The Edifice of Authority

Consumerism is getting people to buy things that don't actually improve their lives. But it is quite seductive. Therefore, we must be constantly aware of the psychology of consumerism and its elite cryptonyms and algorithms.

Daniel Craig Visits the Agency to Discuss the Reel vs Real of Espionage © CIA Daniel Craig Visits the Agency to Discuss the Reel vs Real of Espionage © CIA
If you understand that an edifice can be a complex system of beliefs and also a building, especially a large, imposing one, this article will read a lot easier. I am going to use the word a lot. Because the nature of our conflicts as a county are both abstract and concrete. For example, in America’s conflict with Russia, there’s a fallacious fundamental assumption. We’ve been made to believe there’s a conflict. There is not. There never has been. This hoax underpins every action that simultaneously seeks to punish Russia while provoking actual conflict. An entire military-intelligence and media industrial complex, very large and imposing buildings like the Pentagon were established on U.S. government lies, going back decades. Stalin had no intention of attacking us. We created the Cold War out of thin air—"we" being principally the U.S. and Britain, the West. And you could go as far as to say “the West” is an Anglo-Saxon edifice. Now, few in the West want the truth spoken. If that were to happen, the whole edifice of postwar politics would crumble. Now that U.S. President Trump has given Britain, specifically British intelligence, the finger, we’ve the first chance since the Cold War began to right a massive wrong. 

Today’s conflicts are all quite simple when you boil them down. The so-called “intelligence community” are fighting to keep their unwarranted power and paychecks. And if you cut into that unmitigated arrogance, you find that the insides of the intelligence agencies in America are distinctly Anglo-Saxon. Their propaganda requires an enemy to justify the clown car of their inner circle. Without a threat, they cannot exist as an institution, as an edifice. But there’s no threat! 

Here’s the tension. The British are quite good with the tégument, historically, of perfidious Albion. Their American counterparts in the U.S. “intelligence community” are not. They appear as incompetent boobs next to the suave and sophisticated very British James, James Bond. Without the 007 British lifeline, the edifice of intelligence agencies in America will crumble.

Here’s the reveal. The common denominator in every American hoax since and including the Cold War is British intelligence. Period. Full stop. Throughout the Cold War, the CIA served the interests of the financial elite by artificially inflating estimates of Soviet military strength. When the Cold War ended and the CIA was without an adversary, it quickly turned to corporate espionage via the Anglophone Five Eyes global intelligence alliance —United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. While the CIA is commonly understood to be an intelligence agency, we shouldn’t forget the important role it has played in carrying out clandestine operations that have benefited only the world’s financial elite.

Here’s the landscape. Trump’s presidency has been a series of hoaxes, each together revealing that invisible enemy: the Russia Hoax, the Ukraine Hoax, the Impeachment Hoax, and now the Coronavirus Hoax. The “coronavirus” is another hoax, another Anglo-Saxon [British] intelligence failure:

  • Russia Hoax = WASP intelligence failure
  • Ukraine Hoax = WASP intelligence failure
  • Impeachment Hoax = WASP intelligence failure
  • Coronavirus Hoax = WASP intelligence failure

Here’s the big question. You are probably wondering how all of this was possible. Consumerism is the answer. The theory that spending money and consuming goods is good for the economy. Consumerism is dependent on consumerism itself to survive. But to get metaphysical, the only sustainable economy is found within ourselvesMany people find comfort in American consumerism. That kind of dangerous trust creates dependency on the consumerism itself and deprives real thinking all together. Simple living in the time of the virus gives us that perspective—to see the authoritarian nature of what passes for intellectual thought in a consumer-based society.

World War II and its baby boomer generation —literally, war babies— changed the world, creating a new culture of values and politics based on pure consumerism and self-indulgence. But now the baby boomers have ended their time in the sun, some are even dying. That outdated way to see the world is setting in the West. Culture isn’t a thing on its own accord, it has to be created. If we don’t consume the culture that is being sold today, then it won’t exist.

Consumerism is getting people to buy things that don't actually improve their lives. But it is quite seductive. Therefore, we must be constantly aware of the psychology of consumerism and its elite cryptonyms. I’m going to go deep for a second: as Americans we’ve purchased America’s barbaric foreign policy. In practical terms, consuming all of the corporate garbage that's being manufactured out of the manufactured endless wars is bad for your health and bad for the planet. 

