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    The Crescent Over Berlin

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    This comment is from Alexander Goerlach, editor of German online magazine The European.Islam is not part of European history - but Muslim immigrants are integral to contemporary European societies. It is absurd to invoke the Judeo-Christian tradition in the defense against Islam after centuries of contempt. We must learn to live alongside each other and respect each other as citizens.
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    "France is not a paradise for pensioners" and a special program on mediapart on DRadio Wissen (in German)

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    Just a program from DRadio Wissen in Germany on the theme of the pension reforms in France.The program is all in German. I was surprised to find the same analysis that the one I had read in an article from Mathieu Magnaudeix.Then I discovered that they could have read Mediapart because they had made a Special program on Mediapart a few months ago !
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    Appeal: Europe must sanction State discrimination against the Roma people

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    On the occasion of the meeting of the European Heads of State in Brussels on September 16, 2010, the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, was brought to face the issues raised by France's policy concerning the collective expulsion from French territory of the Roma people of Romanian and Bulgarian origin.
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    Eritrea: The Siege State

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    International Crisis Group. Africa Report N°163 - 21 Sep 2010. Executive summary. Eritrea has been deeply troubled since independence in 1991. Following the devastating war with Ethiopia (1998-2000), an authoritarian, militarised regime has further tightened political space, tolerating neither opposition nor dissent.