘Russia’ can serve only to designate an oppressed people which is denied the possibility of acting as one entity or to denote its suppressed national consciousness, religion and culture. Or else it can point to a future nation liberated from communism.”

“There was no such confusion in the 1920s when progressive Western opinion exulted over Bolshevism: the object of its enthusiasm was then named ‘Soviet’ outright. During the tragic years of WWII, the concepts ‘Russian’ and ‘Soviet’ seem to have merged in the eyes of the world.”

“And with the coming of the Cold War, the animosities generated were then directed principally toward the word ‘Russian.’ The effects are being felt to this day; in fact, new and bitter accusations have in recent years been leveled against all things ‘Russian.’”

Solzhenitsyn’s words from 1980 are evermore haunting and spooky because America was hijacked by the Neoconservatives (the Neo-Bolsheviks/Neo-Soviets) via the new Reagan administration that very same year and then eventually in the 2010s during the heightened years of Russia’s alleged aggression against Ukraine, Russian media continued to serve as a propaganda instrument of the U.S. government. Any truth was immediately branded as “Russian disinformation.” The modern global information environment is supposed to be a system of free information flows that prevail over the concept of national information sovereignty. Russian media served the U.S. to create a centralized point, a corporate product, of information for “the West.” Nowadays, you really don’t need critical thinking skills when you realize the corporate media are just a bunch of paid liars. As the CIA branched out, more groups of potential ideological opponents were targeted in the CIA’s guise of its alleged anticommunism efforts. From today’s vantage point, the suppression of information and collusion of journalists with the CIA is hardly a revelation and is the legacy of an ongoing relationship from the earliest period of CIA operations. In 1977, Carl Bernstein calculated that there were about 400 journalists who had worked for the CIA since 1952. Arthur Hays Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times, was a good friend of CIA Director Allen Dulles (he was a piece of work) and signed a secrecy agreement with the Agency. Under the terms of this arrangement, the Times provided at least ten CIA officers with cover as reporters or clerical staff in its foreign bureaus, while genuine employees were encouraged to merely spy. Dulles cultivated the media —they were excellent sources of information abroad. I’m only just scratching the surface. And we now have evidence, such as in the case of the Ukrainian genocide called “Holodomor,” that both the New York Times and the Washington Post are criminal organizations and part of the transnational fascist network. Come on, the corporate media is an absolute shit hole.

Speaking of human excrement, do you recall the big “Russian disinformation” scare that began in 2014? See the picture in this column, the frauds pictured there seeded the whole sham of a global campaign. We can now clearly see that that notion of “disinformation” itself was part of the “Russia Hoax” and was a hoax itself —a Neoconservative add-water-and-stir hoax. On a public level, it leads to nowhere good —surveillance, censorship, silencing of dissenters, oppression of minority groups— and on a policy level it is just a ludicrous money making scheme for those war profiteers. It is how the Neocons conned the U.S. government and us into false public consent for the “Iraq War” and plenty of other wars, genocides and crimes against humanity since then. Governments hire specialists to manage media and communications, sometimes to protect themselves from opponents, too often to “disinform” their own people but, either way, what’s seen and believed, even at the highest levels of government is often utterly false. A perception management firm was hired by the White House to “create the conditions for the removal of Saddam Hussein from power.” We know exactly who is responsible, who was hired for the job of manipulating the public. John Rendon was able to “disinform” Americans and sold us “the War in Iraq” that destabilized the Middle East, brought our own country into unprecedented debt, cost us a tremendous amount of prestige as a country, and took the lives of disadvantaged Americans and innocent Iraqis. But John Rendon never went away after the “Iraq War.” He’s been working steadily for the U.S. government ever since, up until and including the Russia Hoax. The Rendon Group was able to “disinform” Britons and Americans about what was really behind the “Russian disinformation” nonsense: collusion between the the British intelligence service the MI6 and the CIA, with the media under their control. The Russia Hoax has forever changed the course of history of America’s “special relationship” with Britain. The “disinformation” joke was on us. The British government’s Integrity Initiative, the billion dollar perception management campaign behind the Russia Hoax, was managed in part by John Rendon.

