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Billet de blog 30 août 2020

Nicholas Molodyko
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The Devil Wears Nada

A fabulous tabloid tale of some very angry Neocons—the rise and fall of religious charlatans. This kind of polarization just looks dated and hysterical now. It’s time for us to transition to a better and greater interpretation of the wholeness of humanity (yes, even the Neocons) that manifests the healing of decades of such nihilism and inspires new beginnings.

Nicholas Molodyko
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Mika Brzezinski © YouTube

In the famous literary folktale "The Emperor's New Clothes," published in 1837 by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, a vain emperor of a kingdom gets exposed as a fraud before his subjects. In 2020, we’ve got the reverse going on worldwide in the once powerful atheist kingdom. Let’s spill some tea and share the 411 on the delicious gossipy side of American politics. In my head, I am writing for TMZ.

The reason we’re getting even more of their fakery and aggression than we had been is that the militant atheists are now fully committed to the understanding that they cannot win by actually getting people to buy what they're selling. Their market is shrinking rapidly. This is cause for celebration!

Neocons are militant atheists

U.S. President Donald Trump is responsible for all this public nudity and he is using a simple political lexicon to turn an imperial cabal of militant atheists into a very furious nudist colony:‬

  • ‪Fake news‬
  • Deep state
  • Drain the swamp
  • ‪Marxists‬
  • Dumb warmongers
  • Nutjobs‬
  • RINOs‬

Let’s gab about the last three —dumb warmongers, nutjobs and “Republicans in name only.” The Bible has something to say about them. How charlatans go from bad to worse, deceiving others and being deceived themselves along the way.

Recall, Molière’s Tartuffe is no simple or ignorant charlatan; instead, he is an alert and adept hypocrite who uses every means to bring about his success. His eventual downfall is caused by his lust. That is precisely how today’s charlatans are falling as well.

Similar to “fake news” and the “deep state,” dumb war mongers, nutjobs and RINO are specific enough and at the same time dreadfully vague to be effective. “Dumb warmongers” and “Nutjobs” need no explanation whatsoever. “RINO” is a pejorative term which outs liberal Republicans —charlatans.

It used to be that Neoconservatives were RINOs, but after Donald Trump hit the scene, they were mostly ousted from the GOP and now terrorize the Democrats. Neocons did not accept most of the important principles in the Republican Party platform, just as the Neocons now refuse the most important ones in the Democrat Party.‬

Illustration 2

Since forever, I have been trying to figure out the Neoconservative movement. Why does it exist and why was such a politically powerful secret society tolerated in American democracy for so long?

Since 2016, I have been trying to expose their crimes in Ukraine. Because a group of Neocon nutjobs tried to recruit me as a Ukrainian-American for their conspiracy, but they failed to do so.

Since October of 2019, I have been writing about it and them on a French news site, because it is an Anglo-Saxon criminal syndicate and the French are the original arch enemies of les néoconservateurs.

Since pretty recently, I have distilled down decades of Neoconservative criminal presence in America’s elite policy crowd to just one thing: militant atheism.

I am here now to dish about it. Not a lot, but just enough to maybe make some waves. Because it absolutely must be acknowledged. And no McCarthyite witch hunt is needed! Stupidly, they self-identified as #NeverTrump and other Trump “haters” are just as easy to spot. I thank Ukraine for this.

Recall, Neoconservative Joe Biden pretended to be Ukraine’s kindly old caretaker while exploiting the Maidan movement, staging a bloody coup, backing neo-Nazi militias, manufacturing war (14K dead, 1.5M displaced), looting natural resources, bringing corruption/plundering, poverty, human trafficking, and the persecution of Christians to the country. Specifically, under Biden the Obama administration corrupted religion in Ukraine. 

Also recall, militant atheist and all around Neoconservative nutjob Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish-born former national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter, is often credited for the American fascination with wrenching Ukraine from Russia’s influence or placing a wedge between Russia and Ukraine. Brzezinski is responsible for NATO’s Christian genocidal strategy. You know who his militant atheist daughter is, right? The vanity that registers off the charts between Mika and her insane husband should easily expose them as charlatans. Mika Brzezinski is just awful. “Morning Joe” is simply vile. They deserve each other.

Neocons have first and foremost exploited religion. They started off as Marxists with the Dems consulting Carter. Then, they moved to the GOP in the 1980s with Reagan co-opting Evangelicals and Mormons, religion and American diplomacy became really toxic because it is a war on spirituality.‬ We are at liberty to discuss spirituality as it relates to democracy in America. After all, spirituality is the very concept of democracy. Spirituality allows a man to take control of himself in a powerful way, to think for himself.‬
‪The #NeverTrump Neocons subscribe to the doctrine of militant atheism, which in the beginning was an integral part of the materialism of Marxism—Leninism. They don’t have the courage to publicly voice their true intentions. Neocons are dishonest in every concevable way they can be.‬ In practical political terms, it is the English School of International Relations. The British Empire never died. It just went underground in America as an insider intellectual racket. ‬

The foreign policy crowd in DC is a nightmare. While there are probably a couple hundred I could expose, in this gossip fest I am only outing three nutjobs directly — George Barros, Tom Nichols and John Schindler, all of whom probably tried to recruit me for a government “perception management” campaign for the “color revolution” in Ukraine. 

