The Ghost of Oliver Cromwell

If Oliver Cromwell is the ghost of the Israel Lobby and the Neoconservative movement, not to mention the Bolsheviks, how do we séance him? I’ve got questions. And I know he’s dying to visit us. Cromwell is shrouded in so much mystery that what appears in British history is an apparition of pure gossip.

Oliver Cromwell’s deathbed © Sophie Collard Oliver Cromwell’s deathbed © Sophie Collard
It is missed by most Americans, I think, but British historians and the country’s royal horsey set consistently demonstrate their pride in the treachery, cruelty and ghoulishness of the history of England and the British Empire. British history has got some ghouls, for certain, so while they were terrible people, it can be kind of entertaining in a spooky or macabre way, like visiting the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, to study some of them closely. Oliver Cromwell is such a character and he rolled out the red carpet for the British Empire’s Zionist enterprise, so he’s pretty important. 

Zionism is much more the product of European geopolitics than the legitimate child of European Jewry, but anyone who challenges the official narrative faces the charge of antisemitism from the camp of Zionism and its powerful supporters. The British Empire sponsored the political project of Zionism from the early 1800s, if no earlier. In her book Bible and Sword: England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour (1956), Barbara Tuchman lays out the interplay between imperial and religious considerations within British Zionism from the time of Cromwell and the Puritans to that of Lord Balfour.

Here is where I left off in a previous article: “The fanatical sect of English Puritans who settled in the American colonies were iconoclasts. However, since the Puritans' iconoclastic writings and actions were based on deceit, they marketed them to be seen as primarily theological, rather than political. Puritan iconoclasm of the 1640s was as notoriously slippery and insidious in its own time as the iconoclasm that remains today. The famous Puritan Oliver Cromwell who claimed war victory for satan holds the key. But it remains impossible to explain the achievement of Oliver Cromwell in any simple political terms, whether of the unification of the UK, or of colonial expansion and imperial policy.”

In the year of our Lord 1599 Oliver Cromwell was born into a family which was, for a time, one of the wealthiest and most influential in the area. Educated at Cambridge University, he became a minor East Anglian landowner. He ranked near the bottom of the landowning class. Until 1640 he played only a small role in local administration, and no significant role in national politics. It was the Civil Wars of the 1640s which lifted Cromwell from obscurity to power. He was elected Member of Parliament for Huntingdon in 1628, and gained a reputation as a "religious" nut job by promoting revolutionary reform.

In order to talk about America, we need to talk about England. The problem is that this part of history is glossed over in the United Kingdom. All of the incriminating stuff has been surpressed. In Britain, in their history education, they learn about the Romans, the Middle Ages, the Tudors — and then skip to the First and Second World Wars. That ignorance travels across the Atlantic to America. As I have been saying, Oliver Cromwell holds the key to much of what is going down in the U.S. today. Puritans were educated to believe that God was fighting on their side. But the politics of Olivier Cromwell and his disciples is informed by the Old Testament, not the New Testament. Protestant Judeophile tendencies, begun with Martin Luther in Germany in 1523, continued to take root in Anglican England; these tendencies registered a new peak with the emergence of the Puritans.

In 1290 in England, King Edward l issued the “Edict of Expulsion” which banished Jews from the kingdom. This was not overturned until 1657, over 350 years later by Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector. Cromwell's protectorate readmitted the Jews to England. Kind of a big deal. Also, a lot of people don't seem to realize Oliver Cromwell was financed by those Jews. The Jews were invited back to England by Cromwell when he needed money after the Civil War. While Cromwell’s weird Puritan fetish for Biblical Israel may have had something to do with it, in inviting back the Jews, Cromwell was mainly motivated by his determination to move the Amsterdam Jewish merchants to London to bolster England in her trade war with Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands, whose Jewish community was famed for its wealth, commercial know-how, and business contacts.

There is so much shrouded in mystery that I am personally open to explainations out of my reach. Particularly, this one. Oliver Cromwell, back in the 17th century, became a traitor when he acted as a paid agent of Edomite Jews who co-conspired with him to usurp the throne of England out from under King Charles I. These so called "Jews" were of the same ilk banished from England by King Edward back in the late 13th century. They were not of the blood line of Jacob/Israel, but were in fact descendants of Esau/Edom, as described in Genesis chapter 28. Isn’t that just fabulous? It explains the minority of “evil Jews” (versus the majority of good Jews, of course). There’s been an “evil” minority in every social group throughout history.

There’s a lot of gossip to weed through. But we need to talk about Oliver Cromwell. After all, he’s the ghost of our Israel Lobby in America, the Neoconservatives, not to mention the Bolsheviks who were behind the 1917 coup in Russia. Cromwell was an absolute nightmare and his creepy legacy lives on today with his lunatic disciples and their radical plan for rebuilding English government. I think the Loyalists of the ghost of Oliver Cromwell somehow made it to 2020. It’s a cult, one of ethnic cleansing. To get a better understanding of today’s Neoconservatives in America, read about Oliver Cromwell’s deal granting Jews special rights and privileges to have the money to wage total war to exterminate non-White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Christian cultures and identities. One must also consider Ireland. Oliver Cromwell engineered the ethnic cleansing of Ireland and the murder of hundreds of thousands of Irish civilians. The Siege of Drogheda took place in 1649, at the outset of the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland. Drogheda was held by the Irish Catholic Confederation and English Royalists when it was besieged by Parliamentarian forces under Oliver Cromwell on September 11.

From Oliver Cromwell to George W Bush, WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) leaders have described their enemies as an “axis of evil” who hate liberty and God, seek world domination, care nothing for morality, will do anything to win, and rely on a fifth column of traitors within. Lord Cromwell established an espionage precendent that led to its formation, after signing an Act of Parliament that authorised the opening of selected items of mail. “To discover and prevent many dangerous and wicked designs . . .” Cromwell ran a spy network that was the nearest thing a 16th-century regime could get to the Stasi, saw off his foes with trumped up charges of adultery and revelled in the torture of his enemies. Oliver Cromwell installed a suzerainty and a spy network, do I really need to say anymore? Cromwell made England the most powerful state of his time, but also the most disliked. Oliver Cromwell pioneered a boutique industry and Zionism became the political enterprise. His policy is a first sketch of the British Empire. The roots of British imperialism.

Oliver Cromwell certainly seems to have been a real ham so I bet he is dying to talk us. When the ghost of armor-clad Oliver Cromwell rises from billowing clouds of dry ice, hands held out, his hair a costume store fright wig, I have a list of topics for him. I keep a list. I do. I keep a list of historical items that are personal to me. Here are some of the things on that list:

I have plenty of questions about the mark he left on the world when we hold a séance, never mind the ins and outs of channeling and communicating with spirits. In fact, the legacy of the ghost of Oliver Cromwell deserves a fairground attraction at Disneyland. Not only would it be fun for the kids and the kids at heart, it would be highly educational for everybody.

Russian President Vladimir Putin once claimed that Stalin was no different to England’s Parliamentarian leader Oliver Cromwell. A comparison simply frightening in its accuracy.

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