Because of Anonymous’s Integrity Initiative leaks, in 2018, we learned that most of the media is tied to our or some other country’s intelligence services and is manufacturing and harvesting hate via legal propaganda made possible by Smith-Mundt Act and the Five Eyes alliance of intelligence sharing between the Anglosphere countries —the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. If you know of somebody still buying into the media’s Russophobia, he is consuming that hate propaganda. Here’s the kicker. The British Government could not have launched the Integrity Initiative without the CIA's implicit and explicit support. This has all the markings of a John Brennan operation that has been launched stealthily to prevent anyone from knowing its real origins. The group was so bold, at least until their dishonest cover was blown, that —coming into the U.S. from Britain— they established a non-profit organization, and prepared to honestly organize in America in the light of day. Will Attorney General Barr get this far in his inquiry of the coup d’état to oust a sitting American president? The modern global information environment is a product of the free information flows that prevail over the concept of national information sovereignty. The Rendon Group helped the British Government to quash our information sovereignty. No small potatoes. If you educate yourself about the Integrity Initiative and this sordid tale, I can assure you that you will agree with me that every single American citizen involved with the Integrity Initiative ought to serve life in U.S. federal prison for high treason.

There is a striking familiarity between bourgeois political thought in Germany during the rise of Nazism and today’s globalist elite, who I call transnational fascists for that very reason —you might want to read up on that. The German political culture went through a phase in which great emphasis was placed on the establishment of a new political elite recruited on the basis of merit and skill, but ruling in an authoritarian way, and not controlled by the populace. This type of elitism, many aspects of which were vital to the political culture of Nazi Germany, seems today to be widespread among the globalist elite. An open-yet-authoritarian elite is identified through the analysis of the political and social context of intellectual history. Today’s bourgeoisie and intelligentsia are still as annoying as they ever were —nothing changes. Intellectuals throughout history are consistent in their self-delusions and arrogance regarding facts. Remember that “post-truth” malarkey from a few years ago? One of the elites of the German movement, Oswald Spengler, distinguished between “facts” and “truths,” the latter only being theoretical constructions without relation to life according to him. Nothing changes. That Nazi nut job Spengler also preached that if there's a global determinism that weighs on culture, there is no individual determinism. Sound familiar? The democratic methods of fooling citizens and subjecting them to wacky bourgeois ideology and manufactured revolutions have only been updated in delivery with today’s expanded internet technology. 

In general terms there are two types of revolution and both are socially constructed and need lots of financial backing to accomplish. First, there is political revolution by gaining power through violence and the use of terror, like the Anglo-American backed Bolsheviks accomplished in 1917 in Tsarist Russia. Second, there is cultural revolution in which one demolishes from within the basis of civilization in the country one wants to conquer —its culture, way of life, beliefs, morality, values and ultimately democracy. It is a long-term action undertaken without visible violence by applying covert action. This is not a new phenomenon and has been systematized particularly since the 1920s, following an initiative of Lenin and the creation of the Frankfurt School, formed in 1923, which consisted mostly of neo-Marxists who planned for a socialist revolution in Germany but somehow instead got fascism in the form of the Nazi Party. Go figure. Their ideas took shape when several of the critical theorists fled Nazism, landed in the U.S., and turned their gaze on American culture. The Zionists, the Communists and the Nazis were all funded by British and American bankers. Importantly, in 2018, the legacy of the British Establishment’s Zionist enterprise and its elaborate system for hiding the truth was revealed with the Integrity Initiative leaks through Anonymous.

Neoconservatism’s “godfather,” Leo Strauss with the Frankfurt School, is the archetype of this band of frauds. Strauss taught that “liberal democracy” necessitated “philosopher-rule” and that society’s “inevitable division into classes” led “naturally” to a de facto aristocracy that kept liberty alive. Christianity, like all religions in the lunacy of the Straussian universe, had no relevance to the formation of a polity reifying absolute truth because it was “historical.” It only applied to certain people and thus wasn’t “universal.” In Strauss’s mind if religion played any role, it was as a tool in the hands of Machiavellian political leaders. Religious texts couldn’t legitimately influence political philosophy, since they were articles of faith —“revelation” as opposed to “reason”— and thus incorrigibly mysterious. Irving Kristol applied Strauss appealing directly to U.S. corporations to commission Neocons as “intellectual champions” to attack the “undesirable other.” Kristol’s corporate network became legendary, and he won the informal title “godfather” for his skill at connecting people to sponsors, making him a potential goldmine for those willing to toe the line. Kristol described Neoconservatism more as a “persuasion” than an ideology. You and I would call it a pyramid scheme.

