You guys, it is Corporatism

A shift in the U.S. from capitalism to corporatism has had some pretty terrible consequences

“Corporatism,” 2013 © Alec Monopoly “Corporatism,” 2013 © Alec Monopoly
I’ve been working up to this moment on this blog and here it is. I took many diversions along the way, lots of deep thoughts and a even a couple of trips down the Nazi “New World Order” stoney end, but the main autobahn speeds (with no speed limit) towards corporatism in an imperialist sense, where “colonies” (countries trapped by the IMF in the “liberal democracy” racket) are controlled from a far by corporations, oligarchs and the very wealthy. Like a futurist version of the British Empire (remember, monarchy are just the face of an empire) or better said a wannabe version of the Holy Roman Empire, the Third Rome. The American public was sold off to the corporations —like medieval serfs harnessed in chains of debt enslavement. In the Middle Ages, no state or government united the people of Europe. Instead, the Catholic Church became the most powerful institution of the medieval era under the rule of German kings.

Everybody who receives a paycheck from a corporation serves as an ambassador for that corporate brand, and peddles the corporation’s fiction, so you will never ever get a straight answer from anybody in the public eye. You just won’t. Because they are paid to lie, totally clueless, or both. The American “journalist” called Chuck Todd immediately comes to mind. What precisely is corporatism as a threat to America? Well, first, it did not happen overnight, but has been going on since World War II. You could say that it has gotten more traction in recent decades, but that it also the nature of the beast and the nature of the global economy. Secondly, what concerns me the most is what it does to people’s heads and that is what I am continuing to focus on. This really should be our primary concern, to raise awareness about the psychological manipulation and arbitrary coercion.

A shift in the U.S. from capitalism to corporatism has had some pretty awful consequences. Namely, power has coalesced in both Washington, DC and among tech and media companies, such that the latter can undermine American rights and manipulate American political opinion with impunity, while the former abdicates its oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. As the U.S. has become more corporatist where the market is controlled by the interrelation between corporations, Wall Street and the state, and less capitalistic and dynamic, the American press and economy are now being dominated by actors hostile toward the American public and our traditional values. It sounds scarier than it really is. As I have repeatedly written, it is the age old divide-and-conquer strategy. Most notably, from that vantage point corporatism reduces our two party political system to just one corporate one. This has been pursued for decades by the Neoconservative movement that is now occupying all of the parties, even the Libertarian party. Those jerks fill a function of colonialism that Edward Said called “local agents.” They are service nomads, brokers, bookies, charlatans, chancers and frauds. Our reality is that both the DNC and the GOP are now designed to sell you on the idea that you yourself as an individual have no power, that you are nothing but a powerless consumer. Corporatism is neither left nor right. I define it simply as when corporations enforce their political ideology. It is nothing less than passive aggression on an international scale —they call it “political technology” and “perception management”— or psychological manipulation that employs the “intelligence community,” the media, Hollywood, internet technology platforms (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon) and paid “web brigades” to spread corporate lies. Our dreadful situation with the so-called “fake news” media is actually pretty simple when you boil it down. Before social media, corporate fiction was pretty easily centralized through the news outlets. Now they’ve got to blame the lies on an existential threat like Russia and China. Now corporations and the “intelligence community” must control the internet with surveillance, censorship, coercion, bullying and psychological abuse to stop the hemorrhaging of truthful information. Nothing has really changed beyond that.

For me, it always come back to Iraq and the devastation caused by Neoconservatives. The corporate media presents the “War in Iraq” as reasonable and inevitable, repeats the Bush administration's lies about weapons of mass destruction and 9/11, and ignores the antiwar movement and all Iraqi voices. This is corporatism in action, straight up greed as a weapon. The violence perpetrated by the U.S. wasn’t just from guns and bombs, but also from Neocon economic policies allowing corporations to feast on Iraq’s economy. Troops remained in Iraq for eight years because Iraqis resisted U.S. attempts to impose the economic and social violence. Materialism is violence. Today, Iraqis continue to struggle with the horrendous political, social, and economic consequences of the U.S. war against their country. Because the effort of corporations, oligarchs and the very wealthy to incorporate every corner of the world into a global corporatist economic system benefits only that one percent.

In corporatism, there’s no publicly transparent separation between corporate power and state power, so corporate censorship is state censorship. This is why I think public awareness is so important. Bribery becomes corporate lobbying and campaign donations give the very wealthy the ability to control U.S. government policy. Everyday Americans lose an effective voice when corporations are inseparable from the state —their use of censorship is inseparable from state censorship. It’s especially true of the Silicon Valley corporations, and the top schools like Harvard, Yale and Stanford, whose extensive ties to U.S. intelligence agencies are well documented. Once you are receiving grants from the CIA and NSA for mass surveillance like Google does, or having your site’s content regulated by NATO’s propaganda arm the Atlantic Council like Facebook, you are no longer an independent corporation that is separate from government power. Then, of course there is George Soros and his freaky relationship with the CIA and the American media – this can be witnessed quite clearly with rags like Buzzfeed and the U.S. Agency for Global Media itself. There is no hocus-pocus to it. No romance. No Orwellian intrigue. No 1984. It is just a corporate venture, just as World War II was and every war, genocide, regime change, and color revolution since 1917. There is, however, a vast amnesia. That’s a problem. Corporations are pretty effective on this front. The corporations now own sections of academia and have relied on fashionable censorship to manipulate consumers, who are easily fooled by pseudo-intelligence and pseudoscience, and are malleable to peer pressure. The whole thing is a racket, including, most of all, war.

This is one of the aspects of the fight against corporations and oligarchy that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is leading in his election campaign for the American presidency. Probably the one that is least understood and not talked about because people can’t put their finger on it. And this is most definitely fashion forward thinking. 

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