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Animal Welfare, Conservation and Biodiversity in the French Media

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A translation project by students in the MéLexTra master's degree in translation at the University of Lille. The blog provides a press review consisting of English translations of a broad range of French articles on a different news topic every year. This year's project concerns animal welfare and conservation in francophone culture. (Image: Association Française pour l'Information Scientifique, "Covid-19 et biodiversité", 11/10/2020,
  • Major religions sing from the same hymn sheet on assisted dying

    Relying primarily on the word of a Christian union representative, the traditionally Catholic newspaper La Croix reports on the unity of the major Abrahamic religions in France with regard to the ethics of end of life issues, and how this show of thoughtful solidarity has apparently impressed the French government's social advisory body.
  • France's Surrogacy Assault Course

    Eve Roger's brief exposé, broadcast on radio station Europe 1, reveals the difficulties faced by would-be parents wishing to find a way to circumvent France's stringent anti-surrogacy laws.
  • Organ Donation and French Law

    Writing in France Soir, Parisian barrister Thierry Vallat explains the current state of play regarding France's "opt out" organ donation law.
  • Bioethics in France: Introduction

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    In this blog about bioethics in France, a group of Lille University master's students present a range of reports from the French media concerning the debates surrounding the ongoing national consultation process on the subject. Their English versions of the articles, complete with glossaries and notes, provide an insight into how the French press is treating a variety of controversial topics.
  • Laïcité: a Constant Struggle in French Schools

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    Le Parisien’s correspondent in the South of France, Christel Brigaudeau, reports on how a provocative lawyer gets students at secondary schools in the region to open up about secularism and freedom of speech.
  • Public Funding of Private Education in France: what happened to religious neutrality?

    In a post on his ABC of Laïcité blog, Eddy Khaldi, a Mediapart Club Member, makes a strong case for putting an end to indirect State subsidy of Christian private education in France, including the charitable status of its funding bodies, on the grounds it contravenes secularism legislation.
  • Le Pen Manipulating Secularism to Attack Women's Rights

    A post on the blog "Droits des femmes contre les extrêmes droites" (Women's Rights versus Right Wing Extremisms) argues that the 'new secularism', focused on restricting freedoms of religious expression, is being used by the National Front as a means of discriminating against Muslim women.
  • Is it Legal to Ban the Hijab in the French Workplace?

    Providing an expert opinion in Le Monde, an associate barrister at French law firm Flichy Grangé teases out the complex issues surrounding the legality of employers banning workers from wearing Muslim headscarves.
  • Veggie school meals: a secular alternative with government backing

    As this AFP article from 2015 shows, regular calls for a vegetarian option in French school dinners have long had the support of the government’s secularism watchdog as a workable solution to the pork-free controversy stoked by Nicolas Sarkozy.
  • Socialist Politician: Secularism used to Persecute Muslims, like Jews in Vichy France

    Eugénie Bastié, reporting in leading right-wing newspaper Le Figaro, examines the controversial assertion made by would-be socialist presidential candidate, Vincent Peillon, that current mistreatment of Muslims in France, using secularism as a pretext, is similar to the persecution of Jews during the Nazi occupation.