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Claire Gallien teaches in the English Department at the University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 and is affiliated to the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) as member of the IRCL (Institut de Recherche sur la Renaissance, l'Age Classique et les Lumières). Her first book, L’Orient anglais (2011), deals with the interactions between popular and scholarly cultures of the East in eighteenth-century England. Her current book project From Corpus to Canon: Eastern Literary Traditions and Orientalist Reconfigurations in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Britain focuses on the reconfigurations of “Eastern literatures” (Arab, Persian, and Indian) in England in the early modern period and their entanglements with structures of European knowledge and (colonial) power. Her work also reflects contemporary resonances of and resistance to Orientalist impositions in literature and theory. She has published numerous articles in Études anglaises, Revue de Littérature Comparée, Commonwealth Essays and Studies, Literature Compass, Journal of Postcolonial Writing, Journal of Commonwealth Literature, Translation Studies and chapters in volumes dedicated to early-modern as well as postcolonial and comparative literatures. She edited a special issue of Journal of Postcolonial Writing on Refugee Literature and special issue of Commonwealth Essays and Studies on contemporary Anglo-Arab literature in English and in translation. She is currently co-editing a volume entitled Eastern Resonances in Early Modern England: Receptions and Transformations from the Renaissance to the Romantic Period (Palgrave, 2019) and a companion on Islam and world literary imaginations titled A Critical Muse: The World Imaginaries of Islam for Edinburgh UP. Her research interests are anchored in the critical study of orientalist discourse, postcolonial, comparative, and world literatures and theories, as well as in translation studies and decolonial theory and practices. For further details, please visit:
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