Some say the 1917 October Revolution was the result of the spiritual degradation of the Russian people. And that the root cause of revolutions, civil war, and repressions is the loss of sincere faith, replaced by political ideology. Neoconservatism seems to subscribe to this. When President Trump recently referred to a “radical, unelected bureaucrat,” he was talking precisely about the “Neocon Hoax.” The hallmark of the Neoconservative persuasion is a radical faith that the maximal use of American power is good for America and for the world. Like their predecessors the Nazis, the Neoconservatives approach everything with religious fervor (and unmitigated arrogance, illegal secrecy, noble cause corruption and plundering, and perverse cruelty). During the Carter period, Neoconservatives allied with Evangelical Christians, viscerally anti-communist and generally well disposed towards Israel, the foundation of which they see as a divine miracle foreshadowing the return of Christ. For Neocons, politics is religion. This was prescribed by Irving Kristol’s belief in the theological roots of politics which animated much of his thinking. Kristol’s political theology simply cannot be ignored today. Over the years Neocons did grow more sophisticated in their propaganda and their lies to hide their true intentions. But if we read the early candid comments of the modern founder of Neoconservatism, Irving Kristol, who was more honest about his motivations, we see a different picture. The Neoconservative political platform is nothing more than techniques of persuasion —the ideology is a sham. Irving Kristol even confessed to the “Neo” scam: “I have been a neo-Marxist, a neo-Trotskyist, a neo-socialist, a neo-liberal, and finally a neoconservative.” Given the vacuity of political metaphors in the U.S., most Americans might assume neoliberalism and neoconservatism to be at odds with one another. There’s the problem. They are the same damn thing. This kind of manipulation has served as a vehicle for Neoconservative self-enrichment for decades now. In fact, it is Dick Cheney’s legacy. But the pattern is not just individual, it is also structural. Specific opportunities for moneymaking are embedded throughout government “interventions” abroad. The Clinton administration’s plundering of post-Soviet Russia, Bush’s plundering of the Middle East, Ukraine today, you name it. And the self-enrichment on the part of today’s present elite operates in the face of those elite projects that kept failing even as they kept on cashing in. They are the radical, unelected bureaucrats who anointed themselves as the architects and heroes of revolutions and terrorism they manufactured in the Middle East and Eastern Europe who refuse to consider that history is often made by groups of individuals plotting together in confidence. That globalist (transnational fascist) thinking said that the world's problems were far too complex for ordinary citizens to even understand let alone resolve, and so it was up to the elite intellectual and political class to take over the reins of government, for the good of the ignorant common people.

How did this cabal of transnational fascists get into the U.S.? Hold onto your hat. Well, we took them in. America took in Nazi agents from the internationally criminalized SS, its intelligence agency the SD, and its sister organization the Gestapo for crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes against peace. During the first decade following the war, the U.S. spent at least a quarter of a billion dollars and employed thousands of German Nazis full-time to resurrect some Third Reich operations from the wreckage of the war. They were brought here under a secret CIA project that continued nonstop until 1973. You could say that this was the institutional foundation of the Cold War. As late as 1940, as Britain brought to the notice of the Roosevelt administration that the U.S. had not formed an international intelligence organization, under British command, the OSS was born, the progenitor of the CIA. By the end of the war the national security state, as we know it today, began to take shape. Eisenhower’s call in 1946 for a coordinated military economy and Kennan’s doctrine of containment in 1947 combined to produce the National Security Act, which authorized the National Security Council and the CIA and led to the formation in 1952 of the National Security Agency (NSA), the umbrella organization responsible for oversight of all intelligence agencies—military and civilian. The activities of the NSA were shrouded in secrecy because, of course, they violated the U.S. Constitution. Collaboration between the United States and the Nazis, among other things, went on to damage the prospects for world peace. While the myth is that WWII ended with the defeat of fascism, what really happened is that fascism got a grip on some of those fighting it in America, and has been becoming increasingly pervasive and powerful since then. Among those who pushed for increased sanctions on Russia, ignoring its significant role in winning WWII, were the children of fascist and Nazi emigrés who arrived in the U.S. in the years following the war, mostly via the CIA’s “Operation Paperclip” mentioned above. These Nazi emigrés helped form various fascist organizations around Ukrainian-American Zionist Lev Dobriansky and his daughter, former George W. Bush State Department official, Paula Dobriansky, along with the one-time supporter of the German Gestapo in Hungary, Gyorgy Schwartz, who later called himself George Soros. Their ideological progeny can today be found in governments throughout Eastern and Central Europe. Organizations centered around those emigré circles in the U.S. are, for example, the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Brookings Institution, as well as the Soros-funded Human Rights Watch.

