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The English School of Organized Crime

After much investigation I conclude that the British Empire never died. It just went underground in America. The criminal world. But the illegal practice of the English School’s intellectual insider trading has been found out.

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Illustration 1
Margaret Thatcher was a great admirer of Jimmy Savile © David Jones/PA

Ever wonder why politics in America is so corrupt? Maybe it is British influence. We owe it to our country to figure it out. I’ve ached to see the underpinnings of the corrupt Neoconservative racket, because it is a racket, and to understand how they were able to destroy Ukraine, so that we might warn other countries about these creepy criminals.

The underpinnings are financial institutions, military, of course, laws and our justice system, written history, religion and culture, science, and theoretical international relations policy.‪ Like organized crime it is implemented through transnational, national, and local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals to engage in illegal transactions, most commonly for profit. But through manipulation of laws, it appears quite legal. Claude Frédéric Bastiat was not explicit enough. Transactions is the name of the game. And precise language makes them possible in our branches of government. Everything is seen as a transaction from a war, to a country, to a life. This transactional practice is a product of German jurisprudence and was developed as an alternative to the French-based legal fact vs. legal act dynamic. German legal theory rejects the notion of the legal fact; thus, there is only the legal act.‬ The important feature is that a legal transaction can be distinguished from an unlawful act.

‪Put another way, the British elite are grifters. Put yet another way, they subversively present an edifice of authority in America.

Turns out it is the legacy of Thatcher’s and Reagan’s Neoconservative policy made it all possible. Under Reagan and Thatcher the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve joined together in a fascist and predatory monetary policy. The crux is that the British colonial bounty was creamed off by the American elite who subscribe to the English School of International Relations. It’s a thing, sort of.

‪We’re talking academic theory here. Since its reorganization in the early 1990s, the English School of International Relations was designed to incorporate the two major theories that were trying to explain international outcomes – namely, the intellectual notions of “realism“ and “liberalism.” It is a “school of thought.” A clandestine one.
While it can be exciting to consider that U.S. President Trump is correct and there is an “invisible enemy” that is lashing out at America, the truth is actually pretty boring in comparison. The status quo of our elite in America is that invisible enemy. The "common sense" of our America today is driven by the English School. America’s elite are sheep herded by an invisible British Sheppard. And most of them have no clue that they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

A written historical account always favors the people it has been written for and sometimes that inaccurate accounting bears no resemblance to what most people experienced or thought happened. Further, a historical account can be subscribed to a certain way of thinking, like an elite club or school, such as an Ivy League one. Written historical accounts then comprise a standard way of thinking. The curriculum that is taught at schools such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford, will ultimately dominate a larger consensus among people who could afford to those schools and were able to get admitted to them. And that privileged knowledge will dominate when it is considered the best. This is what we call “elite” in America. It is also a purely British perspective.

Let’s get one thing straight. My criticism does not target Britain, its government, or the British people. On the contrary. The criticism is solely directed at the dark financial and political structure that has brought nothing but disaster to the whole world, including the British people themselves: elitism.

That criticism has become quite public. You just did not know it. The prevailing opinion in our universities is that “Western Civilization” was essentially a wartime propaganda effort, invented during World War I. Because it is a make-believe thing, and there will be no “decline of Western Civilization.”

The antiquated idea of “Western Civilization” can be traced back most recently to the English School of International Relations. The “standard of civilization” took specific modern form in the 19th century, primarily as a European legal term to justify colonialism. The term collapsed after 1945 when the right of self-determination opened membership to nearly all peoples. But in the English School, the dream was kept alive, the term used to underhandedly continue colonialism —when the British Empire went underground and occupied America.

The English School of International Relations can be credited with having built today’s “liberal democracy” narrative and the historical rise of the “international society,” that we call globalism. Of course, they kept it all on the down low. Secrecy is an imperative.

To understand the modern idea of “international order” look no further than that which the English School of International Relations began elaborating in the 1950s —a second pattern of international order predicated not on toleration but on the promotion of “civilization.” The concept of “civilization” performed two roles in international legal thought: it defined the border between the two patterns of modern international order, and it described the ultimate purposes that the underground British Empire’s order was for.

Foreign relations theory bores me to tears. But I do hold some respect for the theory of Constructivism. Constructivism in international relatons focuses on “agents” rather than “states.” Agents influence identities and policy interests and thus aspects of international relations are historically and socially constructed, rather than inevitable consequences of human nature or world politics. Belief that reality is socially constructed leads constructivists to place a greater role on norm development, identity, and ideational power than the other major theoretical paradigms.