This brings us back to the pandemic, or as I like to say, “panic-demic” at hand. Let’s face it. The last two weeks were completely nuts. Thus, this week ahead as we are beginning to “reopen America” holds the potential for life altering shifts in our perception of reality. The process could shatter old structures in order to create new ones. The coronavirus provides that and more. Coronavirus has all of the markings of a yet another fabricated culture war. Now, abortion, church-going and guns are part of the pandemic. People’s core beliefs are now being openly targeted as if they had been the real target the whole time. We’re at next level red v. blue state divisiveness. The hysterical are too busy being hysterical to consider basic logical questions. If the virus is so deadly, why aren’t grocery store employees—“essential workers”—dying at an alarming rate? Simply put, the entire pandemic is a failure of a political hoax. Politicians and corporations around the world are using coronavirus to justify anything not logically explainable. There is not one world leader publicly (in Western media) outside of Belarus’s president who is treating the situation with a cool head. The irony that President Lukashenko is called the “last dictator” by the Western media is off the hook.

At home, baby boomers Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and Somebody Birx have now quite publicly let the cat out of the bag: their baby boomer “expertise” is a made up cultural thing. It’s a consumer product and its biggest operating expense is marketing and PR—style over substance. The so-called experts are charlatans, not civil servants. In America we call them Wall Street business people. Any honest person in American public policy with an honest understanding of epidemiology could have honestly told us it was a flu epidemic. Now we’ve got a Cold War situation. Now it seems we’ve got to ferret out the moles and stop the flow of bad intelligence to Americans like in some Cold War Hollywood thriller. But everything concealed sooner or later becomes apparent.

The coronavirus pandemic echoes the 9/11 attacks. Americans are being coerced by the U.S. spy agencies and the media. Make no mistake. Both were “intelligence failures”—either malignly incompetent or malevolently intent on causing Americans to fear for their wellbeing. But unlike September 11th, the coronavirus is giving us all the physical and mental space necessary to really contemplate these things. We can imagine what our country could be like if our tax dollars had been stolen by military-intelligence and used to do great harm the world over. You and I should look at all the U.S. government’s foreign “interventions” from a domestic point of view. The fact that it has caused great harm in the world should tip us off that we are the target of a general panic and even psychosis to support its crimes against humanity.

Look at the what’s going on from a domestic point of view, not a “Western” one. Spot the propaganda and then don’t participate in it. This one is priceless. Every week from now on Vogue magazine “will be spotlighting the medical workers, teachers, and Good Samaritans who are giving back to those in need during the coronavirus crisis.” If you have read my other things you will perhaps recall that Vogue was instrumental in the Ukraine Hoax, too. Because the edifice of authority absolutely must be chic! I mean, come on. Everybody knows that! Especially dictators like Adolf Hitler. And Madison Avenue says every “product” must have a label. Cows need to be prodded. In the same fashion, people who are easily influenced (which can be an alarming segment of society) need to be coerced into moving as a herd. Coercion is often elitist in nature. Unless a malicious cow disturbs the entire herd. Wink.

Recall the scene from the movie Casino Royale where the super elite James Bond character emerges from the blue Caribbean ocean in his blue trunks. British actor Daniel Craig's famous blue swimsuit from Casino Royale is a La Perla “Grigioperla Lodato” from the Spring/Summer 2006 collection.‬ In fact, the first publicity shots from Casino Royale showing a perfectly toned Brit emerging from the perfect sea wearing a pair received wide publicity. You could say his bulging edifice was wrapped in Italian fashion’s best and widely marketed internationally as a highly prized understanding of authority. We can label it as girth, if you like. The girth or common denominator in every American hoax since and including the Cold War is British intelligence. While James Bond is fictitiously MI6 British Intelligence, in the real world he represents the aspirational CIA agent to Americans in the so-called “intelligence community.”

