The English School of Organized Crime, deuxième partie

In America, Neoconservative “Godfather” Irving Kristol is Don freaking Corleone! Like Bolshevism and Nazism before it, Neoconservatism is a front for organized crime.

American actor Marlon Brando in the role of Don Corleone in The Godfather (1972) © Paramount Pictures Corporation American actor Marlon Brando in the role of Don Corleone in The Godfather (1972) © Paramount Pictures Corporation
I had no idea just how corrupt our American government had become until I really got a taste of the crimes committed in Ukraine. I am here to break it down for you in humble terms. A transnational criminal organization is behind the disaster in Ukraine, not an American one. They are grifters. I discovered this on my own accord. Now by the same token I’m taking a closer look at Hollywood’s role in the English School of Organized Crime. One percent of Americans (the so-called “intelligence community”) have got privileged information which they use to manipulate those 99% of us in the dark. It is a criminal racket. The edifice of authority.

While the 1% (the so-called “intelligence community”) are privy to state secrets and use them to manipulate the naive, ignorant 99% underclass, and Hollywood has the power to sustain those big lies, spirituality lives on like a blind and paralyzed village woman—she’s impervious. We will come back to her. She’s significant.

Statistically, most crimes committed are crimes of passion, this includes the big international ones like war, terrorism and genocide. The 1% pursue those crimes because they lack spirituality altogether and only know revenge and greed. Most of the time, us 99% remain clueless. The deception works because of the distance involved. Like colonialism itself, international crimes are committed from afar. Local operators generally have no clue themselves of the 1%’s secret maneuvers. It may seem like modern technology would provide a new skin to all of this, but it doesn’t.

I am a pretty intelligent person, but I did not go to elite schools where the 1% get this kind of education and then go on to get U.S. government intelligence security clearance. I figured it out for myself. I had worked with the 1%. They are not naturally intelligent people. The whole point of an elite education is to teach the dumb to sound bright. You could say that the so-called “intelligence community” are the dumbest people on earth and you would be right in several ways. Many grads from Harvard Law and Stanford Business School only know how to appear intelligent and have been conditioned to be so arrogant that they actually believe in their non-existent brain power. You could call them grifters. Intellectual grifters. It is next level confidence.

Elite America is one of organized crime. Public perception of organized crime has largely been shaped by the mass media and Hollywood. Organized crime has become synonymous with such criminal “genres” as the Italian Mafia and Chinese Triads, but a Harvard grad or Stanford is the real thing. The primary goal of organized crime is economic profit. The continued existence of an organized-crime group does not rely on specific individuals, as much as by its economic priorities, lack of political ideology, hierarchy, and specialization. You could call this “Thatcherism.”

In America, Irving Kristol’s corporate network became legendary, and he won the informal title “godfather” for his skill at connecting people to sponsors, making him a potential goldmine for those willing to toe the line. Kristol described Neoconservatism more as a “persuasion” than an ideology. But now we know that Neoconservative “Godfather” Irving Kristol is Don freaking Corleone!

Think about what is going on between U.S. President Donald Trump on one side and then America’s very wealthy and the British elite on the other. Now, re-read the first passage. I have found the hot spot. Now consider Hollywood and our president’s adversarial relationship with that industry. Recall, Yale educated Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech where she attacked President Trump and his response that she’s “overrated”?  New meaning, huh?

The public relations function that Hollywood serves for the so-called “intelligence community“, the CIA, who serve the elite, is well documented in books such as Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood. Similar to the CIA’s relationship with the media, neither relationship is honestly reported on by the media. It’s a problem. But not a new one. The “Mid-Atlantic accent” was completely fabricated by blending together what passed for prestigious American and British English ways of speaking. Adopted in the early 20th century mostly by American actors, it is not a native vernacular or regional American accent. A fake. Hollywood has served as a vehicle for British elitism since its beginnings.

But even today few people know that the Central Intelligence Agency has been actively engaged in shaping the content of film and television, especially since it established an entertainment industry liaison program in the mid-1990s. The CIA now wields significant influence in Hollywood. Once again we are talking about government-sponsored deceptive consumer products and coercive government propaganda. This is not a mark of democracy. We cannot isolate our criticism of the media to just the news. We’ve got to look at the whole spectrum of mass communications in America.

We ought to look at the big picture. The nastiness of the CIA and the power it wields over American mass media, seduced and manipulated by the very secretive agencies they are supposed to be covering honestly. We need to name those who have colluded to deceive Americans. After all, Hollywood had colluded with the Nazis. Largely through the Third Reich's vice consul in L.A., Georg Gyssling, Hitler and Goebbels had effectual power over what films got made, what scenes got cut, which stars and filmmakers were blacklisted, and which Jews were fired.

That is the thing about state secrets. People who illicitly cater to the interests of elites in the dark, look like cheap street hookers in the light of day. It is easy to get triggered by people in the so-called “intelligence community” in America like Former CIA Director John Brennan, for instance, and become entangled in old conflicts like calling out their bureaucracy (and we will). But the important thing is bring a fresh set of eyes to the situation, as a mechanism of evolving as a nation to one with a better government.

Remember the pious lady in the village that I mentioned in the beginning? Here is where she comes in. Spiritual sight is the ability to see that which is unseen. Like an outsiders view. The uncanny ability to notice energetic aspects, patterns, blocks to, and free expressions of God. An expanded awareness of what is truly happening. Next level consciousness. It’s a real thing.

Most people are not prepared to receive information on a spiritual level. Spiritual information is spiritual, after all. We don’t know what to do with it if we don’t have the capacity and time to do so. It’s also no coincidence that everything that is bad for us from drink, drugs, and cigarettes to unhealthy relationships and broken family ties, to jaded movies —anything that perpetuates old emotional wounds— prevents us from that kind of conscious awareness of the world around us.

Silence is golden.

Limit your intake of negativity. This means be discerning about what sort of things you read and watch as in news, movies, magazines and other mass media. Stay away from from everything that aims to ridicule people and highlight their emotional outbursts. Needless conflict.

Use the “pandemic” to enjoy the silence. You may never understand how much you’ll benefit from it. It may take a decade. Because spiritual advice can only be received if you are willing. Before the “pandemic” has finished there will be no question about exactly who the “invisible enemy” is. Because the criminals are idiots and will have completely exposed themselves out of their own incompetence. It’s happening. 

We will come to recognize an elite pedigree as an indication that a person, especially in Washington DC and in Hollywood, is part of organized crime in America. Shout out to Meryl Streep. ‪Margaret Thatcher is portrayed primarily by Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady, a 2011 biographical drama film based on the life and career of the British stateswoman. This is no coincidence.

From a communications perspective, I have learned so much from the clandestine elite plan to destroy Ukraine. Their propaganda tactics are adolescent. They’ve a gossip machine that operates like a high school clique of catty, spoiled rich girls. They appear as nothing more than Gossip Girl bullies who exhibit anti-social behavior sometimes called “relational aggression,” through trickery, deceit, marginalizing people and spreading rumors to manipulate the American public’s consent for war. In the post-virus era they will appear as they are to us, as criminals. Those girls are finished.


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