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  • We will take refugees to Mr Orban's village

    An open letter was written by a Budapest based NGO helping refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary.The letter is adressed to all Hungarian mayors, following a series of scandals where locals brainwashed by the Orban governments propaganda protested against refugees spending a few days holiday in their village.
  • US government criticizes Viktor Orban's government's attack on American University

    A recent proposal by the Hungarian government threatens the operation and the independence of the Central European University hosting students and staff from 100 countries from around the world. The US Department of State issued a statement on Friday asking the Hungarian government to refrain from steps compromising the university. 20 thousand people have signed an international petition.
  • Viktor Orban is militarizing the youth in Hungary

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    A new group of so called "border-hunters" have taken their oaths this week. Meanwhile several articles in the international media have recently dealt with a complaint confirmed by several human rights organisations about the Hungarian border-guards and police resorting to violence when dealing with refugees at the border.
  • Hungarian town boycotts Heineken

    The Hungarian town of Hódmezõvásárhely recently issued a decree calling on local residents and business owners to boycott the products of Heineken brewery. The step was a consequence of a dispute between the company and a local, ethnic Hungarian beer manufacturer in Romania.
  • Putin in Budapest: Unhappy crowds whistled as the Russian president drove past

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    Hungarian opposition party (Együtt) organised a "whistle concert" to express their dislike of Orban's government's close friendship (comradery, really) with the Russian president. A demonstration was organised but the police fenced off nearly half of the downtown 5th district where the Houses of Parliament and many government buildings are located. Photos to follow this evening.
  • Refugees in Budapest

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    This morning it seems from media reports that the Hungarian police has given up trying to register the crowds of refugees coming through the broder with Serbia: "Have something to eat and drink, then go where you like "  is what migrants arriving in Hungary are told now.
  • No European MP has been forced to resign due to corruption

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    Margo Smit is the director of the Dutch Association of Investigative Journalists (VVJ), which led a study into the state of investigative journalism in Europe, with a special focus on reporting the fraudulent use of EU funds. Smit talked about the project in a recent interview with Hungarian website, a website of investigative journalism based in Hungary. 
  • Hungarian MP calls for a count of Jewish citizens

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    Yesterday an MP, Márton Gyöngyösi (who had aired his extremist views in The Jewish Chronicle earlier this year) from Hungary’s extreme right party, Jobbik  - in Parliament – called for a census of the number of Jews in Hungary (and especially in Parliament) who - according to him - represent a hazard for national security, given the current Gaza conflict.
  • They don't like the system

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    A crowd of some 100 000 Hungarians (estimated by the organizers) unhappy with Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government gathered on 23 October in Budapest to demonstrate on the 55th anniversary of Hungary’s 1956 revolution. The demonstrators protested against a series of measures and autocratic governing methods of FIDESZ’s two thirds majority.