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  • Consumers of the world unite

    It may not be immediately obvious how our spending can be an act as revolutionary as a physical occupation of the commons. But an economic revolution grabs for power right at the roots. Riot police can't prevent it or disperse it. It can use its acquired economic power to promote political support that it will need to maintain itself.
  • Les consommateurs du monde s’unissent

    Il peut paraître contre-intuitif de penser que notre façon de dépenser constitue un acte aussi révolutionnaire que l'occupation physique du bien commun.
  • What is crowdfunding and why is it revolutionary?

    Crowdfunding is a trendy new word for an activity that is as old as the hills - fundraising. It's a hi-tech version of people getting together to pool their funds to support some activity.
  • Qu’est ce le crowdfunding et pourquoi est-il révolutionnaire?

    Le crowdfunding est le nouveau mot à la mode pour une activité qui est aussi vieille que le monde ; la collecte de fonds. C'est la version moderne et high-tech qui désigne des personnes qui se réunissent pour mettre leurs fonds en commun afin de soutenir une activité.
  • The Occupy Spirit Lives on in New Economy Initiatives

    The crisis of 2008 was one of those rare moments that revealed the corruption of our economic systems in the starkest way. We watched the near total collapse of the international banking system and the  no-holds-barred rescue by the elites that followed. A 'rescue' that left  the  vast majority of people with less of everything.