A #NeverTrump criminal called George W Barros stalked me for over a year. He was part of a fake NGO in DC called “Ukraine Freedom Support Group” and was connected to any number of other fake front groups for the big ruse. I even tried to help them with communications for their project. Of course, I did not know at the time that it was a criminal operation, but slowly things added up as odd. For one, during that time George professed to be three entirely different alleged religions. He did not think I was noticing. Eventually, I got wise and bailed the charlatans. I even reported George Barros and others to the terrorism desk of the FBI in Chicago in July, 2016. It appears he’s connected to ADI Technologies that was part of the online “persuasion management” campaign that covered up the U.S. government crimes in Ukraine under Joe Biden by bullying American public opinion. Now, George Barros has imagined himself as an international policy scholar. A Neocon movement for Generation Z. Just what the world needs, a new generation of dumb war mongers.

That was more than enough detail about one. Here are some broad strokes for a few other #NeverTrump criminals. “Doctor” Tom Nichols with the U.S. Naval War College and private dick “doctor” John Schindler had called themselves Orthodox Christians, so I thought, cool, they must be stand up guys. BUT THEY ARE NOT. After a couple years I was able to put together a whole profile. I discovered that there’s a whole population of fake religious people—charlatans. Special mention goes to the Atlantic Council’s John Herbst—boy, oh, boy, what a story that is. These #NeverTrump pundits are militant atheists who use religion as a cloak of deception.

These militant atheists litter our so-called “intelligence community.” As Americans, we are at liberty to call them out for conspiracy.‬

Revolutions are atheist in nature

Since I got caught up in a revolution, a “color revolution,” I spent years afterwards educating myself about such things. It turns out that revolutions are militant atheist productions by nature. 

The French Revolution was the first attempt at state secularism, under a Jacobin government which sought a form of state atheism. This brief experiment was terminated by Napoleon, who saw religion as necessary to govern populations.

In contrast, the Soviet Union placed atheism as central to its project to remake humanity, as manifest in official state policy and the formation of citizen projects with such eyebrow-raising names as “the League of the Militant Godless.”

The Soviets didn’t succeed with the project. It totally bombed. Atheism as a professed ideology is therefore quite young, and there is little historical precedent for reflection on atheistic geopolitics. For most of its short history atheism has been the preserve of a tiny elite.

Every so-called “color revolution” has been an attempt to recapture the brief glory that the millitant atheists enjoyed in 1917. Every color revolution has failed. That is a lot of failure, you guys. Atheist academics can try to intellectualize the hell out of it, but failure is failure.

The devil wears nada. Satan has no clothes.

Let’s look at what is going in Belarus as another real time example. Not to mention “Black Lives Matter” in America! If there had been an authentic protest movement in Belarus, and I think there was, it is now long gone.‪ It’s been replaced with an imposter by the faction that the country was protesting against. It’s the age-old trap of revolution. BLM is a total disaster, too! Does anybody really believe that any part of it is authentic? A revolution is the case when the minority imposes its will on the majority.

The word “revolution” is derived from the original Latin “revolvere,” meaning to "roll back.” It entered English, from the Old French “révolution,” in 1390, which originally only applied to celestial bodies. Circa 1450 was it being used to mean a great change in affairs. The new sense of the word came in connection with the publication of Copernicus' “On the Revolution of the Celestial Spheres,” which overthrew the official decrees of the Catholic Church. From then on, the word "revolution" acquired its subversive political connotation, one that is duplicitous and decidedly atheist.

I draw from my “color revolution” experience with Ukraine as a cautionary tale. Today in America, we really ought to consider 1917. Look at the history of the 20th century. Revolutions implicitly became traps to move from one system of subjugation to another. They want power. They want station. Storming the Winter Palace these days will get them plenty of coverage from the corporate media, for sure. But, thankfully, people are less likely to believe the propaganda any longer.

I don’t want to belabor a pretty simple set of ideas, so let’s bring it on home. These nutjobs are militant atheists. But Trump’s lexicon is proving to be a fabulous weapon so that distinction isn’t required.

Why have I finally written about this? Because I want to do my part to see that Donald Trump gets re-elected. Because religious liberty is America’s bedrock and the Orthodox Christian Church is not a political organization. A militant atheist does not believe in liberty and exposing a few of the creepy criminals who hide behind their "religion" to betray ignorant/innocent followers can be kind of fun. 

This kind of polarization just looks dated and hysterical now. It’s time for us to transition to a better and greater interpretation of the wholeness of humanity (yes, even the Neocons) that manifests the healing of decades of such nihilism and inspires new beginnings.

The politics of militant atheism has received almost no attention from academics for decades, like how its key representatives have taken positions on the “Global War on Terror.” Today’s geopolitics is a politics of atheism which places the peaceful religions against each other. This is what we really ought to be talking about. Not the gossipy stuff.

Ce blog est personnel, la rédaction n’est pas à l’origine de ses contenus.

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