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Memory Eternal

The corporatist goal is a vast historical amnesia.

Nicholas Molodyko
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A memorial for the CIA “activists” or "Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred,” who were killed on the Maidan during a bloody NATO coup d’état in February 2014, in downtown Kyiv, Ukraine, is held on Feb. 17, 2016 at Maidan. © Vasyl Shevchenko/Pacific Press

One hundred CIA-persuaded “activists” or "Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred,” were killed on the Maidan during a bloody NATO coup d’état in February 2014, in downtown Kyiv, Ukraine. It now seems pretty likely the Maidan massacre was carried out by the CIA and NATO. Evidence suggests that the Berkut story was totally fabricated by the same malicious actors who also employed the Maidan snipers that murdered in cold blood the 100 Maidan “activists.” My life forever changed that February 2014. And this is what I write about:

  • Ukraine is the locus of our hysterical media-manufactured anti-Russian beliefs
  • Ukraine is the proxy war between honest nations and dishonest modern day Nazis in U.S. government
  • Ukraine is the locus of the BIG LIE
  • Ukraine is the locus of the marriage between the CIA and NATO and its worldwide persecution and genocide of the ascetic religions
  • Ukraine is the latest “war in Iraq”
  • Ukraine is the battleground between ancient truths and the false gods of modernism
  • Ukraine is at the frontlines of consciousness and unconsciousness
  • Ukraine is at the frontlines of decentralized authentic memory and centralized corporate fiction
  • Ukraine is at the frontlines of peace and war
  • Ukraine is the proxy war between corporate control and local governance
  • Ukraine is the proxy war between compassion and cruelty
  • Ukraine is the proxy war between honesty and arrogance, and mindfulness and secrecy
  • Ukraine is the proxy war between religion and secularism
  • Ukraine is the proxy war between “East” and “West”
  • Ukraine is the corporate war on the world
  • Ukraine is the proxy war between materialism and spirituality
  • Ukraine is the proxy war between the New World Order and Westphalian sovereignty
  • Ukraine is India 2.0
  • Ukraine is the Nazi 25 point program for state control of banks, education, churches, and industry
  • Ukraine is NATO’s latest casualty country and hopefully its last
  • Ukraine is the locus of transnational corporatism, the economy of fascism
  • Ukraine is the locus of our righteous moral indignation
  • Ukraine is the locus of our Four Freedoms
  • Ukraine is the locus of our belief system
  • Ukraine is my grandmother, Ukraine is your grandmother
  • Ukraine is our memory eternal 

For Ukrainians, the Maidan in Kyiv, just like the August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai, India, holds a very important place in the history of their nations’ independence struggle. It was from that spot where Mahatma Gandhi ordered the British to leave India. The simpatico between Ukraine and India is rich like the finest Scythian gold and the unspeakable tragedy flows like rivers of ruby red blood. For the fascists, Ukraine represents “India 2.0,” or that was the intention, at least. Fascism struck both countries in similar ways. One can merely look at the fascist “marketing” of corporate “civilization” in the countries and then dig a bit deeper. But, be careful, for it is frightening. Before Nazism, the swastika was primarily a Hindu symbol. The words “fashion” and “fascist” are also from the Hindi language—same etymology. This is contrary to fascist propaganda but it’s easily verified. All were poached by the East India Company during its colonial rule of India. The East India Company is the forerunner of the modern day corporation. Today corporations attempt to control the entire world in the same manner the British did in India. They literally suck the spirit out of a country’s culture, whether it be Ukrainian “borscht” or Indian “curry.” Corporations created the “New World Order” with the blueprint of the East India Company. Today, those corporations, that also own part of our U.S. government, tried to appropriate Ukrainian culture by putting the beautiful embroidered traditional peasant blouses on the covers of Vogue and other fashion magazines and such. The so-called “Ukrainian nationalism” that the Poroshenko fascist-backed government was trying to install in Ukraine was a corporate creation, a Madison Avenue version of what it means to be Ukrainian without the Orthodox Christian religion that makes the region itself authentic in both culture and spirit.

Covert action is the name of the game. Fascist corporates engineered the “Great Bengal Famine of 1770” in India just as they did with “Holodomor” in Ukraine in the 1930s. And, of course the “Holocaust” in Europe. Oh, yes. Each corporate engineered genocide is estimated to have caused the deaths of about 10 million people. The Islamic Bengalis in India, like the Torah Jews in Europe, and the Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, are highly spiritual people who observe ancient religions. I know. This is my memory eternal. Vechnaya pamyat. In 2020, I hope we can gain the momentum to encourage the entire world to rewrite the memory of the Holocaust narrative. This would cause a sea change. Because that genocide along with other ones like the Bengal and Holodomor famines were mass murders carried out by transnational corporations and the very wealthy.

