Mothers, how do you warn your children about grifters?

Children in a foster home in Shchastya, Ukraine, wait for presents to be delivered by the activists of a charity project, December 2017. © Oleny Sviatogo Mikolaya Children in a foster home in Shchastya, Ukraine, wait for presents to be delivered by the activists of a charity project, December 2017. © Oleny Sviatogo Mikolaya
We need to talk about grifters. Grifters live for the confidence game or hustle. The idea is that they gain someone’s confidence in order to take advantage of them. Anything someone gets conned into will generally result in hardship. Victims are rubes. Accomplices are shills. Yes, a very strange way to view the world, but it is important for us to know these people exist. They’ve bogarted the status quo in America in recent decades and they’re on their way out, but we’re stuck with their outcomes and their legacy. In politics we call them Neoconservatives.

Right now, no country’s citizens know more about what happens when grifters con you into hardship than Ukraine’s. Specifically, the grifters from America that call themselves “experts” and particularly the ones from the Atlantic Council. Ukrainians are now talking about grifters, but it is too late. Elite U.S. Vice President Biden exploited Ukraine’s Maidan protest movement, staged a bloody coup d’état of a democratically-elected President and backed neo-Nazi militia in the country. He brought manufactured war (14,000 dead, 1.5 million displaced), corruption and plundering, poverty, and the persecution of Christians to Ukraine. The overall damage was done by a fusion of Anglo-Saxon elites from the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the United States that descended upon the Orthodox Christian country of Ukraine and attacked its medical, financial and legal institutions and then religious and cultural ones. Ukrainians placed their faith in these so-called “professionals” to help out in a time of alleged war and instead were robbed blind—the Ukrainian public had no foresight. And even worse, they are still being persecuted for their Orthodox Christian faith today.

Grifters, grafters, and corruptors are a tough proposition for Ukrainians. Because as Orthodox Christians we are taught to help others who ask for help and to believe others who say they will provide help beneficial to us. Developing a way to determine level of risk or danger is never considered. I certainly missed out. This took me decades to figure out myself and now I breathe freely knowing that I having finally done so. If somebody does not believe in God or have some kind of moral compass, the grift is not even considered a grift. It is purely a way to make money. Everything from basic deceit to mass genocide is a business proposition. 

The question for Orthodox Christian mothers then becomes, how do you warn your children about grifters and prepare your kids to live in a world where our liberties, particularly religious liberty, and privacy are easily violated by grifters through deceit for profit? Parents, how do you prepare your kids to as adults “read” and respond honestly to dishonest physicians, lawyers, academics, politicians, diplomats, journalists, the media and its so-called “analysts“? They may look and speak the part of very important people but they are missing the scruples of the human spirit. Dads, how do you educate your children about this part of life?

Personally, I think the root of the problem is an economic one. Orthodox Christians, Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Muslims are very rarely wealthy people, financially, at least. Piety is not a money maker. Therefore, the problem stems not from morality but from vast inequalities in wealth and power and influence on politics, particularly foreign policy. 

These inequalities should provide a basis in our educational system in order to consider, critique, and change public policy effectively, particularly around war. If we want to promote peace instead, and we ought to, we can do so by showing how the elite often conceal deception. The thing is that these elite grifters are taught in the best schools to impose themselves on the world with a kind of “effortless superiority.” Despite in many cases their total incompetence, they retain power. Because we let them, help them even. We reinforce their alleged superiority with our paid consumption of it.

I myself never understood this until I worked with some of these people and then looked back years later at the experienced with better vision. Elites in U.S. government are in many cases complete idiots. They dress, act and speak the part of professionals, sure, but that is about it. They are grifters. The Bolsheviks and the Nazis were grifters. Today’s Neoconservatives are too.

The overall grift is about pure economics in the absence of ascetic religious faith. An elite cult of liars.

Recall, famous journalist Seymour Hersh asked about “the war in Iraq”: “How could eight or nine Neoconservatives come and take charge of this government?" —Neoconservatives overran the bureaucracy, they overran U.S. Congress, they overran the media, and they overran the military. Because they were grifters they were able to persuade Washington DC and the country that a senseless war killing 500,000 innocent people was a good idea. Because they marched in like they owned the joint and they went after our legal and judicial systems and they’ve done the same in places like Ukraine.

Mothers, the bold question may be a rhetorical one, asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit real information. Because there’s no answer to be had to how to warn your children about grifters. It’s something that simply defines humanity. If this is the case, maybe our kids ought to know this. And learn that it represents a timeless dilemma of many religious and other cultural aspects of the world, of East versus West, of the Nazis overtaking Germany and of the Bolsheviks coercing Russians into communism. In fact, the Russian word for peasant is krist'yanskiy which means Christian. What else is there to say? The etymology speaks for itself. The world’s elite hated Tsar Nicholas II because he was a devout Orthodox Christian. They murdered him and his family for it. Nothing seems to change. Maybe this is the basis of a new kind of universal education or new universal understanding in the post-virus era? This inequality addressed with care will provide a basis in our educational system in order to then further address our government’s forever wars.

Perhaps this is the education. Elites supplanted the Bolsheviks in Russia, covertly backed Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich and have secretly occupied America with Neoconservatism. ‪We can trace every war since and including World War II (and every war path) to a cabal of elite war mongers. The social construct of elitism was built and implemented to be divisive when in all reality we’re all one and the same. And that type of convoluted thinking perpetuates that type of convoluted system.

We need to do a better job as humans talking to our kids about history.

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