This brings us to the notion of cryptonyms and consumer behavior. CIA cryptonyms are code names or code words used by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to refer to covert projects, clandestine operations, anonymous persons and undisclosed agencies that seek to drive our consumer behavior. They are locators for clandestine “perception management” campaigns. There is almost no way to know what the U.S. government does or doesn’t do, given that its principle public disclosure documents are, at best, uninformative from beginning to end. The important point is that the secret operations are meant to be kept secret from us, just as much or even more than the foreign entities.

Remember, the common denominator in every American hoax since and including the Cold War is British intelligence. Britain has been embroiled in the work of our intelligence agencies since World War II. Therefore dealing with the covert action becomes a difficult issue for us. We cannot simply remove the corporate mass media’s bogus fantasy of America’s foreign policy history and replace it with U.S. government records stating the facts of the years and years of covert “intervention.” Britain would certainly have participated, a country which never ever fully discloses state secrets. Thus, intelligence has been deliberately made even more secret than we could imagine. We’re caught in a web of deception, almost one that is sexual in nature.

Before World War II, the U.S. was notoriously dominated by puritanical values that elevated productivity and denigrated pleasurable consumption. In the postwar period, marketing and advertising experts pushed back against this value system. Among the most important figures in this effort was Ernest Dichter, an acolyte of Sigmund Freud, who allegedly left Germany to flee the Nazis and revolutionized marketing in America. No history of American advertising would be complete without a considering his big contribution. Dichter was a leading practitioner of “Motivation Research,” which covertly touched all Americans. One of the more distinctive aspects of his work concerned his promotion of sex and gender. Dichter encouraged advertisers to consider sexuality when marketing their goods. Ernest Dichter literally pushed “sex sells” and the American parlance of it. Drawing on his training as a psychologist and making full use of the American embrace of Freud in the 1950s, Dichter encouraged advertisers to promote a food’s imagined sexual qualities. Food porn. Yes. To “sell” the 1950s as the decade of heightened commodity fetishism, Dichter fabricated consumers moral permission to embrace sex and consumption, and forged a philosophy of corporate hedonism —the bright and shiny packaging for the dangerous totalitarianism inside the box. Ernest Dichter is known as the "father of motivational research." Dichter pioneered the application of Freudian psychological concepts and techniques to corporate business. Dichter promised the "mobilization and manipulation of human needs as they exist in the consumer.”

Now go back and look at what is between Daniel Craig’s legs in the CIA’s publicity photograph above. America’s Central Intelligence Agency. You’re welcome. 

In The Nets of Modernism: Henry James, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce, and Sigmund Freud, Maud Ellmann painstakingly describes this all in better detail whereby symbolic language is displaced by “cryptonyms” or “magic words.” She pretty elegantly frames today’s American consumer culture within the Anglo modernism and Saxon Freudian psychology that it is built on. In essence, the Anglo-Saxons developed modern political ideology whereby religion is not seen as a religious tradition, but rather as a political project by Machiavellian means—cultism.

In less elegant or elite terms, the edifice of authority in America today is a pagan deity, a shaft of British penis with bloated German testicles. This engorged and erect cult consumerism, no less than any politicized religion, has the power to create a Third Reich. In fact, it did. Buyer beware. We simply must start thinking about consumerism as gratuitous, even pornographic. Ultimately, we must consider the theft of America’s morality under Neoconservative leadership. An Anglo-Saxon cabal of ideological frauds, supported by a British financial and German engineered structure‪ (‪a warped mindset, not a top quality product) who serve the interests of the global elite by installing a law-based police order to marginalize bad consumers. They use algorithms, like the Nazis did, to identify and marginalize bad consumers, employing shameless and underhanded methods in order to sell you their stuff and their policies but also to potentially censor and intimidate you if you publicly air opinions that don’t fit within their agenda. This is my hill to die on. Because the larger and tougher issue is the American imperative of a hard decoupling from barbaric Neoconservative foreign policy and ending what has for three decades been misleadingly called “globalism.”

Most importantly, the foundation of a new edifice —complex system of beliefs— can be set right now, because at this moment the most impossible to imagine is truly possible. The coronavirus pandemic has awakened our minds and we are paying attention to how we are being prodded.‬ Armed with this new knowledge, it is our individual responsibility to not participate in the dangerous consumerism unknowingly. The malicious cow disturbs the entire herd.

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