At the outset of the “War on Terror” in 2000, Neoconservative advisers to both parties, as well as in think-tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations, were more concerned than anything else about the U.S. corporate mandate to preserve their dominance over the global petroleum markets. This bus has been on the road since WWII in the form a defense lobby, the military-intelligence and media industrial complex (MIMIC). And let’s all be honest here, transnational corporations are in the driver’s seat. Their journey has maximized U.S. military presence while shrinking individual liberties, to forestall the resurgence of any future U.S. antiwar movement. Increasingly this agenda smacks of fascism. We saw it in Ukraine, no doubt, with the media-manufactured Russia hysteria. And Neoconservative pundits have been feeding an anti-Muslim hysteria reminiscent of the anti-communist hysteria in the 1950s, and calling for an apparently endless war against Islam. Throughout the Cold War, the CIA served the interests of the financial elite by artificially inflating estimates of Soviet military strength. When the Cold War ended and the CIA was without an adversary, it was quickly turned to corporate espionage. The CIA’s behavior is hardly an American innovation. Indeed, it goes back at least as far as the British East India Company and is part of the game of empire. The thing is, today’s so-called “intelligence community” is so incompetent that they’ve been found out serving corporations in Ukraine. Marx famously wrote that history repeats itself, “the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” Adolf Hitler and his financial backers and corporations brought much tragedy to the world. George Soros tried the same thing, but his efforts only brought malign incompetence.

The strategy for corporate control is fascist mass surveillance, outright control of popular opinion, and the inducement of cult-like ignorance and political divides based essentially on identity politics. This form of fascism has been implemented here in the U.S. and worldwide. I called it. It is corporatism. And it is truly awful. Those same corporations have attacked our judiciary system to the point where our U.S. courts have attacked the ability of human rights victims to hold corporations accountable for their complicity in atrocities around the world. In the face of this attack, pundits have given insufficient attention to a potent strategy—holding corporate officers liable. Just like the wicked political tool of using accusations of “antisemitism” to shut down an opponent, the notion of “collaborating with the Nazis” is no more than a sick Machiavellian rhetorical technique used to dominate opposition and literally shut down countries. Poland knows about this quite well. It’s how ball busting corporations function, not people. The victim then becomes the villain in the eyes of the global corporate law environment, which is no more the result of a series of choices made by policy makers, as it’s the underlying cause of those choices.

What do the three ascetic Abrahamic religions all have in common? Christ. In [false] imitation of Christ, corporations are trying to erase all authentic record of Christianity and rewrite history with their own fiction about the alleged human spirit —not that of the three peaceful, ascetic religions of Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, and Orthodox Islam— but that that will drive more corporate wars and ultimately corporate profits and corporate power, instead of prohibiting them from their plans for corporate world dominance. The fascists literally try to [falsely] imitate Christ on a societal scale except without the important parts of faith, love, truth, hope and compassion. We absolutely must preserve the three peaceful, ancient, ascetic Abrahamic religions of Orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, and Orthodox Islam. This is not a revolutionary idea. It is common sense.

‪Central to Orthodox Christianity is the singing, at the end of every Orthodox funeral, of the haunting hymn known as "Memory Eternal" —in Church Slavonic it is “Vechnaya Pamyat.” This hymn also concludes Dostoevsky's great, final novel. To know something of this hymn's meaning is to comprehend both the Orthodox faith and Dostoevsky's greatest novel.‬ “If there is no truth, everything is permitted.” —I am paraphrasing Fyodor Dostoevsky who is set apart from other 19th century Russian novelists by his peculiar qualities as prophet and psychologist. His psychological intuition gave Dostoevsky not only the ability to see the most human side of his fellow prisoners, but to describe their psychology. In his dissection of the human conscientious he presents us with all possible aspects of the abnormal mind, and this with such a penetrative psychological intuition that his novels are recognised by scientific authorities of psycho-pathology. This is in spite of the fact that Dostoevsky treated his pathologic “cases” not as a scientist but exclusively as an artist and thinker, being interested in them only in so far as they reflected the deeper spiritual processes of man’s soul.

