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  • "El Chapo" trial in New York

    El Chapo's lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, described his client just as one of the leaders of the Sinaloa cartel. He also added that most of his power came from corruption among mexican politicians and government officials. US Attorney Assistant Adam Fels warned him to pertain on facts.
  • The US meth crisis

    After opioid one US are facing another epidemic: methamphetamine abuse. Meth predominance over other drugs is due to the ease with which this drug is made, considering that production process can also be done at home. Crystal meth is estimated the most addictive substance available in the drug market, but also the most dangerous.
  • Mysterious Mena

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    Barry Seal Barry Seal
    Career of the big cocaine smuggler Adler Barriman Seal started in the late '70's with small quantities of marijuana, arriving to cooperate in the early 80's with the Medellin Cartel. After being arrested and sentenced to 10 years of prison he began to cooperate with DEA as an informant.
  • Swedish cocaine kingpin to be judged in Spain

    Spanish prosecutor will bring into court the Swedish cocaine kingpin aquitted in his own country
  • Kanabistan

    Dukagjin Dukagjin
    Albania is the first european marijuana producer. From 2015 to 2017 the amount of the marijuana seized to smugglers has skyrocketed from 860 kg in 2015 to 34,9 tons seized in 2017. In the first half of 2018 it reached 10 tons seized. In 2013 prime minister Edi Rama announced a war on drug but despite plantations destruction in 2017 marijuana production has still continued to grow.
  • The deadly correlation between two common drugs

    115 americans die each day for opioid painkillers abuse. But this drug is still continuing to be prescribed as usual. The same as benzodiazepine, normally used for anxiety and insomnia. In a study conducted over 300.000 deaths due to opioids overdose 17% out of them where found positive to benzodiazepines. Studies show how benzodiazepines are connected with the increasing of opioids effects.
  • The Guerrero Unidos cartel and the killing of 43 Mexican students

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    The students from Ayotzinapa college disappeared. The students from Ayotzinapa college disappeared.
    In September 2014, 43 Ayotzinapa students were kidnapped in Iguala. Up to now investigations led by local police haven't been able to find out where the students were taken and what happened to them. Investigating Guerrero Unidos drug trafficking in Chicago, US officials wiretapped conversations about this plot. They appear to shed new light on the killings.
  • Uribe's financial ties with the Medellin cartel

    Senator Luis Giullermo Velez Trujillo, an ex political Uribe's ally, told the US Embassy in Colombia that the Ochoa-Vàsquez crime family financed Uribe political campaign. He also added that Uribe is a cousin of the Ochoa Vasquez drug kingpin, one of the founder of the Medellin drug cartel, according to NSA's cables released today.
  • The Tamaulipas massacre

    Drug trade organizations operate fairly openly and with freedom of movement and operations, with tactics that include roadblocks, the takeover of towns, and bottling up local military units and security forces. In many cases they operate with near total impunity in the face of compromised local security forces.
  • Los Zetas

    Los Zetas control the major drug trafficking corridors along the south Texas/Mexico border for the Gulf Cartel and are involved in or linked to numerous criminal activities including kidnapping, murder, and alien smuggling.