It could be argued that this constructivism is the “English School” and that it explains the U.S. today. The trajectory of relations between Britain and the U.S. from 1923 through the transition of hegemony and into the post-World War II era illustrates how profoundly constructivism’s description has contributed to understanding state behavior in the international order. What began as wariness in mutual perception became a celebration of characteristics the two countries considered themselves to uniquely share —sameness. The asymmetry in British-American relations was made manifest in the 1923 Washington Naval Treaties. After the cataclysm of WWII America committed to establishing and enforcing the order of Britain’s international system and the “special relationship” was born. The rest is history. ‪

There’s a book that was written for the elite called Safe Passage: The Transition from British to American Hegemony by Kori Schake, published by Harvard University Press in November 2017. That documents all of this from an elite point of view, not my own.‬ Nothing too comprehensive appears before 2006 but the essential features of the “English School of International Relations” and to demonstrate its key approach is to provide for a “historically informed” public. There is literature out there on the English School but you’ve got to know what you are looking for and the elite places where it can be found. Again, kind of like a secret club.

This world was fully developed by the middle of the nineteenth century, one world split into two. Basically, sovereignty became a matter of the opinion of British lawyers. The English School of International Relations theorized the organization of international affairs on the basis of this continent’s experience of nation formation and global dominance —“the rule of law.” The English School concluded that the “normative structure” of the modern world order relied on a “principle of internal freedom” whereby states established agreements that respected “their common interest in mutual independence” — a “new world order.”

So when the British elite went underground, they basically turned to a policy of social constructivism. See how all of this relevant to the political turmoil in America? It’s really quite simple. Donald Trump is the first President since Kennedy to publicly confront the gap between the rich elite and everybody else. He mainly aims his arrow at the media because they are on the front line, but there’s a whole battalion behind them in the forest. The very wealthy in America who have had a vested interest in the English School’s version of American history. But with Donald Trump in office the British version of American history is no longer sustainable. And this is why the so-called “intelligence community” is at our President’s throat. Remember the concept of “agents”? They are essentially British foreign agents. Knowingly or probably in most cases unknowingly they are representing British, not American interests. ‪How organized does a criminal outfit need to be to be considered an agent of organized crime? If there’s a clear hierarchy among the function of its members, organized around a primary goal of economic profit, then surely justice can prevail if the law isn’t embedded in the mob. How did we get here? That is where the subversion of our American history, our laws and our courts comes in. It happened with the transformation of the public intellectual outsider to the safe insider “expert,” specifically those smoothly professional and overly articulate lawyers and legal operators like “historians,” well-dressed, well-paid and most of all highly visible via extensive public relations.‬

Take for example, American Timothy Snyder, the Canadian journalist turned minister of foreign affairs Chrystia Freeland, and American Anne Applebaum. Mustn’t forget Applebaum’s husband, the insanely pretentious Radek Sikorski. All serve as British foreign agents of influence. American “historians” today like the hateful Atlantic columnist Anne Applebaum and the bumbling Yale Professor Timothy Snyder, and “public intellectuals” like goofy Tom Nichols and his goofy sidekick John Schindler, wacky Molly McKew, fruit loop Cathy Young, psychopath Michael Weiss, openly elitist Benjamin Wittes, the pouty David Frum, the incompetent Bill Kristol, looney tunes Bret Stephans, haus frau Jennifer Rubin, freaky Max Boot, truly bizarre Garry Kasparov, ‪the flaming former President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, ‬and so many others, and foreign diplomats who look like they just left the Third Reich like John Brennan, Victoria Nuland, Michael McFaul, Geoffrey Pyatt, Steven Pifer, John Herbst, Masha Yovanovytch, Lt. Col. Vindman, Kurt Volker and the dead John McCain and on and on and on, are professional liars paid by the British elite to sustain their “history” of lies and cover for their responsibility in the murders of millions in their forever wars. In relation specifically to damage done in Ukraine, I discovered their networks online through social media network analysis.

The big network is sustained through think tanks like The Atlantic Council that control British stakes in American culture, like Facebook. Kooky British gadfly Edward Lucas runs an operation hiding in plain sight, the Center for European Policy Analysis, that lobbies directly within the U.S. Government for British military-intelligence interests. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) itself, not to mention the Cold War, is an Atlanticist enterprise. A very, very powerful one. It does not get much simpler than that. Somewhere Oliver Cromwell is smiling.

For decades Americans knew there wasn’t something quite right about the highly sectarian Neoconservatives but nobody could put their finger on it. Well, U.S. President Trump has brought them out of the woodwork, the obnoxious Neoconservative “Never Trump” contingent that moved to the Democrat party after the Republicans kicked them out. They are British foreign agents. ‪While British refers to anything to do with the whole country of Great Britain, English refers to anything to do with England. The Crown. A very important distinction. Agents serve the interests of the dark financial and political structure in the City of London —the Crown— that has brought nothing but disaster to the whole world, including the British people themselves.‬ Paging oligarchs George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Bill Browder and Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Oh, yes.

Understanding rabid Russophobia is understanding the demise of the underground British Empire. The extremely negative image of Russia painted by most “Western” commentators has been found out as false. Yes, Russian had shortcomings, but under Putin there has also been enormous progress. Because the “American Empire” was the British Empire that never died, but just went covertly underground. As the British Empire went underground, more and more think tanks focused on “evil” Russia popped up across the world. Almost as if they were built as secret hiding places for promoting British imperialistic strategy.