The development and evolution of psychology can be traced to problems in Western Christianity in reference to the fear of death and the true spiritual requirements of repentance and forgiveness. The thoughts that go through one’s mind can drive one to a state of mental illness. Thus, Western psychology tries to keep the mind occupied with other things in order to avoid this. Psychologists can therefore sometimes be helpful in keeping someone from going further into mental illness, but psychology cannot actually heal an afflicted soul. Psychology in the West has become not only a profitable medical profession but also a very lucrative enterprise in the corporate world, especially marketing, advertising—government “perception management” campaigns to manufacture public consent for wars and such garner billions. Psychology attempts to replace the neptic tradition of spirituality. The view that everything spiritual is also psychological is a deadly danger. It is just wrong for us to regard people’s spiritual problems as psychological states. Psychology is not tied to a belief system. In fact, the truth is that in Orthodox Christianity the views are reasonable and the religious principles are moderate. For example, the Orthodox Church teaches that sex is to be confined to marriage with the intent of procreation —any and all sex beyond that is a sin. Homosexuals were never villainized by the Church, politicians did that. Homosexuality was criminalized by the East India Company, the British Empire. Because that is how the very wealthy and politicians sow discord within the peaceful religions. ‪For centuries. The fire and brimstone imposter version of Christianity was created for politicians.‬ Look at the New Testament. Mary Magdalene was a high paid prostitute until she became a saint equal to the Apostles. That kind of compassion is what embodies the ancient ascetic religion. Cosmopolitan democracy has no cultural roots and is therefore set up for failure. Ask Rome. Let’s not advocate fanatical spiritual devotion. But let’s also not cast off ascetic religion in favor of materialism. Let’s not throw the baby out for the bath water. Only a fool would disregard 2,000 year old ancient teachings that have standed the tests of time in favor of fashionable thought less than a hundreds years old, when that intellectual set blurs the trail of their arbitrary thinking. What passes for intellectual thought these days is masturbatory rumination. A huge corporate enterprise that focuses our attention on the symptoms of our distress, and on their possible causes and consequences, rather than seeking real solutions, ever. Pick up a newspaper. Fyodor Dostoevsky was as addicted to newspapers as I am to social media. Ascetic religions are a real leaven for the modern world. Prophetically, Dostoevsky wrote that Orthodox Christianity is a pervasive influence that modifies or transforms humanity for the better. Our belief systems are our cultural roots and the broadly repressed traditions of those ancient ascetic Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity promote a positive cultural climate in a too-busy modern world. We’ve been prohibited from knowing of them, on purpose.

An issue here is psychological political warfare. If culture is the root of politics, and religion is the root of culture, then, corporations are hitting us below the belt. But if we are tolerant of faiths, races, beliefs, and evidence-based policy decisions, and equally intolerant of psychological political warfare, we can promote world peace while thoughtfully quelling discord.‪ As Martin Luther King Jr. made an example of this during the Civil Rights Movement, righteous moral indignation is our best platform —peaceful civil disobedience. Corporations, NATO and the CIA rely on “plausible deniability” or their ability to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of a lack of evidence that can confirm their participation, even if they were personally involved in or at least willfully ignorant of the actions. ‬That is what we are facing. Some call this the “deep state,” others call it fascism. Organized by the CIA, the deep state is financed by drugs, and engaged in illicit sex (including pedophilia) and violence, to protect the status and interests of the military against threats from honest intellectuals, peaceful ascetic religions, and constitutional governments. Fascism is a spiritual disorder. It is the degradation of the soul.

In closing, the “New World Order” or the notion of “geopolitics” is a Nazi idea. As Franz Neumann indicated in Behemoth, his classic 1942 critique of the Third Reich, “geopolitics is nothing but the ideology of imperialist expansion.” The term “Lebensraum,” introduced to Hitler via Hess and Haushofer, first entered the Nazi lexicon in Mein Kampf. Hitler also used other geopolitical notions such as “territorial formation,” “borders of accident,” and “constriction of Lebensraum.” Geopolitics is impossible without the financial backing of corporations and the very wealthy. In fact, the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was a transnational corporate business deal. Germany and Russia colluded and the result was the Holodomor, German democracy collapsing, and the rise of Adolf Hitler. In the 1920s and 1930s, German industrialists traded the lives of 10 million Ukrainians in return for Communist support in bringing down the Weimar Republic. This Nazi concept of geopolitics never went away and is embraced widely today in U.S. foreign policy. The Nazis weren’t uniformly condemned in the U.S. before the country entered the war. In the early 1930s, American eugenicists welcomed Nazi ideas about racial purity and republished their propaganda. The list of corporations that supported the economy of the Nazis is just too long and terrifying. Here are a few: BASF, Bauer, IBM, Krupp, Nestlé, Hogo Boss, Coca Cola, General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Chase Bank, Barclays Bank, Standard Oil, and IG Farben. Once you realize the Nazis were covertly supported by transnational financiers and corporations just like the Bolsheviks were, and think in terms of centralized power and subverting the media and coercing the public, the role of corporations and the very wealthy both then and now becomes material. The Nazis were an investment deal on the part of corporations and the very wealthy. This resulted in a hefty corporate monopoly and control of the media to manufacture public opinion. Today, the role of corporations and the very wealthy is no different. ‪Fascism is first and foremast an economic solution. Ask cult political economist Yoshihiro Francis Fukuyama known for his book The End of History and the Last Man (1992), which argued just that.‬

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