Back then, there was also a link between some Wall Street, New York international bankers and many revolutionaries, including Bolsheviks and Nazis and of course today’s Neoconservatives, their progeny. These networks exist in the U.S. just as they always have. But don’t fret. I would say that we Americans should call for a Congressional investigation of the corrupt and criminal operations of the CIA today along the lines of the Church Committee and Pike Committee investigations of CIA operations in the 1970s, but I think President Trump has already enacted a new public-private “Church Committee” in the form of Attorney General William Barr, his assistant John Durham, President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Senator Jim Jordan, law activist Tom Fitton, reporters John Solomon, Sara Carter, and Kim Strassel and other real journalists, not the frauds and useful idiots that are supporting the transnational fascism.

Fascism can’t exist without corporations and the media and their ties to the government. When you think about the role of arms manufacturers like the Raytheon Company, consider this. In late 1932 the German Nazi Party was facing bankruptcy but then survived when it was bailed out in early 1933 by two huge German corporations, arms manufacturer Krupp and I.G. Farben. I.G. Farben was a vast chemical company which made everything from Bayer aspirin to Zyklon B, the poison used in the gas chambers. Nazi Germany is a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when profits of corporations are entangled with the ideology of menacing politicians. Recall, Kurt Volker U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine until his resignation on September 27, 2019 was pushing President Trump to arm Ukraine while working with a major lobbying firm, BGR Group, and the McCain Institute, that both had financial ties to Raytheon Company, which manufactures the Javelin system and earned millions from Trump's decision. Here’s another way to think of it. The Neoconservative/Nazi shadow government in the U.S. is financed by Raytheon and the like. No, really. Let’s not glorify the alleged ideology of Nazis and Nazism. It’s about economics and the absence of a moral compass. But it gets worse. U.S. Congress has been bought off by the armament manufacturers via the war lobby of DC think tanks. Instead of becoming marginalized within the Beltway, the Neoconservatives who drove America over the brink in 2003 continue to be supported by an array of well-funded think tanks like the Atlantic Council, Brookings, AEI, Carnegie Endowment, CFR, ISW and the Hudson Institute.

Prior to World War II, German industry was controlled by an elite group who had used their money and influence to help bring the Nazi Party to power. Many American corporations had done business with those German corporations and consistently helped fund the Nazi Party. Wall Street’s illegal ties to Nazi Germany before WWII—and the postwar whitewashing of Nazi business leaders by the U.S. government is part of the most gigantic and powerful cartel in all history. In fact, a key roadblock to America's late entry into the World War II was behind-the-scenes pressure from U.S. corporations seeking to protect their profitable business selling to both sides. Is this the basis of today’s military-intelligence and media industrial complex (MIMIC)? You decide.

On a parting note, Ukraine is in the news a considerable amount these days. But, please ignore it, all of it, because 99.999% of it is propaganda. By the peak of Russia’s alleged aggression against Ukraine, the U.S. media had become a propaganda instrument of transnational fascism, losing its natural function to inform the American people. The corporate media is intentionally muddying the waters by saying such inaccurate and confusing things with such frequency that the public can't keep track of what's true and what's false. Plus, news outlets, think tanks and the U.S. government behind the plundering in Ukraine have used the Ukraine Hoax to ignore actual and important developments in the country since Volodymyr Zelenskyy was elected president in April. Transnational fascism relies on the media and corporatism. Kyiv is “the Swamp” and the Ukraine Hoax is the locus of rabid anti-Russian foreign policy manufactured in America by transnational fascism. That Russophobia is distinctly Nazi in this context. Virulent Russophobia is a readymade conduit for fascism and outright condoning of Nazism. Like the Bolshevik elite intelligentsia in Russia and the Nazi elite in Germany who were all funded by transnational fascist oligarchs, some Anglo-American intelligentsia have been insidiously eating away at the fabric of democracy in America through the same kind of covert action. But the Trump administration has taken steps toward dismantling the post-Cold War arms-control framework that enables it. We have good reason to believe that is the end of an era of needless American military “imperialism” that looked a lot like Nazism.

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