Take a fresh look at schools tied to the think tanks like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford and then the American intelligence agencies. It is an established fact that the CIA is an elite organization – it recruits from these top schools. The CIA and the financial elite have always had shared goals, interests, and backgrounds. Those in the upper echelons at Langley have often attended the same universities, belonged to the same fraternities, and attended the same clubs and parties as the Wall Street elite. Throughout the Cold War, the CIA served the interests of the financial elite by artificially inflating estimates of Soviet military strength. When the Cold War ended and the CIA was without an adversary, it quickly turned to corporate espionage via the Anglophone Five Eyes global alliance. America’s CIA would be better called the “Crown Intelligence Agency” protecting the Crown’s investment of “Western Civilization.” ‪

But, there’s good news. The social constructs which emerged in America after the end of World War II will not outlast the Trump administration —the framework of WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) elitism. The American President is slowly obliterating them over the time of his eight years in the White House.

Because World War II did not end as Americans thought it had. The British fibbers saw to it that we, meaning the West, thought we won that war. In fact, the Soviets defeated Nazism, not the British and the Americans. The WASP elitism in America is counterfeit. It is essentially organized crime and American history is British propaganda. Like the rather dreary Hannah Arendt said, only organized crime and the elite can be attracted to that kind of totalitarian power, everybody else has to be won by propaganda.

The big picture problem is that one percent of Americans (the so-called “intelligence community”) have got privileged information which they use to manipulate those 99% of us in the dark. It is a criminal racket.

I breathe freely knowing that all of this is changing, for the better. Ask Madonna. The post-virus era is going to be nothing less than a renaissance in public knowledge. The illegal practice of the English School’s intellectual insider trading, through a minority having access to confidential information applicable to the majority, has been found out. Coning people into hardship with big intellectual lies. It’s a racket for profit and power. They create a dystopian narrative to cover the insider hoax, so that politicians have, well, politics, to confuse people. A marked characteristic of the British intellectual grifter is that they use language and mass media (Hollywood and such) to conjure up a grim past and a bleak future to prevent us from living quite comfortably in the present.

Thus, the American public will embrace outsider intellectual discourse, the hidden omnipotence of an individual on the fringes of society. ‪‪Every smart person knows that if you truly want to seek the truth on something, start with the fringes. The intelligent outsider unencumbered by corporations, employs the faculty of critical thought freely and with great ease. ‬What counts most is what is not visible, not articulated, what could exist but does not because it is been prevented by the elite. In the wake of changing political attitudes and cultural values, it is time for what can now be discerned as a school of thought itself and our enlightened view on their so-called “disinformation.” There are no rulebooks in life. The only guidelines are what matters from the heart. Without intimately knowing what matters most, at the core of our being, things can get slippery and communications can get very confusing. And if you read classical literature, you can help to create a force field around yourself that that propaganda of intellectual grifters cannot penetrate. ‪Classical literature relegates the mass cultural noise of today to a background hum. When we don’t have an elevated or enlightened frame of reference, things can get elusive, overwhelming, and we can lose our sea legs. Seek out the wisdom of ages.

In the post-virus era we will be re-orientated to the wisdom of ages. Right now we’re shifting our default setting, the primary channel of communication to the intelligence of the heart, as our primary navigation system. It sounds lofty and it is. We had been living in a world which only thinks in economic terms, in which the dollar is king. For a long time we remained unsullied, like the hero of one of those 1930s films in which democratic America still shows that it believes in the innocence of wealth, but those days are long gone.

We are going to be talking about Reaganite or Thatcherite “conservatism” again. Margaret Thatcher established the standard for the unwavering Neoconservative doctrine wedded to practice that the Neoconservative advisors to Reagan covertly introduced into American government.

We will gab about how Margaret ‪Thatcher’s rise to power signified a historic change which was paralleled in other parts of the world, for example, by Ronald Reagan’s presidency in the U.S. It signified an overt effort to scale down the benefits offered by a social safety net.‬ The coronavirus pandemic has made this quite palpable.

We are going to be talking about why America always seems to be following foreign policies not in the interests of its own people. We are going to discuss why American foreign policy does not flow from everyday Americans.

We will speak openly, not in hushed tones, about how something “invisible” like this can’t be seen unless you are prepared to see it. Most people don’t have the eyes to see labyrinthine bureaucracy. People will understand that it is impossible for the majority of people know something when a minority is preventing them from knowing it.

We will have conversations about the English School of Organized Crime.

We must assume this “pandemic” will last for a year. In my view, it’s the opportunity of a millennium, the coronavirus is going to change the character and role of so-called “Western democratic liberalism.” For decades, we thought we knew what that was. Turns out it’s Thatcherism, also known as fascism.

—Pictured with the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is the Jeffrey Epstein of the day. He was her confident. Get the picture?—


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