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  • Torzi arrested on London palace scam accusations

    The evidence of Torzi's active role in the Sloan Avenue building affair is witnessed by a company with which the purchase, on behalf of the Vatican, has been triangulated. The company in question, Gutt SA, is partly owned by Torzi.
  • First Narco sub seized in Europe

    This is the first time that a vessel of this kind has been seized in front of a European coast, considering that they’re normally used by South American drug cartels to ship small cocaine loads in Latin America, due to limited autonomy.
  • Boston:Italian citizen pleaded guilty for cocaine smuggling

  • Crimes in time of Pandemic

    While governments across the world are intensifying their efforts to contrast the spreading of COVID 19, some criminals are taking advantage of the situation perpetuating predatory crimes.
  • Brazilian drug gangs and the cocaine supply in Europe

    All through the years at an incredible speed Brazil has moved from being a cocaine mass cunsuption market to a supplying platform flooding the Europe top market with a high quality cocaine at a very low price, following a commercial strategy directed to conquer a large share of the cocaine suppling business.
  • The London palace and the scam to the Vatican

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    In 2013 the Vatican signed an agreement with the Luxembourg investment fund Athena. A building estimated 160 million euros and located at no. 60 of Sloane Avenue in Chelsea, London, has been sold by a multinational real-estate company charged of the management, to a company incorporated in the Jersey Island. When the investment fund got liquidated the money never came back to the Vatican.
  • More powerful than heroin

    Fentanyl was brought into the US for the first time in 2013, coming from China, most of it shipped by mail. Now the largest part of it is smuggled from Mexico, where it has replaced the more difficult to find heroin. The increasing amount of Fentanyl seized along the Mexican border by the patrol police shows the growing flow of this drug smuggled from that country.
  • US: first decline since 1999 in opioid deaths

    Fentanyl Fentanyl
    On July 19th Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed a 5.1% drop related to 2018 drug overdose deaths compared to the year before. This is the first time since 1999 US registered a fallen of deaths caused by drugs. However, overdose connected to fentanyl still rose. Fentanyl is still a bestseller in the illegal drugs market.
  • Chronicle of an evasion foretold

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    Rocco Morabito Rocco Morabito
    Prison director where Rocco Morabito was detained resigns after investigations find out that was impossible for the Italian mob and his inmates to escape without the help of prison guards. But last year the intelligence, working inside the prison, discovered that he was offering 80.000 USD to a prison officer for helping him to flee.
  • International investigation on a cocaine affaire

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    An investigation into an international smuggling ring of cocaine following the discovery in the port of Genoa of 100 kg of drug